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Apollo 11 Landed on the Moon 40 Years Ago Today

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TODAY IS THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF APOLLO 11’s LANDING ON THE MOON AND THE FIRST MEN TO WALK ON THE MOON. This breathtaking adventure and human achievement helped fulfill God’s command to Adam to “fill the earth and subdue it” in Genesis 1. This achievement  by the United States space program, government, tax payers, and military ranks up there with Columbus discovering the New World, Magellan circumnavigating the earth, and the Wright brothers inventing the aeroplane. America can be justifiably proud of this accomplishment, yet humbled by the enormity of the task that lies before us.

It is a big universe that lies open before us. We must return to space and not waste this opportunity God has granted us to go to the stars. With the end of the Apollo missions and the efforts to establish a space station with Skylab first, and now the International Space Station we have not returned to the moon since Apollo 17 in 1972. The Space Shuttle fleet is retiring next year and we will be without any manned space program and will be relying on the Russians for rides to the Space Station. That is a humiliating, sad, situation.

We absolutely must develop another manned space flight program as soon as possible. The Constellation program is our next manned flight program, but with cost overruns on the Ares Rocket, design issues, etc. the program is doubtful for getting us back into space by the goal of 2015 and back to the moon by 2020. It is possible that the Chinese will beat us to the moon in the next space race.

While I am absolutely opposed to the “Stimulus Package” that Comrade Obamasky and the Libtards in Congress have come up with, I would support spending more money faster on the Space Program. Talk about a good jobs program!

Man, and more specifically, Americans, must do what it takes to get back to the moon, establish a larger, more permanent Space Station that is our own, and begin the trip to Mars. Is it expensive and dangerous? Yes. But this about more than science and technologies, jobs and cool practical things like Velcro. This is about our spirit, our mannishness, our living out the image of God with which we were created. God created us to be inquisitive, daring, courageous and adventurous.

And yes, this is about national prestige. America is Exceptional. We are the City on the Hill. We do lead the world. If we do not claim the Moon, Space, and Mars others will. Others with different values and purposes.

Should we militarize space? We already have. Our spy and communications satellites will be the first targets of any potent enemy (read Chicoms or Russkies). Are other nations militarizing space. Yep, see the Chicoms and Russkies. Man is a fallen, sinful critter who will always wage war against his fellow man. See Gen. 4 and the story of Cain and Abel. If we do not militarize space others will. But that does not mean we will be or should be tyrants. America, though deeply flawed in many ways, is still the last best hope for man in this world. (Christ is our only hope for eternal life. Apart from Christ, apart from biblical values and a strong base of Christian Churches and families America will descend into anarchy/totalitarianism). If we do not establish ourselves as the dominant nation in space, someone else will and they will not be nice about it.

Congratulations to Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins, crew of Apollo 11 and to all those who went before and those  thousands on the ground who made this possible. May your legacy not be forgotten and may the next generation have as much success as you had.

Here are several stories/articles about this great event.

2010: a new space odysey

Equality 7-2521

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News from Outer Space: China Building Military Space Station

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News from Outer Space: China Building Military Space Station

Wednesday, March 3, 2009– While Amerika is about to phase out the elderly and dangerous Space Shuttle (which nonetheless has a distinguished record of service despite its two disastes) the Chicoms are readying their new military space station, the Tiangong 1. This 17,000 lb station will be launched next year and will be for the purpose of military research. The Chicoms will be using their Shenzhou space taxi (their equivalent to our Space Shuttle) but they are now building an assembly line for the Shenzhou spacecraft indicating their desire for a longer term use and cheaper production for the spacecraft.

Meanwhile, here in the new Amerika, our Space Shuttles are being phased out by 2010 and we will have to depend on the Russkies to fly our astronauts until we have our next generation of Space Shuttle, The Constellation Program using the Orion/Aries system, ready to go, by 2015 at the earliest (I wouldn’t count on it! I doubt the Obama administration has much interest, and now they won’t have much money, for space flight).


This is not merely about national pride, although that is an important component. A vigorous space program is crucial for national defense, scientific research (both of which, by the way, support the industrial base of the country, create jobs and technology that expands into the private economy from the government economy) and the future of the country and the world. WE MUST expand our horizons from this small globe and reach the stars (well, the Moon, Mars and the Asteroids first).

Obama has stated that he is against the Militarization of Space. Idiot. Space has been militarized since the first communications or spy sat went up. If you think for one minute that the Chicoms and Russkies aren’t developing anti-satellite weapons you need to go back to sleep.

A couple of other reasons we ought to have a vigorous manned space program. When God gave Adam the command and blessing to exercise dominion over the earth, I believe that can logically be expanded to outer space, the Moon, Mars, and everywhere else in God’s creation we can reach. God gave man an inner drive to create and explore that reflects the imago dei in each one of us. Psalm 19 says, “The heavens declare the glory of God…” Let us explore space for God’s greater glory!

Equality 7-2521

Here is the news story that got me going on this topic this morning:

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