Sweet Potato Waffle Sandwich

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This is now one of my favorite breakfast sandwiches, but I do not fix it very often at all because it does involve Maple Syrup! But…I suppose you can use some kind of artificial, sugar free, imitation syrup if you want to.


Breakfast sausage patty, I use 1/6th of a pound. I open the tube and cut six equal sized patties, wrap them in wax paper and store the ones I don’t use in a plastic bag and then use them the rest of the week, one at a time. You can obviously cook them all at the same time and just warm them up in the microwave but then you would have to fry the veggies listed below in something else like butter or coconut oil. I place the patty in my small frying pan with the heat on medium while I slice up the veggies and mix up the egg.

Sweet potato small to medium, I slice 2-3 thin slices from the middle of the potato, enough so that you can cover your waffle. When one side of the sausage patty is done and you flip it, there should be enough grease in the pan to now place your sweet ‘taters in the pan with the sausage

Sweet Onion slice through the middle of a Walla Walla, Vidalia, Texas 1015, or a Mayan Sweet. I like my onion fairly thick, a bit less than 1/4 inch. You can chop them up if you want, but if you leave the slice whole you can get it done to perfection where there is just a hint of crunch still in the onion. When you remove the sausage patty you place the onion in the pan and turn the sweet ‘taters over.

Egg I like using the Jumbo or Extra Large. I will crack it open and place into a cup, stir it up good and add a teaspoon of milk and stir again. I will flip the onion over by this point and remove the sweet potatoes before they get crispy (we want soft sweet potatoes!)

When the onion is done I pour the egg into the pan and season with salt and pepper.

While the egg fries I put the Kashi whole grain waffles into the toaster, pour just a couple of tablespoons of Maple Syrup into a cup and warm for 5-6 seconds in the microwave and get the slice of cheese ready.

Up pops the toaster, I remove the two waffles, turn the fire off the egg, pour the syrup over the two waffles, scrape the onions onto one waffle, cover that with the cheese slice (I use a variety of deli cheeses, choose your own favorite) place the hot egg on top of the cheese. I place the sweet potato slices on the other waffle and cover that with the sausage. Slap the two waffles together and wrap in some foil (this is a very messy and delicate sandwich; the foil holds it together).

Enjoy! (You will need to be hosed off when you are done!)


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