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Matthew 5:3-7 “Citizens of the Kingdom” part 2

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Friday, November 28, 2008– Here are my notes from Pastor Tim’s sermon of a couple of weeks ago. My note taking skills are not what they used to be! Voof! I really need to improve in this area.

Matt. 5:3-7 “Citizens of the Kingdom” part 2

In these Beattitudes Jesus is telling us what it means to be a Christian in the world. He begins by describing our Character. Being a Christian like the Sermon on the Mount shows simply cannot be done on our own; it must be wrought by God.

What does it mean to be blessed? To Be happy? The world would say it means being wealthy, beautiful, powerful, etc. But Jesus says being blessed is being in a right relationship with God. Who are the “blessed ones”? those who are poor in spirit, mourning over sin, meek, hungering and thirsting for righteousness, etc. We are to long for righteousness, hunger and thirst for it. Our cry to God is a cry of longing for His Righteousness. The Jews in Jesus’ day knew oppression under Rome, no righteousness was going to come to them politically. The righteousness that we long for far surpasses any righteousness we can get in our modern day political process as well.

I. The Desire for Righteousness- We long for that which we lack. We have to first be convinced that we are missing righteousness before we can long for it. We must acknowledge we are bankrupt spiritually and have no righteousness of our own. A lot of churches today preach a false gospel of Health & Wealth and say the better off you are in $$$ the happier you are, the more blessed you are. The Health & Wealth gospel tells you about Your Best Life Now or how to Become a Better You.

II. The Thing Desired–But true blessedness comes when we seek the right thing, His Righteousness. To seek His righteousness is to seek his salvation for our soul. More religiosity does not lead to righteousness. The Pharisees were very religious and Jesus says that our righteousness must exceed that of the Pharisees. We are saved when Christ’s righteousness is applied to us. We are never saved by our own righteousness- we have none. It is only the righteousness of Christ that saves us. His righteousness is applied to us when we trust in him. We need a justifying righteousness. Every sinner needs a declared, accounted and justifying righteousness found only in Jesus Christ. We want to be like him in righteousness- sanctification, to be made right.

III. The Blessing of Righteousness– In Christ’s righteousness we find Satisfaction. Reminds me of the old Rolling Stones/Mick Jagger song, “I can’t get no, Satisfaction” As long as we try to achieve righteousness on our own we will never be satisfied. In vs. 7 we see Blessed are the Merciful. Christians are to be merciful; we are called to a life of compassion. The Spirit calls us to be poor in spirit, to mourn over our sin, to hunger for righteousness and to be merciful. Mercy is love for those in misery, love for those who need forgiving like us. Luke 10 is the story of the Good Samaritan. Are we compassionate to the depressed, to our subordinates at work, to those who hurt us? Those who give mercy have experienced God’s mercy.

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Matthew 5:1-5 Citizens of the Kingdom Part 1

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Monday, November 24, 2008–I have gotten behind on blogging my notes from Pastor Tim’s sermons in Matthew! Here are my notes from Sun. Oct.26th, I think.

Matthew 5:1-5 Citizens of the Kingdom, Part 1

Introduction: Matthew records 5 of Jesus’ Great Discourses and the Sermon on the Mount is the First. What does it mean to display Christian character, a picture of Kingdom life? When we are born again and come to Christ we become Kingdom Citizens. The Beatitudes are the Character of the Citizens of the Kingdom. This is not merely exalted ethical teaching. Jesus is not merely a great Teacher of morals. He is our Redeemer and Savior; he dies so that we can live the kind of life described in the Beatitudes. We do not earn the privilege of being in the Kingdom!

Theology and doctrine are inseparable. Jonathon Edwards and Augustine called this the Sermon on the Mount. This is not pie in the sky bye and bye; it is about the here and now. Kingdom Living Here and Now is the title of a book by John MacArthur on the Sermon on the Mount. This will be like heaven but we are to live it in the here and now. These are not idealistic platitudes, it is how we are to live in a sinful world.

These are the Beatitudes- Blessings and they ask us 2 questions and give us 2 answers:

1. What does it mean to be blessed? or happy-satisfied? Jesus renounces the idea that true blessing can be found anywhere but in Him. We have to be in a right relationship with God in Christ to be blessed. Wealth, power, fame, beauty do not equal being blessed by God.

2. Who is the one who is blessed? those who are wealthy and beautiful? No. Jesus says the ones who are humble, penitent, who grieve over their sin. Everything Jesus is saying here is the opposite of what the world says- it is deliberately shocking!

The world says you must hold up self. Jesus says it is found in self denied- poverty of spirit.

On what is my heart set? What qualities do you want to develop in your life? These 8 qualities, be-attitudes? Meekness? etc. Have I known what it means to be blessed?

The Character Qualities: all of these are found in all true Christians, we do not pick and choose which ones we can do and which ones we cannot do.

The Structure-a) the general blessing “blessed”; b) the description of the blessed person “poor in spirit”; c) the specific blessing “theirs is the kingdom of heaven”

1) Humble- True Christians are humble. If you aren’t humble, are you really a Christian? To be poor in spirit is to be humble. To have a sense of our sinfulness, helplessness and utter dependence upon God. The Lord draws near to the humble. In Matt. 15:21ff is the story of the Canaanite woman who acknowledges her helplessness and undeserving position. Yet she asks for mercy and receives it! Do we have that kind of poverty of spirit? When she admitted she had no claim on the kingdom, she is granted the kingdom! What you are when you are alone in the presence of God is who you really are.

2) Christians are grieved over their sin and are called to a life of repentance. We are to mourn over our sin. Do we recognize we are spiritually bankrupt? Grief over loss of fellowship with God. Sin brings isolation and disharmony.

3) Christians are meek- considerate and kind. The humble strength of submitting to Christ and others to show forgiveness. Moses was educated and cultured but driven to be a shepherd for 40 yrs. He became meek. Meekness is giving up your rights. If you seek your own satisfaction you will never find it.

When Jesus gives us this- it is not a “to do list” It all comes by his grace- we cannot do any of this on our own. Only God can do it an only God gets the glory when we live the Kingdom life.

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Matthew 4:12-17 The Kingdom of Heaven Is at Hand

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Monday, October 20, 2008– Here are my notes from Pastor Tim’s sermon of three weeks ago. I missed church two weeks ago so I won’t have those notes, and then later this week I will print out my notes from this last week.

Matthew 4:12-17 (ESV) The Kingdom of Heaven Is at hand

12 Now when he heard that John had been arrested, he withdrew into Galilee. 13 And leaving Nazareth he went and lived in Capernaum by the sea, in the territory of Zebulun and Naphtali, 14 so that what was spoken by the prophet Isaiah might be fulfilled:

15 “The land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali,
the way of the sea, beyond the Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles—
16 the people dwelling in darkness
have seen a great light,
and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death,
on them a light has dawned.”

17 From that time Jesus began to preach, saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

Having seen the preparation and inauguration of his ministry, we now see Jesus beginning his preaching ministry.

I. The Timing of Jesus’ Ministry –He had heard of John’s arrest so he withdrew to Galilee. John had been speaking the truth to Herod and was arrested. John’s ministry had been prophesied by Isaiah 700 yrs earlier and Malachi 500 years earlier. His ministry lasted about 18 months. How long has God given you your ministry? We don’t know! Exactly! That should motivate you to work while it is day for night is coming.

Jesus was ministering in the Judean countryside but now retreats to Galilee. Gal.4:4-5

But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons.

Jesus invades time, he enters at just the right time and wastes no time. Jesus had perfect timing. 1) the timing of the Lord’s ministry shows that the Lord will build his church. With John suddenly taken away, Jesus steps in to fill the gap. Later, when Jesus ascends to the Father, the disciples step up. In the Old Testament you have Moses; when Moses is taken away, Joshua fills the gap. The Church is not built on men, but on the Rock of God’s Truth and the Son. We are all expendable; God will always raise up a people to do his will.

II. The Place of Jesus’ Ministry– Galilee, Capernaum; he left Nazareth for Zebulun and Naphtali. Why did Jesus not base his ministry out of Nazareth? John 4:43-45 43 After the two days he departed for Galilee. 44 (For Jesus himself had testified that a prophet has no honor in his own hometown.) 45 So when he came to Galilee, the Galileans welcomed him, having seen all that he had done in Jerusalem at the feast.

If you are blind it doesn’t matter how bright the light is. Spiritually darkened eyes need God to open them. Capernaum was the home to Peter, James, John and Andrew as well as Matthew. This in Galilee of the Gentiles. Matthew says that his ministry here fulfilled prophecy. It was a place known for its darkness. They feared the Lord yet worshipped false gods. God’s grace is manifested in the most unlikely of places! We would have chosen Jerusalem, center of the government, power, culture and religion. But Galilee did have some benefits. God’s plan encompasses timing and place. The details of our life might be painful but God is Lord over those details.

III. The Message of Jesus– Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. 1) This is the same message of Repentance as John preached. The gospel is the same in the Old and New. The Messiah is proclaiming the message of the Kingdom of Heaven being at hand. His message is the same to us. If you reject the message of repentance you reject Jesus. What is Repentance? #87 of the Westminster shorter catechism- What is Repentance? Repentance is a saving grace- God gives it to the heart of the sinner. I won’t repent on my own. I naturally love my sin and don’t want to turn away- til God does a work in my heart.

In repentance we apprehend God’s mercy. It is not the circumstances that are the problem- i am the problem- but God is merciful. We know we deserve hell, but God loves us and gives his Son for us. So we cast ourselves on the mercy of God alone. When we find out that we deserve judgment we find that God poured out his wrath on the Son and we gain mercy!

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Matthew 4:1-11 “Jesus’ Temptation and Response”

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Thursday, October 16, 2008–I have fallen seriously behind in my blogging Pastor Tim’s sermons, and everything else, because my computer has been down for a couple of weeks. I am currently using Jeremy’s computer but all my files are on the other…I am such the stone age guy with all this computer stuff! Anyway, here are my notes from a sermon about 3 weeks ago.

Matthew 4:1-11 “Jesus’ Temptation and Response”

Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. And after fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. And the tempter came and said to him, “If you are the Son of God, command these stones to become loaves of bread.” But he answered, “It is written,

“‘Man shall not live by bread alone,
but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

Then the devil took him to the holy city and set him on the pinnacle of the temple and said to him, “If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down, for it is written,

“‘He will command his angels concerning you,’


“‘On their hands they will bear you up,
lest you strike your foot against a stone.’”

Jesus said to him, “Again it is written, ‘You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.’” Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. And he said to him, “All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me.” 10 Then Jesus said to him, “Be gone, Satan! For it is written,

“‘You shall worship the Lord your God
and him only shall you serve.’”

11 Then the devil left him, and behold, angels came and were ministering to him.

This is a mysterious passage, How could Jesus really be tempted? Jesus never sinned. How could someone without sin really be tempted? We desire to be without sin but struggle with sin and temptation. Romans 7 Paul tells us of his struggles. The conflict of desires in our hearts was unknown in Christ. He had no desire to sin! “Temptation + occassion put nothing into man, but only draws out what is already in the man” (John Owen)

I. The Context- this is the field of battle for our experience of God’s grace. Jesus meets Satan face to face and wins where the first Adam fell. Jesus was hungry after 40 days of fasting. This temptation comes after the glorious baptism and God’s announcement of His pleasure in Christ. Immediately Jesus is led by the Spirit to the Wilderness. After great honor we must expect great humbling. Yesterday’s obedience guarantees nothing for today.

Temptation is a testing and is not itself a sin. This temptation comes from outside Jesus. v.5 Satan took him; v.8 Satan took him. When you and I are tempted we are assailed from within and without. James 1:14. Jesus is led by the Holy Spirit to THIS point; it is not an accident or coincidence- it is part of the Father’s plan. We pray “Lead us not into temptation” but Jesus was led into temptation. If the Son relies on the Word,then we must rely on the Word.

Our Lord fasted for 40 days like Moses and Elijah and he engaged Satan in a more difficult field than Adam. Adam lived in a garden of fruit- Christ was fasting in a wilderness. Jesus could have commanded the stones to become bread. He was tempted to rely on the first part of God’s blessing “This is my beloved Son” while ignoring the second part, the cross and suffering.

II. The Character of the Tempter- vss.3,5,8,10 there are 3 names for Tempter, Devil, Satan.

vs.3- The Tempter, the one who entices you to partake of the fruits of destruction by showing you that part which is good, desirable and delightful. He entices then accuses.

v.10 Satan the adversary. He presents himself as an angel of light but is the enemy of our souls. Evil is not merely psychological it is personal. He is a roaring lion seeking to devour you. If God merely hated sin in the abstract he would send sin to hell. God hates every worker of iniquity.

III. Content- He attacks our Lord’s trust in the Father’s providence. Sin is unbelief. He wants you to mistrust God’s providence. Satan knows who Christ is. Since you are the Christ, why don’t you do this? Perhaps the Father won’t provide for you- “just turn the stones to bread.” vs5-6 Throw yourself down from the Temple to prove who you are to all. Satan knows the Scriptures and Psalm 91 against Jesus.

He tempts Jesus to disobey the 1st Commandment and worship the devil. Satan’s grand strategy is deceptive. He wouldn’t produce what he promised. If any one calls you to the cross but promises you no suffering they are offering you a false gospel.

IV. Response of Our Lord- vss.4,7,10- He answers from the Book. He relies on Scripture. We accept the Bible’s authority out of devotion to the God of the Bible. He shows obedience because he wanted to please the Father. Jesus quotes Deut. 6, 8 What we need vs. what we think we need. Satan and his trinkets. We beomce satisfied with trinkets rather than the treasures of Christ. The Tempter can only be met with thewhole armor of God in Eph.6 and Heb.4:16 If Scripture is not Lord of our mind then Jesus is not Lord of our hearts-JI Packer.

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Matt.3:13-17 Jesus’ Baptism- To Fulfill All Righteousness

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Monday, October 6, 2008–I am now three weeks behind in my effort at posting my notes from Pastor Tim’s sermon series in Matthew. It’s bad enough that I post my sermon notes from when I was a pastor- so many of my sermon notes are just bare bones and are of doubtful help for anyone- but to post my notes that I take from our pastor…well, I am not the best note taker so I don’t know if this is beneficial for anyone other than me. But this goes back to my goals for this blog. I do want some of my writings to be a blessing for others who may stumble across this blog, but it is also to be a means of helping me with some spiritual discipline. Journaling is an old fashioned spiritual discipline and bloggin is a modern form. All that being said, here are the notes from Tim’s sermon from three weeks ago.

Matthew 3:13-17 “Jesus’ Baptism- To Fulfill All Righteousness”

I. To Show the Humility of Jesus– The very first act of Jesus’ public ministry is to humble himself. Though He knew no sin he submits to a baptism of repentance. He humbles himself before a man, John. John himself senses this is not right. “Let me be baptized by you!”

The world tells us what to do to be successful and gain notoriety. But Jesus leads us into humility. We struggle for humility. To follow Jesus is the way of humility and suffering. If you want to be great in his kingdom you must be servant of all. The Creator and Sovereign Monarch of the Universe washes our feet and serves us.

II. The Significance of His Baptism-vs.15- “Let it be so to fulfill all righteousness” John’s baptism was or repentance, so why does the perfect, sinless saviour get baptized? He is not repenting, he is fulfilling all righteousness. “It is fitting for us to fulfill…”Not just Jesus, but John also. Jesus here affirms John’s ministry and links himself to John. It will link John to Jesus too. It relieves John’s doubts- “Are you the One?” Jesus will be the sin bearer and the baptism of repentance will have efficacy. God showed Jesus to be anointed as Christ. A sign of God’s approval. A sign that Christ is willing to take on the role as our mediator.

III. vs.16 We See the Father’s Spiritual Provision for the Son- The Spirit descends and rests on Jesus equipping him to be our Redeemer. Jesus is completely dependent on the Holy Spirit just like we need to be. If we see Jesus depending on the Holy Spirit, how much more we need to be. He was always in intimate communion with the Father. We don’t need to always be trying to do things for God as much as we need to walk with Him.

We need not think we have the resources to minister. Every act of ministry is beyond our resources. What can we do to bind up the broken hearts of those around us? How much of my life is wood, hay and stubble? Including Study and preparation for ministry, teaching children, parents, etc. All requires our dependence on the Holy Spirit. It is so wrong to think we can do something with a little $$, planning, enthusiasm, etc. on our own.

IV. Heaven’s Declaration of Christ’s Identity- It tells us who the Son is and what he thinks of Jesus. My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Remember when we see the world hating Jesus in Matthew this is the beloved Son. The Father loves the Son. If you are in Christ, then the Father delights in you as he delights in the Son. God is for me, who can be against me!

We therefore cannot be apathetic to the words of Christ. He is the beloved Son. We cannot reject him. We cannot get to the Father apart from the Son. Sin is insane!

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Matthew 3:1-12 Prepare the Way of the Lord

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Sunday, September 21, 2008– First of all, keep in mind I am one week behind in my blogging of Tim’s sermons. This sermon was preached Sept.14th. These are the notes I took in church so they are bit scattered at times. If you want to hear the sermon you can go to my blog roll and click on Redeemer Church and go to the sermons.

Matthew 3:1-12 “Prepare the Way of the Lord”

Introduction: A king is preceded by a herald and John the Baptist (or, the Baptizer) is that herald. John is the fulfillment of a promise from isaiah 40. Jesus didn’t just appear by happenstance when he did, he appeared according to the Word of God. Isaiah wrote 700 yrs. before Christ. God is not in a hurry to fulfill his promises.

John appears in the wilderness much like Israel appeared in the wilderness. the Isaiah 40 passage is written to Israel in exile- a wilderness. God is patient.

In vss. 13-17 Jesus comes to John the Baptist for baptism, then heads off into the wilderness. Jesus the last Adam, comes to take his people out of the wilderness to paradise.

John was strange looking with his camel hair clothes, leather belt and eating wild lucusts and honey. He was a herald crying out “Make straight the way of the Lord. What is the message John wants to communicate?

I. He Preached Repentance- A Baptism of repentance. In v.5 all of Judea and the Jordan area went out to see him preach. He was not preaching a health and wealth fake gospel! He was preaching repentance and baptism of repentance. Baptism was not new, it was related to the OT ritual washing and was practiced by the Essenes. Baptism was usually for converts from the Gentiles, the God fearers.

Baptism does not wash away sin or cleanse the heart- it points to our need and what God alone does. It wasn’t enough to be circumcised and baptized; there must be more. John’s message was for all people- old and young, synagogue leaders, priests and peasants. It is not just an emotional thing; there must be conviction, repentance. You need to be grieved at the core over your sin.

II. Focused on the Coming of Christ- We exist to promote the glory of Jesus Christ. What did John say about Jesus? He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. Regeneration and Judgment! Redemption and Consecration. Apart from the Holy Spirit applying the atonement to you, you will not be saved.

III. John’s Message Was of Meekness- “After me comes one more powerful and worthy than I” Are you really ready for the One who is to come? Are we ready for Jesus to come again?

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Matthew 2:1-12 Jesus Born In Bethlehem According To The Scriptures

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Sunday, September 14, 2008– It was great to hear Dr. Tim Presson preach today, as it has been about 3 weeks since last I heard him in the pulpit. He was ill one Sunday, I was out of town for my annual Dove Hunt with my son, Jeremy, and our friends Bob and Steven, then Tim was gone on vacation 1 week. So it was great to hear Tim continue in the Matthew series this morning. I realized, however, that I never blogged my notes from the last sermon I heard Tim preach. So instead of posting today’s sermon, here are my notes from Sunday, August 17th, but keep in mind these are my notes and anything unclear is mine and not Tim’s.

Matthew 2:1-12 “Jesus Born in Bethlehem According to the Scriptures”

Last week we saw the Virgin Birth sets forth both the divinity and the humanity of Jesus. This morning there are 4 things we need to see in this passage:

1) The Concealment of Christ from the Jews; 2) The Revelation of Christ to the Gentiles; 3) The Worship of Christ; and 4) The Birth of Christ.

I. The Concealment of Christ from the Jews

 The king, religious leaders and people do not know Christ is born. God must Reveal Christ if he is to be seen at all. Nicodemus in John 3:3 “Unless you are born again you cannot see the Kingdom of God.” Those people who ought to have known it the best do not see it at all. Those who knew the least, to them Christ is revealed! The story of the birth of Christ has nothing to do with the Jews worshipping Christ but everything to do with the Gentiles worshipping Christ.This is an amazing text! When the Magi announce that they came to worship the baby king the Jews are perplexed.

Herod the Great is troubled. He was a bloodthirsty and ruthless ruler. He was not even wholly Jewish but was an Edomite whose mother was an Arab. He was not even a practicing Jew and did not know the Scriptures. Any Jewish child would have known from Micah 5:2 that Bethlehem was to be the birthplace of the Messiah.

None of the religious leaders even go with the Magi to check out Bethlehem. They are indifferent to the birth of their own Messiah! There is no mass pilgrimage to Bethlehem. They are in fact more worried about Herod being troubled than about the birth of Messiah. Christ fulfills Jeremiah 23:5; Zech.9:9; and Ezek.34:23. The people of the covenant are blind to the truth! Spiritual blindness is a real possibility for people with all the advantages of Religion.

II. The Revelation of Christ to the Gentiles

Christ is not merely the Savior of the Jews, but also of the whole world. From far off he brings Gentiles to worship his Son. Vs12 God protects Gentiles from the Jews. God did not say to Israel, “Here is your Savior” and to the Gentiles there is another Savior. There is one Savior for all, one mediator between God and man. John 1:11 “He came to his own and they did not receive him”

III. The Worship of Christ vs.2,11

The whole purpose of the Magi was to worship Jesus. God expects us to worship the Son. This text brings up several questions: Who are the Magi? Where did they come from? What kind of star did they see? How did they know to go to Jerusalem? Matthew doesn’t answer any of these questions! His focus is on the fact of their worship. If Matthew were a reporter, his editor would have fired him! So many unanswered questions. But the Magi has seen His Star, not the star or a star. Numbers 24:17.

IV. The Birth of Christ vs.5-6 and Micah 5:2

Christ’s birth fulfills a prophecy in Scripture from 700 years before. This confirms who Jesus is and validates his ministry. The gifts are Gold as to a king, Myrhh for his mortality, and Frankincense for his Deity. Isa. 60:6.

Psalm 24:10 Who is this King of Glory?

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Matt.1:18-25 Jesus’ Virgin Birth, According to the Scriptures

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Saturday, August 9, 2008–Here are the notes I took of Pastor Tim’s sermon last Sunday. The notes are incomplete and may have some flaws or my own interpretations of what Tim said. You can always go down to my blogroll and click on Christ the Redeemer Church and listne to the sermon!

Matthew 1:18-25 “Jesus’ Virgin Birth, According to the Scriptures” Sunday, August 3, 2008

I. vss.18-21 The Circumstances of Jesus’ Birth

1, Betrothed- This Jewish concept is much stronger than our modern day engagement. Betrothal had a legal standing and was considered to be recognized as a marriage, though not under one roof yet. Betrothal had a permanency to it that is clearly missing in our modern day concept. It required a legal divorce to break off a betrothal. The betrothal is significant to us because it shows that when God chose to send his Son, he sent him to a family, not just a single young lady, but to a family, thus sanctifying marriage. Jesus was to have the benefit of mom and a dad. this gave protection to the baby Jesus but also it protected Mary.

But because Joeph and Mary had not yet completed their marriage, they were not living together, it raise a serious question about Mary’s morality and integrity. Think of the weightiness of what God was requiring of Mary.She will bear the Savior, the Messiah, the Son of God. but she will do this in the protection of a marriage.

Sadly, in our own day, marriage is considered almost obsolete, past its day of usefulness. Our society is redefining marriage, but God thought marriage appropriate and useful.

What God was doing in Mary’s life had never been done before nor since: a miraculous conception by the Holy Spirit. How overwhelming this had to have been for Mary! Was she perhaps tempted with Pride? She was to bear the Messiah! But she was also humiliated- pregnant before the wedding! There was shame and DANGER for her, the community would not be accepting of a pregnancy under these conditions. She could have been shut out of her community. There was both Honor and Danger in her calling.

When God gives us a great privilege or task, there also comes temptation and humiliation to keep us humble. Like Mary we must trust in God! The Cross has glory and humiliation both. Along with the privilege of service comes the privilege of suffering!

2. vs.19- Notice Joseph’s Character!- He was just and unwilling to put her to shame. He is resolute in his justice but also kind. He knows marriage is holy so despite his love for Mary, he seeks to sustain the holiness of marriage, a high view of marriage, by divorcing her quietly. In older days Mary could have been stoned but that practice was not common in those days. Joseph was gracious and kind as he gets the lawyer quietly. We do not know much else about Joseph.

We tend to know people today who are just, but not kind; or kind, but not just. Joseph tries to do that which is honorable.

Notice the angel addresses Joseph as a Son of David! Remember Who you Are! You are a son in the line of King David! Before he is called to the great task, he is reminded of who he is! vs.24 Joseph obeys. Trust God despite the evidence and then obey! There is nothing in Joseph’s experience or background to support this. This is raw, courageous faith. In Joseph’s actions we learn of the sacredness of marriage. Again, Joseph’s call to serve is also a call to suffer. When God calls us, we must reflect on God’s Word as Joseph did. He received a word from God through the angel and he reflected on that Word and then obeyed. Justice, Kindness and Obedience characterized Joseph.

II. vss.22-23 Our Savior

All of this took place to fulfill the prophecy. It all happened for the glory f God. The real story is not about Mary, nor is it about Joseph. It’s all about God! The Virgin Birth is supposed to surprise us; this is a Marvel! The doctrine of the virgin birth of Jesus is Important to us. It sets forth the divine and human natures of Christ. 2 natures in one person. He truly is Immanuel- God with us.

Jesus- he will save his people from their sins. He saves us from the penalty of sin, the power and domination of sin and ultimately even the very presence of sin.

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Matthew 1:1-17 “Jesus the Christ- Son of David, Son of Abraham”

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Saturday, August 2, 2008– Pastor Tim Presson at Redeemer Church in Fort Worth has begun a new sermon series from the book of Matthew. Tim is absolutely the best preacher I have ever sat under so I am interested in taking good notes in order to attempt to get God’s Word into my life a bit more. This section of my blog then, will be my notes, my interpretations of Tim’s sermons. Any inaccuracies belong to me and my feeble efforts at taking notes.

This is the first sermon in the series- Matt.1:1-17 “Jesus the Christ- Son of David, Son of Abraham” preached Sunday, July 27, 2008.

Introduction: What is A Gospel? The Gospels are not biographies, though they have some biographical information in them. The Gospels are theological works written for a Redemptive Purpose. They are records of the saving acts of God.

The Gospel is the message contained in the Gospels. It is a message of good tidings to those who deserve to condemned- it is a message of God’s grace. John’s Gospel was written to show that Jesus is the Savior of the whole world; Luke shows Jesus to be the savior to the Greeks; Mark shows Jesus to be the savior to the Romans; and Matthew is written to the Jews.

There are 4 things in Matthew’s mind as he wrote:

1)Conversion- he wants to convert you to Jesus. 2)Sanctification- he is teaching us how to live; for example see the Sermon on the Mount. 3)Vindicating Christ and Christianity from false accusations and charges. The genealogy helps with this. 4)Focus on Evangelism- Matthew gives us the Great Commission.

So why begin with a genealogy? A genealogy is something that people of today might find boring and even skip over when reading through the Bible. But the genealogy is very important to the Jews and Israel. The Jews used genealogies prior to entering the Promised Land in order to distribute the land. The genealogy was important for establishing the kingly line and the priestly line. Jews still kept their tribal identities even after the borders of the tribes got all mixed up.

By beginning with a genealogy Matthew established Jesus’ pedigree and shows that Jesus fulfilled prophesies about the Messiah.


I. Jesus is the Promised Messiah.

Jesus is the Christ sent to deliver us fro sin. Vss.1,17 serve as bookends for the genealogy to show that Jesus is the Christ first and last. We don’t choose to be born, but Jesus chose to be born. He is the Son of David. This fulfills the covenant promise God made with David. The genealogy is structured around David’s house. In vss.1-6 are the ancestors of David; vss.6-12 show the rise of David’s house; vss. 12-17 the near extinction of David’s house. Solomon and all the other kings descending from David did not fulfill the covenant- Only Jesus did.

As the Son of Abraham Jesus also fulfills the promise God made to Abraham. The genealogy begins with the miraculous birth of Isaac and ends with the miraculous birth of Jesus.

II. Jesus is not only the Messiah, He Is the Son of God.

vs.16-breaks the standard formula as Jesus is not the son of Joseph! he was born to Mary alone. Joseph is the legal father of Jesus but not the physical father of Jesus. Jesus is the unique Son of God!

III. Jesus is Truly Human.

Jesus is a legitimate child born into the line of David. Both the Jews and the Romans would accuse Jesus of being illegitimate. See John 8. But Matthew defends the legitimacy of Christ’s birth. A few decades later the Docetists said that Jesus only appeared to have a physical body, only appeared to be human. But Matthew shows him to be fully human. Matthew also defeats the Gnostics who would say that Jesus was not Jewish.

Today: Jesus’ humanity is an important doctrine for if Christ is not fully human he could not sympathize with us in our hurts. (Tim recommends Anselm’s book Why the God Man?) AW Tozer says we know how God would act in our place- Jesus!

IV. Jesus Christ Is Savior and Redeemer of the World.

Look at the names and stories of those included in this genealogy. From Abraham to Ahaz (who sacrificed his son to Molech). Vs. 6 David was the father of Solomon by Uriah’s wife- adultery.Even the best of men, David and Abraham were sinners needing saving.

Three Types of People Need This Message:

1) Christians need this truth to grow strong in the Word.

2) Those who Think they are Christians need to know that Jesus is the Only Way.

3) Those who are not Christians and are in danger of spending an eternity separated from Christ.


This was an outstanding message! I have preached from the genealogies before and it is some tough preaching but this was the best sermon I ever heard on the genealogy.

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