Election 2010 Predictions

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It has been a long time since I have posted anything political, but tomorrow is the 2010 Congressional, Mid-Term Elections and I am cautiously optimistic. Oh, I know there are lots of predictions out there about a GOP landslide, and I agree. I think there will be a huge statement made all across the country tomorrow and that on Wednesday, November 3rd, there will be a lot of seriously upset, mad, angry, unemployed and depressed Democrats, Socialists and Marxists. Not the least of which is our Marxist President, Barack Hussein Obama.

Why am I only cautiously optimistic? Three reasons:

First, although I am confident that we will gain control of the House of Representatives by taking between 55 and 60 seats from the Democrats, I do not think we will win control of the Senate, although it may appear that way on election night.  Remember the Al Franken v. Norm Coleman Senate race in Minnesota 2 years ago? It initially looked like Coleman won. But the re-count and legal battle lasted a few MONTHS before the Democrat machine literally manufactured enough ballots for Franken to win. Any Senate race that has a GOP winner by less than 3% is going to be challenged, manipulated and possibly stolen, especially if it is in a Blue state with democrat judges and a Secretary of State. Furthermore, the Senate seems to have the ability to adjust their rules for seating newly elected Senators, so look for Harry Reid to maybe try an under the table deal to keep a newly elected Senator, like Sharon Angle maybe, from being seated. In other words, I am convinced that with the voting irregularities that are already being reported, combined with tight races and the current Democratic Senate there is the possiblity, I would even say likelihood, that the Dems keep the Senate through less than legal/honorable means.

Second, if we get a GOP controlled House, and the Dems hold on to the Senate barely, then we will have a definite stalemate in the Congress and the Obama Marxist agenda will be slowed down if not altogether stopped. THEN the question of House leadership will enter the picture. Will they be tough and uncompromising? I hope so, but I doubt it. Time and again the Republicans have proved to all of us that they “just want to get along” and not lead. I say shut the government down if that is what it takes. I think the American people will support it this time no matter what the MSM does or says, unlike back in ’94-95 under Newt Gingrich when the shutdowns damaged the GOP. The less the State does the better. Then there is the whole issue of whether the TEA Party candidates who get elected can actually govern. Some of the TEA Party candidates, while better than the Dems they hope to replace (Christine O’Donnell for example in Delaware) they are themselves somewhat less qualified than I would like. Christine O’Donnell, Joe Wilson, Sharon Angle, and even my favorite, Sarah Palin, all have shorter resumes than I would like to see, but all would be better idealogically than the dems they would replace. Will they be able to actually do the hard work of governing.

Third, my optimism for the short term is tempered by my pessimism for the mid-term. I think America has passed the point of no return for an economic and cultural collapse. Regardless of who is elected tomorrow, I believe the economy is going to go down the toilet in the next 1-2 years. This will lead to some serious societal/cultural problems ranging from an increase in homelessness as the housing market goes bust AGAIN, and continued high unemployment to rioting in the streets of some of our more volatile cities. It could even get worse than that. My question is, What if the Conservative Avalanche tomorrow is too late and no matter what they do, the economy collapses, a terror strike succeeds, a series of natural disasters occur, etc.? These are the type of times for TYRANTS to take control. Some will make the mistake and say the tyrants will come from the conservatives. That is an impossibility because the right wing stands for personal liberty and a small state. Tyranny is always from the left because it is about empowering government to stomp on the face of the individual. The Nazis were Socialists, the Stalinists were Marxists. The Muslim tyrants allied with the Nazis in WW2 and with the Russians in the Cold War and are befriended by the Leftists of the West today.

I am ultimately an optimist. I believe that Jesus is coming again, soon. In my lifetime. Being raised in the Cold War we tended to think of Communism as the Anti-Christ with its state sponsored atheism. But communism of the European variety has failed and been discredited (Putin in Russia today is probably just a run of the mill tyrant) and communism in China has been replaced with a Statist form of Capitalism that is pretty unique. Even Castro in Cuba is beginning to make some strange capitalistic sounding speeches. That leaves North Korea and North Vietnam as the sole communists and Vietnam is becoming fairly market oriented as well.  No, communism is not the anti-christ.

It looks to me as if Islam is the real anti-christ. The world will not stop Iran from developing nukes and the US under every President since Jimmy Carter has failed to stop Muslim terrorism and expansion. Our wars under Bush and Obama are a waste because we are fighting to support one group of tyrannical muslims over another group of tyrannical muslims. We are not fighting for American values nor are we fighting to win. The last war we won was WW2. When (not if) Iran gets nukes, and the nukes inevitably fall into terrorist hands, the last days will be upon us. I don’t know how much suffering we will have to go through, I am not a pre-trib rapture guy, but it will be awful.Then Jesus will come back. That will be wonderful.

All this to say that we should not trust in horses or chariots, neither dems not repubs, our trust ultimately is in God Alone. That is not to say that we should not be engaged in our culture. Go Vote ye men of God, and godly women. Vote righteously. Vote for the conservatives in every race.

May God have mercy on the United States of America.

Equality 7-2521


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good stuff a lot of sense being made thx

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