The Walker Library: The Doctrine of the Word of God Inspiration, Authority, Inerrancy and Hermeneutics

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Berkouwer, G.C. Studies in Dogmatics: Holy Scripture. William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company: Grand Rapids, MI. 1975 (377pp.)

Blomberg, Craig. The Historical Reliability of the Gospels. Inter-Varsity Press: Downers Grove, 1987 (268pp.) Purchased fall 1989 at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Bruce, F.F. The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? 5th Revised Edition. Inter-Varsity Press: Downers Grove, IL 1960 (128pp.) Purchased 08-29-95.

Ibid. The Canon of Scripture. Inter-Varsity Press: Downers Grove, IL 1988 (349pp.) Purchased May 1998 BHBC.

DeYoung, Kevin. Taking God at His Word, Why the Bible is Knowable, Necessary, and Enough, and What that Means for You and Me. Crossway: Wheaton, IL 2014 (138pp.) Purchased Nov.2014.

Dockery, David S. Christian Scripture, An Evangelical Perspective on Inspiration, Authority, and Interpretation. Broadman&Holman Publishers: Nashville, TN 1995 (257pp.) Purchased Aug. 1995 at BHBC.

Fee, Gordon D. and Stuart, Douglas. How To Read the Bible for All Its Worth, A Guide to Understanding the Bible. Academie Books, Zondervan Publishing: Grand Rapids, 1982 (237pp.) Spring 1988 at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Geisler, Norman L. Editor. Inerrancy. Academie Books, Zondervan: Grand Rapids, MI 1980 (516pp.) Purchased Nov. 1986 SWBTS.

Jensen, Peter. Contours of Christian Theology, The Revelation of God. Inter-Varsity Press: Downers Grove, IL. 2002 (304pp.)

Mathison, Keith A. The Shape of Sola Scriptura. Canon Press: Moscow, Idaho 2001 (364pp.)

Montgomery, John Warwick, Editor. God’s Inerrant Word: An international Symposium on the Trustworthiness of Scripture. Bethany House Publishers: Minneapolis, MN 1974 (288pp.) Received as a Christmas gift from my wife, Dawn, Dec. 25, 1986. Read in 1998 at Burton Hill Baptist Church.

Packer, J.I. Truth & Power, The Place of Scripture in the Christian Life. Inter-Varsity Press: Downers Grove, IL. 1996 (191pp.) Purchased 04-20-02 at Burton Hill Baptist Church; read October 2014.

Ibid. Fundamentalism and the Word of God. William B. Eerdmans Publishing: Grand Rapids, 1958 (191pp.) Purchased 04-13-06 at BHBC.

Ibid. God Has Spoken, Revelation and the Bible, Third Edition. Baker Books: Grand Rapids, MI 1994 (174pp.) Purchased 12-29-97 and read in June of 1998.

Saucy, Robert. Swindoll Leadership Library: Scripture, Its Power, Authority, and Relevance. Word Publishing: Nashville, TN 2001 (297pp.) Purchased July of 2002, BHBC.

Sproul, R.C. Knowing Scripture, Revised Edition. IVP Books: Downers Grove, IL. 2009 (152pp.) Purchased Sept. 2014.

Ibid. Scripture Alone, The Evangelical Doctrine. P&R Publishing: Philipsburg, NJ. 2005 (210pp.) Read Sept. 2014.

White, James R. Scripture Alone. Bethany House: Minneapolis, MN 2004 (221pp.) Purchased Nov.2014.


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