Hacker Attack: North Koreans Attack US and South Korean Computers on July 4th

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UPDATE: More evidence is coming in that it WAS the North Koreans who attacked us on July Fourth and the following week, with a series of computer, cyber attacks on various South Korean and American Government web sites, as well as banks and the The York Stock Exchange.

The South Koreans believe the North Korean Army has a unit called Lab 110 and between 500-1000 soldiers working as computer hackers whose job it is to disrupt South Korean and American systems and steal as much information as possible.

Here is the story link:



UPDATE: Friday, July 10th-Not only has the cyber war against America not abated, the attack is intensifying while our President is off on yet another European Rockstar tour. The State Department seems to be the hardest hit so far, but other agencies are also still under attack. It is very difficult to track where these attacks are coming from as 86 different IP addresses have been used so far in 16 countries. It is widely thought that North Korea is behind this attack. Previous attacks have come from China however, and generally speaking, the North koreans are puppets of the Chicoms.  It is also now anticipated that the attacks will begin affecting personal and business PCs.
The bottom line is that America is excessively dependent upon computers, the internet and the power grid and when these are blatantly attacked and we are shown to be defenseless, our enemies are encouraged and we are endangered. We must treat this as an act of war, get our defenses up and then go on offense.



Although the expected launch of a North Korean ICBM    towards Hawaii did not happen, and instead, several short range and medium ballistic missiles were launched into the Sea of Japan, an attack by North Korea WAS launched against the US and South Korea on Saturday, July 4th. A Cyber attack on the networks of several government agencies began on Saturday and was still not cleared up as of Tuesday. THIS WAS A MASSIVE CYBER ATTACK THAT SHUT DOWN SEVERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES’ WEBSITES FOR A FEW DAYS!

The affected agencies that have been acknowledged to have been hit include: The Treasury Department (remember those fake US Bonds worth several billion dollars that were caught in Italy a few weeks ago…and the attempts by the US to raid several banks around the world to close down North Korean assets?) The Secret Service- (up yours Obama, say the North Koreans) the Federal Trade Commission (again, we are trying to stop people from trading with the Norks) and the Transportation Department (who knows?)   Now it is being released that the White House, National Security Agency, Pentagon, Dept. of Homeland Security and the State Dept. as well as the NASDQ were all hit as well. This was an ACT of WAR!


Notice that the attack  came on our national birthday, and it spread as Obamasky went on an overseas tour where he gives up our defenses to Russia.

In South Korea the agencies that were hit at about the same time include: several Banks, the Presidential Blue House, Defense Ministry and the National Assembly.

I have stated that in my headline that it was the North Koreans doing this asymmetrical warfare, cyber attack, but that is only suspected. Cyber attacks are notoriously difficult to prove the point of origin.  The Russian invasion of Georgia last summer was preceded by a large cyber attack that took weeks for the west to confirm came from the Russian intelligence agencies.

By now we are very well aware of the Chinese cyber attack capabilities but the South Koreans are saying the North Koreans also have a dedicated unit that will conduct cyber warfare. My question is, How many of the North Korean Hackers were actually Chinese and how many were trained in China. North Korea doesn’t take a squat without permission from the Chicoms.

What will our own “Glorious Leader” Barack Hussein Obamasky do? No doubt he will do nothing as he has been in Moscow unilaterally disarming America. The Russians are all to glad to deal with a pacifist  who is more of a communist than the Russians are.

What should be done? We ought to stage a serious computer hack attack of our own and completely cripple anything North Korea has. Once we get solid proof of where the attack came from, if we could even pinpoint the building, send a cruise missile and tell them, “Every computer attack will be answered by a cruise missile!”

We need to get serious about asymmetrical  warfare, cyber war. We need a national policy that is coherent, unified and practical. Anyone attacks us…it is an act of war and will be dealt with swiftly and violently.

Doing nothing leads to further attacks and eventually, a crippling attack.

Here are the links:




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North Korea Fires 7 Ballistic Missiles, Not ICBM

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UPDATE Sunday July 5th: Professional missileologists have now had time to study the data from yesterday’s missile launches by North Korea and have concluded that it is very likely that of the 7 missiles fired, 5 were of the short range SCUD variety but 2 were of the medium range Rodong missiles that have enough range to hit most of Japan. Furthermore, it appears that the missiles all hit in about the same spot in the Sea of Japan which would indicate that the NORKS have improved their guidance systems. Here is the story link:




Preparations for firing their long range Taepodong ICBM ceased earlier in the week indicating that the North Koreans were not ready to test fire their largest missile. However, just to let us know they were still thinking of us, they fired off a series of 7 lesser missiles early today, July 4th, American Independence Day.

The NORKS fired a salvo of 3 Scud like missiles in the morning, another one about noon, and a final salvo of 3 Scuds in the evening. The missiles went about 250 miles and fell in the Sea of Japan (which makes the Japanese feel special).

It should be noted that even these short range Scud like missiles go against a UN Resolution. Do you see how effective UN resolutions are? Sanctions and talks really scare people like the NORKS.

On Thursday the North Koreans tested 4 cruise missiled. That launch was apparently not against any UN resolution.

In 2006 the North Koreans tested a Taepodong 2 missile on July 4th but the missile fell apart shortly after launch in an embarrassing display of a lack of ability. Probably the Koreans did not want a repeat of that dismal show today and withheld their ICBM until they are more certain of their capabilities.

The South Koreans and the Japanese had better up-gun in their natinal arsenals by adding their own ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, anti-missile systems and in Japan’s place, even nukes. The Japanese have gotta know that the NORKS and the Chicoms and the Russkies all three have hated them for over a hundred years.

Here are the links to the story:



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USA Test Fires Minuteman ICBM, South Korea Getting New Missiles

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The Unites States and South Korea are trading tit for tat with North Korea in the testing and acquiring of missiles. Apparently the USAF launched a Minuteman3 ICBM from Vandenberg AFB this morning at about 3AM. The 3 warheads from the missile hit their target at Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean, about 4200 miles away.

I simply cannot believe that this test firing of one of our ICBMs was anything other than a response to the North Koreans and a pre-emptive test that will “one up” the North Korean’s scheduled test later this week when they are to fire an ICBM towards Hawaii. Our missiles actually reach their targets. I do wish the Air Force had chosen a target impact zone just off the west coast of North Korea…near where their missile is scheduled to be launched. I doubt the NORKS understand “subtle”, they need to be slapped around a bit.

Here is the news wire story:


And here are a couple of articles that give basic information on the Minuteman ICBM. There are some descrepancies between the 2 articles. Basically it should be noted that our ICBMs are about 40 years old. There have been few upgrades. WE NO LONGER MANUFACTURE ICBMs NOR HAVE WE MADE ANY NUCLEAR WEAPONS TO REPLACE OUR AGING ARSENAL IN THE PAST 20+ YEARS.



The South Koreans are purchasing 40 AIM Standard Surface to Air missiles from the US to upgrade their Aegis equipped Destroyers.


Of course the North Koreans are complaining about our military beefing up the defences of Hawaii by placing a THAAD anti-missile system there and towing an experimental radar platfomorm to the waters off Hawaii. See the North Korean story here:


All of this to say that the tension between us and the North Koreans is increasing. I expect that we will be at war with North Korea within two years.

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The Coldest Winter by David Halberstam, a book review

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“The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War” is an immediate must read for America’s Politicians, State Department professionals and the military. This tour de force and the final volume bequeathed to us by David Halberstam is no mere history of a War fought almost 60 years ago, this book is a stark warning to the World of what likely lies in our immediate future. While he does include fine summaries of the battles, the book is first and foremost a political history of the times, showing the intricate details that led all the nations involved inexorably to a war that only one man, Kim Ill Sung, wanted.


Halberstam’s prose is a joy to read, even with such a heavy, joyless, topic. He can not only craft a sentence well (he did win a Pulitzer in 1964 for his writing on Viet Nam) but his psychological insights into the main characters draws you in so that you think you actually know the person about whom he is writing. The book is written as a series of mini-biographies. His insights on Kim Ill Sung, Syngman Rhee, General MacArthur, President Truman, Henry Luce and Chiang Kai-shek,  and many others, are remarkable to read. I found the chapter on Kim Ill Sung especially chilling as we are currently dealing with his son, Kim Jong Ill, who seems to have inherited his father’s zeal for starting a war.

The opening chapters show that America was grossly unprepared for war and that MacArthur not only ignored Korea prior to the war, but thought that his post-war troops could stop the North Koreans with ease. He boldly claimed that China would not get involved and he was wrong on every count. Neither the Russians nor the Chinese wanted the war initially, and neither expected America to get involved. The American people never much cared for the war and it has earned the moniker: The Forgotten War.

What is terrifying as I read the book is how similar things are today. The big difference today is that with our troops on the front line everybody knows that America will fight for South Korea this time. But are we prepared? After 8 years of war in the Mideast and a reorganization of the Army to reflect a counter insurgency, low intensity war, are we now not capable of fighting a big war with tanks and infantry? Most of all artillery? Many do not understand that with Iraq and Afghanistan, the Army has demobilized a lot of field artillery units and turned them into infantrymen. The Korean War included some of the largest, most intense and sustained artillery barrages of all time.

At the start of the Korean War there was an unjustified faith in the newly created Air Force to stop the North Koreans in their tracks. It did not and could not happen that way. The Korean War was fought with Infantry and Artillery. After the initial year of maneuver it became like WW1 with trenches, bunkers, and artillery duels. Today there is an overly optimistic view of modern technology and air power still.

In Halberstam’s book he clearly shows how the generals and politicians all misread the intentions of Kim Ill Sung and the Chinese. I think we are doing the same today. Kim Jong Ill has recently announced the end of the Armistice; this means he considers us to be in a state of war. He has tested a nuclear weapon and launched an ICBM. In recent years he has moved 70% of his Army within striking distance of the DMZ. He has over 100,000 Special Forces soldiers ready to cross the border in a variety of ways to blend in to the South Korean society and strike from behind. He has hundreds of missiles that can take out every airbase in S. Korea and in Japan. He is positioned for a fight, equipped for a fight, and is asking for a fight. Just like his father in 1950.

It seems that American leadership doesn’t much believe history or the evidence before their very eyes now.

Halberstam gives an outstanding background on China, Chiang Kai-shek, and the politics of America as it relates to China for the 50-60 years prior to the war. One of his keenest insights is the religious angle. Very few authors ever understand, let alone articulate well, the impact of religion on politics and the culture at large. Halberstam is a master of this fine art. In discussing China he understood that it was impossible to know the American view of China apart from understanding the great missionary movement in China from America. In one of the most important paragraphs of the book we read (p.240):

For the China Firsters who had grown up in China as the children of missionaries, that country’s pull was deep and unrelenting; China was in some ways as much their home and their native country as the United States was. In addition, to say that Chiang had failed was to say that their own parents, who had devoted their lives to bringing Christianity to China, had been failures (as indeed, in at least the narrow sense of their mission, they had failed).

In my childhood and youth, being raised a Southern Baptist, with more missionaries abroad than any other evangelical group, I grew up hearing of Lottie Moon, Hudson Taylor and Bill Wallace, famous missionaries to China all. Politically I came to maturation in the Jimmy Carter presidency and knew the differences between the two Chinas and that Pres. Carter was selling out the “good China”. Earlier, I was concerned as Richard Nixon went to Communist China. I have long held to the proper conservative belief that we must defend Taiwan.

But now, Halberstam has opened my eyes to the reasons that China fell to the Communists. Chiang Kai-shek and the Nationalist Chinese were corrupt to the core. All our foreign aide did was enrich Chiang’s family. All our military aid did was to supply the Communists. This book is an eye opener of how reckless,  fickle and stupid American foreign policy and aid has continued to be.

Halberstam does not spare the press. His chapter on Henry Luce and the press, though not an eye opener, I have long ago given up any respect for the press, is very interesting. Luce, publisher of Time and Life, the son of missionaries to China, did everything he could for Chiang and the Nationalists. The way the Republicans and the Press used the China issue was interesting, in a sick sort of way. Oh that Halberstam had lived to write a book on the War on Terror since 9/11!

In discussing Chinese tactics and their view of the American soldiers, Halberstam repeats a phrase over and over in his book. One example is on p.488, “He (Lt. Gen. Matthew Ridgeway) was a Spartan. He worried that America was in decline because of the country’s ever greater materialism; he warned that it was becoming a place where people never walked anymore and that the nation’s men were becoming softer every year. His views, ironically, were not all that different from those of the Chinese commanders who launched their successful assault on American troops. He believed a loss of fiber had contributed to the disappointing early performance of America’s young men in Korea. They had become too dependent on their machines and their technology. The first thing he intended to do when he took over the command was get them out of the warmth of their jeeps and trucks and make them patrol exactly as their predecessors had done, climbing the hills on foot.” The highlighted phrase is used time and again by Halberstam in one form or another.

The warning for us today from Halberstam’s book, is that the Chinese today recognize that we still have the same weakness. Today China is the LEADER in hacking into American computer systems whether it is civilian or military. And, the Chinese networks and computers are the toughest to hack into. The Chinese have a distinct advantage in asymmetrical warfare today and will exploit that advantage when we go to war. Some think they even have the ability to either control or disable many of our satellites and they have proven their ability to shoot down satellites with either missiles or laser. Without our satellites and computer networks, the American military would be deaf, dumb and blind. We rely too much on our technology and the Chinese know it. That is Halberstam’s unstated warning.

Halberstam’s STATED warning is that since WW2, the American Government, both Democrats and Republicans, have gotten us involved with unwinnable, limited wars for political purposes by deceiving the people. He makes some good comments about the Viet Nam War but goes on to speak about Pres. George W. Bush and the Invasion of Iraq in 2003. While I do not share Halberstam’s cynical interpretation of Bush’s reasons for going to war, his major point is taken well: Politicians get us into war for stupid reasons.

Isn’t that how it has always been?

Buy this book and read it now. If you have been living in a cave these last few months and do not realize Kim Jong Ill of North Korea is seriously threatening war you need to wake up. This book will wake and shake you when you read it in light of current events.

Today is the 59th anniversary of the invasion of South Korea by North Korea. Pray for our President, pray for the leaders of North and South Korea, China and Russia. If the west caves in and allows Kim Jong Ill to obtain nuclear armed ballistic missiles western civilization is doomed to suffer a nuclear war. If we take action now, Kim will start another Korean War that will make the first one look like a small battle. Read this book!









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North Korea to Fire ICBM at Hawaii on July 4th?

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Friday, June 19th UPDATE: The SecDef Robert Gates is reinforcing defenses in Hawaii as a result of the aggressive actionsby the North Koreans and the anticipated July 4th missile test aimed at Hawaii. See the story below for the update:


The Democratic People’s Republic of  Korea, otherwise known as Mordor, and their Darth Vader leader, Kim Jong Ill, are planning on testing another Taepodong 2 missile in early July and our super secret sources tell us that the trajectory will be, generally speaking, over Japan and towards Hawaii. The Taepodong 2 may not yet have the range to reach Hawaii however, so you Hawaiians should not yet fear. However, you should consider building a bomb shelter soon.

While the Chicoms and Russkies are “urging” North Korea to resume the peace talks. Allegedly, the Chicoms and Russkies are growing impatient with the North Korean’s stubbornness.

The missile launch will come from Northwestern Korea, close to Manchuria. The Taepodong 2 has a range of about2500-4100 miles depending on whether it has two or three stages.



First of all, if China didn’t really want little Kim sung Ill to have missiles and nukes, then he wouldn’t. China can absolutely clamp down on North Korea at any time because they are the major source for food and fuel for North Korea.

Secondly, if we continue to do nothing but have talks, and make comrpomises like the Bush and Clinton administrations did, then we will have full blown nuclear ICBMs in the North Korean arsenal within a couple of years…about the same time the Iranians get them. Oh joy!.

Thirdly, the North Koreans have officially withdrawn from the 1953 Armistice, which means they consider themselves to be in a state of war with US.

Fourth, the North Koreans goals are to Unify Korea through means of force and become a nuclear power, and to sell their missiles and nukes to whoever wants them for hard cash.

Fifth, no amount of talking by our part will halt the North Koreans from pursuing and gaining their goals.

Therefore, we have two, and only two options:

1) Acquiesce to the fact that the NORKS are going to have nukes and the ICBMs to reach America.

2) Go to War soon in order to stop this madness.

However, going to war cannot be an American decision alone. Seoul, South Korea is withing artillery range of the North Korean Army. It would be a bloodbath in South Korea if we went to war. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF CIVILIANS WOULD DIE. The decision to go to war must be South Korea’s. Japan also has to have a say because they, too, would be a target of the NORKS for two reasons: The brutal conquering of Korea by Japan prior to WW2 and Japan has American bases for our ships and aircraft. Japan is well within range of Korean Missiles.

Recommendation: the Obama administration has been proving itself weak in the eyes of America’s enemies and needs to take solid action here. We should station some of our ships with the advanced missile systems that can take down an ICBM and should the missile down. Realize that the NORKS have said they will consider that to be an act of war and they might actually go to war over that. But it is absolutely clear that if we sit back and do nothing, they will eventually have everything they want.

We can fight them now, or we can fight them after they have nuclear weapons. That is the choice.

Here are the links to the news stories:




Meanwhile, the Russians are wanting us to stop research on more anti-missile technology:


Obama has already cut the budget for the anti-missile systems, despite the progress being made in that system, and in the face of the Iranian and Korean missile programs. Obama is a dangerous communist/terrorist sympathizer!

One further point: Why is Hawaii the Target and Why July 4th? The NORKS did another missile test back on Memorial Day and a nuke test during Obamasky’s Apology tour in Europe. Doing the test on an American holiday, especially Independence Day is just to tweak us. Why Hawaii? 2 reasons: 1) to tweak us by firing it in our direction with its maximum range putting it close to Hawaii. 2) Where does Obamasky clain to be born? Hawaii! This is a direct attack on the Obamasky as a test!

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Histories of the Korean War

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The Walker Library

A Ministry of Mark12ministries

Histories of the Korean War

Introduction: The Walker Library Project is an effort to catalog the 6000+ volumes of the Walker Library so that they can be loaned out to students at South Western Baptist Theological Seminary, homeschoolers, the members of Redeemer Church in Fort Worth and other special friends.

In recent days (Spring 2009) the North Koreans have been threatening war, have exploded a nuclear weapon, and tested a variety of missiles, including long range ICBM.

Here is a recent article on the preparedness of the North Korean Military that is bone chilling. Notice the emphasis on assymetrical warfare, special forces, artillery and missiles. Notice also the pre-positioning of the bulk of the North Korean Army now, closer to the border:


It seems prudent to me to revisit the Korean War of 1950-53 so here is the list of books from my library that pertain to the Korean War:

Battle for Korea: the AP History of the Korean Conflict

Ridgeway: The Korean War

American Airpower Strategy in Korea 1950-1953, Conrad C. Crane.

Chosin: Heroic Ordeal of the Korean War by Eric Hammel. Zenith Press:Minneapolis, MN 2007 (originally published by Vanguard Press: New York, 1981) 457pp.)

Colder than Hell: A Marine Rifle Company at Chosin Reservoir by Joseph R. Owen. Naval Institute Press: Annapolis, MD 1996 (237pp.).

Crimson Sky: the Air Battle for Korea, John R. Bruning.

The Last Stand of Fox Company by Bob Drury and Tom Clavin. Atlantic Monthly Press: New York, 2009 (353pp.).

Pork Chop Hill: the classic account of Korea’s most desperate battle, S.L.A. Marshall.

The River and the Gauntlet: the Battle of the Chongchon River, Korea 1950 by S.L.A. Marshall. The Battery Press: Nashville, TN (307pp.)

Hot Shots: an oral history of the Air Force Combat Pilots of the Korean War, edited by Jennie Ethell Chancey and William R. Forstchen.

Hoyt, Edwin P.  The Pusan Perimeter, 1984.

——————, On to the Yalu, 1984.

——————, The Bloody Road To Panmunjom,

Rangers In Korea, Robert W. Black, 1989

Russ, Martin. Breakout: The Chosin Reservoir Campaign, Korea 1950, 1999.

Terry, Addison. The Battle for Pusan, 2000.

Halberstam, David. The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War, Hyperion: New York, NY 2007 (719pp.)

And here is my book review of The Coldest Winter:


Toland, John. In Mortal Combat: Korea, 1950-1953, William Morrow: New York. NY 1991 (624pp.)

Weigley, Russell F. The American Way of War, Part Five: American Strategy in   Perplexity, 1945- chapters 15-18, pp.363-477.

Fehrenbach, T.R. This Kind of War, 1963.

Leckie, Robert. Conflict: The History of the Korean War, Da Capo Press:New York, 1962 (448pp.)

Leckie, Robert. The March To Glory. ibooks: New York, 1960, (218pp.)

Hastings, Max. The Korean War. Simon & Shuster: New York, NY 1987 (389pp.)

And here are some books on the Cold War with some chapters on the Korean War as it related to the bigger picture:

Walker, Martin. The Cold War, A History. 1993.Friedman, Norman. The Fifty Year War, 2000.

Powaski, Ronald. The United States and the Soviet Union, 1917-1991, 1998.

Miller, David. The Cold War: A Military History. St. Martin’s Press: New York, NY 1998 (476pp.)

If you are wanting to study the Korean War I would always recommend Fehrenbach first. This is a classic not just of the Korean War but of the fight against communism and of War in general. This is a must read! Secondly, The Coldest Winter by Halberstam would  be great. See my book review mentined above. The Hoyt trilogy is a good overview of the entire war but the other classic is Pork Chop Hill by SLA Marshall, another must read.

Pork Chop Hill was also made into a movie starring Gregory Peck and is a must see movie. The other Korean War movie that I could recommend is The Bridges at Toko Ri, based on the novel by James Michener.

Here is a link to the Bridges at Toko Ri


Here is a link to Pork Chop Hill:


I am thinking this Korean problem of today is the direct result of Pres. Truman’s limiting of MacArthur and finally firing him. We delayed the North Korean problem for almost 60 years and now it is close to going nuclear. We better read up on the first war before we get involved in a second.

And here are some websites that gives a  list of favorites for the history of the Korean War:




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North Korea Ends 1953 Armistice; Threatens War

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North Korea is now apparently saying that the Armistice ending the War in 1953 is off and they are basically threatening to go to war with South Korea and the US. This is their response to the US, South Korea and the UN threatening to halt, board and search North Korean ships looking for missile and nuclear items that they are attempting to sell. North Korea is stating that if their ships are hindered it will be an act of war. They are threatening to attack US or South Korean ships that are in the contested border area of the seas of the coast.

What it boils down to is this: the North Koreans want to develop nukes and missiles to launch them with for their own military AND to EXPORT for CASH. ANY ATTEMPT by the West to hinder that will be met with WAR.

The West now has two, and only two options: fight North Korea now (or in the next couple of years after we prepare but before they can actually complete their plans for ICBMs) or give in to the little dictator and allow him to have all the nukes he wants and sell on the open market. WE will then wait to be nuked and keep the high moral ground of not starting the war; i.e. the Bush doctrine of preemptive war. If we wait til then, it will be a nuclear war and pretty much end the global warming thing as we enter a nuclear winter. So, if we find our lost manhood in the West, we will ruck up and do what needs to be done now.

Don’t get me wrong here. I absolutely do not want a war with North Korea. I have a son in the infantry in the 82nd Airborne. War in Korea was horrific the first time around, now with a couple of million people living in Seoul, which is within artillery range, it would be worse than horrific. But the option is to fight now, or fight later with nukes. Talks have not and will not work. It is past that stage. It is do or die for the West.

Ditto for Iran.

Folks, we are getting ready for a very serious time of war in this world. May God save the USA!

Here are the stories and opinion pieces:


In the below article we see the Russky take on  the subject. Keep in mind that in the War in the 1950’s some of the Mig Fighter Jets we were shooting at had blond haired pilots with fair skin. That’s right, we fought both Russians and Chinese in the war with North Korea. That will happen again! If we go to war with North Korea we will be fighting the proxies of Red China and the allies of Russia.


The above article absolutely makes sense. We must understand that North Korea is determined to conquer the South and hurt America. That is what they live for. They are not interested in any long term peace, they crave domination. They are indeed Mordor.




For an interesting take on how Chima looks at North Korea see the following article:


Is the US ready for a war in Korea if the North Koreans start one very soon? Not by a long shot. With troops heavily engaged in Afghanistan and in Iraq, troops positioned all over the world in various peacekeeping, training and aide missions, the US would be hard put to respond to a war in the Korean Peninsula. We do not have enough air transport nor is our Navy big enough (currently under 300 ships- in the Reagan era it was about 600 ships- thank you Bushes and Clinton).

If the NORKS attack South Korea, it will be a bloodbath and almost a repeat of 1950. Very bad!

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North Korea Tests Nuclear Bomb; What Should We Do?

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UPDATE: Tuesday, 5-26-09- We only have two options- allow the North Koreans to get nuclear weapons and the missiles to launch them with, or bomb them back to the stone age. All other options are gone. North Korea does what China wants, so the entire problem is rooted in the ChiComs. Truman was wrong, MacArthur was right.

Check out these columns for more info:




The above article confirms my thesis that the NKoreans do not so much as take a squat without the approval of the ChiComs.


The gist of it is that WE HAVE NO GOOD OPTIONS HERE!


North Korea exploded a nuclear bomb underground today (our Memorial Day- a deliberate choice of dates perhaps?), while also conducting a test of their missile forces by launching not one, not two, but THREE short range ballistic missiles. The bomb was about the size of the Hiroshima bomb, maybe 20 kilotons at most. This was a substantial difference over the bomb they exploded three years ago that was perhaps only 1 kiloton.  The message sent to their neighbors and to the West was unmistakable, “We are building and testing nuclear warheads and the missiles to launch them with.”

Of course we got the usual cheap talk from all the world’s leaders. China says they are “resolutely opposed” to the NKoreans test. Riiight! The little NKorean dictator doesn’t take a squat without informing China. If China didn’t want NKorea to have nukes, then NKorea would not have nukes. It really is that simple.

President Barack Obama called the test a matter of grave concern to all countries. “North Korea is directly and recklessly challenging the international community,” Obama said in a statement. “North Korea’s behaviour increases tensions and undermines stability in north-east Asia.”

It seems like just a couple of months ago when Obamasky was in Europe apologizing for American arrogance the NKoreans launched their biggest missile to date, either an ICBM or a satellite, and Obama on that event threatened NKorea with “serious consequences”. Really? Whatcha’ gonna do Obamasky? Waterboard Kim Jong Il?

Apparently the South Korean President called his security council together and the Highly Effective and Ready to Act UN Security Council (may all the world’s tyrants tremble!) was to have held an emergency meeting to discuss what their response would be.

Folks, I hate to tell this to you, but communists will lie to you and they will break any negotiated treaty with you, if they see it in their best interest. North Korea wants nukes so that they can gain respect in the world and then sell them to the highest bidder. All the world’s tyrants have noted that America does not attack nuclear armed countries. Therefore, they want nukes.

What is to be done? What are our options? What is likely to happen.

I. What Is Likely To Happen

1) What is likely to happen is that the UN will spout more words, Pres. Obama and other leaders will spout more words, and nothing will be done.

2) Japan will likely begin (if they haven’t already) to develop their own nukes.

3) North Korea will get a full and complete set of nuclear armed ICBMs.

4) North Korea will sell a nuke or two to a terrorist outfit like al queerda.

II. What Are Our Options?

1) Do nothing beyond talk and allow the NKoreans to get what they want.

2) Give massive bribes (aid) to the NKoreans so that they won’t build anymore nukes, only to wake up one day and realize they lied to us again.

3) Impose a total blockade of NKorea and make them start the war.

4) Start reinforcing our troops in S Korea and Japan, then at an opportune time launch a pre-emptive attack on the NKoreans and try to take out Kim Jong Il and all their nuke plants. Then respond as the North Koreans attack S Korea. Oops, oh yeah, all ov our troops are tied up in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also oops, we are out of money and cannot increase our military.

III. What Does This Situation Say To Us?

1) Ultimately Truman (a Demoncrat) was wrong and MacArthur was right. Yeah, uh-huh, it goes back that far. Wars left unfinished have a tendency to come back and haunt you. The Korean War ended in a draw, satisfying neithre party, JUST LIKE WW1 DID! In Viet Nam we just quit and left so the Commies won by default. In Gulf War I George HW Bush quit without a total victory in 1991. That is why we had to go back in 2003…to finish the job, and we are still there.

2) You simply cannot trust petty dictators with nukes and missiles.

3) The West is so weak that we will avoid a costly war now so that we can fight a really big war later.

4) We want to tame evil instead of eradicate it.

IV. What Is To Be Done?

1) Get your 1960’s era bomb shelters now, before the rush.

Here are the links to the news stories:





What does this blogger think ought to be done? I say reinforce South Korea over the next year, give Japan the go ahead to go nuclear and even help them, and impose a total blockade upon North Korea, sea and air sometime next year. In the meanwhile, increase the size of our Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force as fast as we can. We will have to end the North Korean problem; nobody else will.

Equality 7-2521

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Chicoms and N.Koreans Testing Obamasky

Posted on March 10, 2009. Filed under: Korea, News of the Day |

Just like Joe Biden said months ago in Seattle, in the first few months of the Obama Administration, there will be those who test him. The Chinese Navy did some testing over the weekend and the North Koreans are doing some testing now too. How will Pres. Obamasky respond?

You may remember that back in early 2001, before 9/11, the Chicoms tested the rookie President Bush by forcing down a Navy aircraft, a P-3 Orion, that was on patrol over the South China Sea.


This is the same area, generally speaking, where the incident with the USNS Impeccable occurred over the weekend. Pres. Bush’s response was calm and steady, using some extremely delicate diplomatic measures to get the crew home. It took about 11 days but they all made it home safely. Not so the Chicom pilot who rammed our aircraft- he failed to bailout and died in the South China Sea. We got our airplane back, in pieces.

The incident over this past weekend involved a USNavy Survey (spy) ship in international waters and 5, count em, 5 Chicom vessels. The Chinese Navy ships approached to within 25′ of our Impeccable and the civilian part of our crew turned on the fire hoses and gave the Chinese a shower. Other Chinese vessels stopped in front of the Impeccable and tried to force her to ram them, thus creating an even larger incident. Our skipper deftly avoided the vessels, then radioed the Chicoms and requested permission to leave the area, and it was granted.






All in all, it looks like the Navy handled the situation as well as could be expected. However, just as in 2001 with the P-3 incident, I believe we are letting the Chicoms off wayyy tooo easily here. When we ignore these kinds of incidents and play the nice diplomatic card, they interpret it as weakness. We ought to find one of their “observation ships” and harrass the heck out of them with some F-18 flybys at about 100′ and 500 mph.

Meanwhile, up the South China Sea a few hundred miles to the Korean peninsula, the crazy North Koreans are threatening war because we are conducting some joint military maneuvers with the South Koreans and the North is getting ready to fire off their new ICBM for a test and they don’t want us to shoot it down. They claim they will go to war if we interfere with their “satellite”.

I doubt the Obamasky Admin. will actually interfere, but I personally think shooting the missile down will send the right message.

We live in a dangerous world with NationState Thugs and wacko Islamofascist Terrorists. You cannot “play nice” with these killers.

Equality 7-2521

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