Nigerian Underwear Bomber- Attempted Terror Strike on Christmas Day NWA Flight 253 to Detroit

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On Christmas Day, 2009, a wealthy, well educated Muslim young man from England attempted to blow up Northwest Airlines Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a 23-year-old Nigerian student at a London school, the wealthy son of Umaru Abdul Mutallab, the retired chairman of one of Nigeria’s largest banks,  had the explosives in his underwear. He was trained in Yemen and Al Qaeda has taken responsibility for the attack, claiming it was in retaliation for a US Predator attack a couple of weeks ago that killed many terrorists in Yemen.

The attempted bombing of Flight 253 failed due to two reasons: 1) Young Umar failed to detonate the bomb properly and it only caught on fire instead of blowing up;admittedly it is a rather difficult  thing to practice blowing one’s self to smithereens, but you would think they would have some dry runs with inert chemicals. Maybe he peed his pants and that messed up the explosives?

2) An intrepid passenger a few seats over apparently leaped over several people and beat the hell out of the underwear bomber, they got a fire extinguisher and put out the sizable fire.

What failed was the expensive and extensive security system that is designed to prevent things like this from happening. 1) This dog of muslim loser was on the terror watch list. 2) He bought a one way ticket. 3)With cash. 4) And no luggage. 5) He was MUSLIM, HELLO! 6) He was a young man. WHY WAS THIS MAN ALLOWED TO FLY? Look, you can have all the nice watch lists and rules, but if the airlines cannot be relied on to get flights out on time, and lose your luggage, and have employee theft, of course the occasional stray muslim terrorist will get through explosives stuffed in his butt crack.

The reaction to this terrorist act would be humorous if it weren’t so pathetic. Janet Napolitano, director of Homeland Security must surely strike fear in the hearts of terrorists everywhere with her “the system worked” then, “the system didn’t work” statements. This is reason number 357 why the Obamasky rule is so pathetic. I think I would have picked some big city police chief, Director of the Highway patrol, or a an airborne ranger general, or some other big tough mean guy who hates terrorists and instills fear in the enemy. Janet Napolitano is inadequate for the task.

President Barack Hussein Obamasky reassured us after the attack that this was not part of a broader threat, it was an isolated incident. Hello! Didn’t he say that after the attack at Ft Hood by Major Malik Hasan? THEY ARE NOT ISOLATED INCIDENTS PEOPLE! WHAT LINKS ALL OF THESE ATTACKS, EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM, IS ISLAM!!!!

And for the TSA and airlines to come up with some stupid new regulations about not getting up to go to the bathroom 1 hr prior to landing or having anything in your laps for that last hour shows how desperate and ignorant we are. The logical conclusion to things like this is to fly naked at the position of attention.

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS LITERALLY KILLING US. Was Abdul whatsisface a Baptist? Was he a Methodist? Lutheran? Pentecostal? Atheist? Jew? Hindu? Buddhist? HE WAS A MUSLIM JUST LIKE 99.9% OF ALL OTHER TERRORISTS! GET A CLUE PEOPLE, THE ENEMY IS ISLAM! OUR ENEMIES HAVE STATED THAT THIS IS A RELIGIOUS WAR. WE MUST START PROFILING BY RELIGION AND NATION OF ORIGIN TO MAKE OUR COUNTRY SAFE. This is really not very difficult. If you are muslim and want to fly you should be interrogated and stripped naked. If you pass inspection you get to fly.

Additionally, there should be two armed air marshals on every single fight. We are at war people!

Next, we should tell the Muslim world, that for every successful muslim terror attack on the US one muslim city will be bombed by a squadron of B-52’s or B-1’s. No precision guided munitions, just lots of nice 2000lb bombs dropped safely from 35,000 feet. That worked pretty well on Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, it should work on Islam. I know that sounds brutal and unjust, but we must deal with islam in the manner they understand. They are at war with us, we are not yet at war with them. A Nigerian city ought to disappear yesterday!

Has anyone noticed that this attack came on Christmas Day? Do you think that was just an accident? IT WAS INTENTIONAL PEOPLE! THEY ARE MUSLIMS AND THEY HATE CHRISTIANS! IT’S WHO THEY ARE! When we fight we are very careful about not shooting up mosques and not fighting on their holy days like the month of Ramadan. But on Dec. 25th, here’s a butt bomb on an airliner- Merry Christmas from Mohammad!

PREDICTION: There has been an increase in terror since Obama-the-muslim has been elected. Anyone else notice that? IT WILL GET WORSE WITH EACH DAY THIS IMPOSTOR IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE. WE WON’T GET SERIOUS ABOUT ISLAMIC TERROR UNTIL THEY NUKE US.   Has terrorism gotten better since Obama bowed to the Saudi king? Since he spoke in Egypt? Since he promised to close down Gitmo?

Here are the story links:

Below, Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano says the system worked:

but here she says it didn’t work:

Equality 7-2521


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