Haiti Earthquake Aftermath Provides Lessons for Survivalists

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The devastating 7.0 earthquake that struck Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010 has created a TEOTWAWKI scenario that “preppers” and “survivalists” should pay attention to and learn from.

The first lesson is that in this fallen, sin-filled world, disaster can strike anytime, anywhere from numerous causes. Haiti is the poorest place in the West for lots of cultural and political reasons. These poorest of the poor, who had next to nothing, had even that taken away. None of us are exempt. A tornado can devastate my home of Fort Worth, or a flood. An earthquake can strike our west coast or even in the heartland. A hurricane can devastate the gulf or east coast.

Second, culture and infrastructure matter. When you compare the loss of life in Haiti with a 7.0 earthquake with the loss of life in the Oct. 1989 earthquake in northern California, also a 7.0, you see that wealth and a strong culture have built a society that is more safe. 63 people died in the California quake and very likely 100,000+ died in Haiti.

Third, Government can never respond quickly enough in large scale disasters. While the response to the Haiti quake of 2010 was very fast and came from the US, China, Russia, France and many other places, it is still not fast enough to save many lives of those trapped in the rubble. It has now been 4 days since the quake. Statistically we are no longer in the rescue mode, we are in the recovery mode. I have read articles of Haitians complaining that our help was not getting there fast enough. Where was the World when Katrina destroyed New Orleans?

America is the favorite whipping boy of the world, but when disaster strikes, we are “firstest with the mostest!” And still we get criticized.

The lesson here though, is that Government cannot always save you in a disaster, You have to save yourself and your family. You may be spared instant death by God’s grace, but then you must be prepared to work out your salvation by being prepared in advance.

This means that in some huge disasters, all of your possessions, all the food and water, guns and ammo you have stored up is gone. Plan A failed, then Plan B fails. Now what? Plan C is mainly all about attitude and training because Plan C is what happens when you have NOTHING left from  a disaster.

Some folks may have the means to have another survival kit stashed away from their primary residence, but close enough to get to on foot. More likely, however, Plan C will involve knowing where to go for assistance and safety. With hurricanes you can get some advance warning. Not so with tornados and earthquakes.

I almost always travel with THREE LEVELS of survival kits. I have on my person, almost always, a swiss army knife, a lighter, another knife and a few other things in my pockets. My next level is an over the shoulder bag, an Army mapcase, that has a LOT of other survival items. I am almost always armed with a handgun as well. In my vehicle I have a substantial survival kit that can be carried in my rucksack.

Notice, fourthly, that the situation in Haiti got very stoneage quickly; survival of the fittest, might makes right, the law of the jungle are coming into play. The people there do not have guns, they have machetes. And the gangs are taking over. Food fights. Killing over a water bottle.

Don’t think for an instant that it can’t happen here. A terrorist state like iran or North Korea launches a high altitude EMP nuke and 1/3 of America is now without electricity, communications or transportation? Yeah, it would go stoneage in a day or two. And we all have guns. Total anarchy can happen when technology fails a techno-society.

In the news article below, notice that masses of people from the Haitian capital of Port Au Prince are moving to the countryside. This is a valuable lesson for both city dwellers and those in the surrounding countryside. In case of a massive TEOTWAWKI event, many thousands will likely head for the countryside from the chaotic, dying cities, bringing the chaos and death with them.

Invision yourself living in the many small towns and rich agricultural lands of North Texas, within about a 75 mile radius of the DFW Metroplex after a great disaster. Hundreds of thousands of people pour out of the big cities and suburbs into Weatherford, Granbury, Denton, etc. And those are actually cities themselves. Look at the map for the smaller towns like Morgan Mill, Tolar, Perves, etc. They will be flooded with hordes of hungry, angry, desperate people.

If you can’t foresee the disaster and get out of Dodge in advance, then you will likely be stuck in the herd migration or, like me, you will decide to stay and fight it out in the city.

Don’t look for the blue helmeted heroes from the Ugandan Army serving with the UN. I doubt they will show up to help us. And if they do, I would have to consider if they are really here to help,or if they are here to takeover. It might be militia time.

In conclusion, pray for Haiti, but prepare for Hell on earth. It can happen here.



Equality 7-2521


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