Defund, Disrobe, and Disobey the Fascist Government

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In my daily jog through the news, AtlasShrugs by Pamela Geller is always one of the first places I go. This morning she had a piece from “To The Point News” that is of great import for the conservative movement and is MustReading. I have added one of my ideas to the mix, but essentially what we are looking at doing to slow down, stop and hopefully reverse the wave of marxism, fascism, and Statism that is demolishing our Constitution today, is to 1) elect a conservative House of Representatives majority in 2010, 2) defund Obama’s programs and regain some fiscal responsibility, 3) disrobe, i.e. impeach some judges, 4) Disobey the Federal Fascists by peacefully refusing some of their ridiculous laws.

First, we must work for, pray for, and vote for a conservative majority in Congress in 2010. Nancy Pelosi must go. We need a clear and powerful conservative majority in the House so that we can stop the Obamasky Socialist/Marxist agenda. You only need one half of the Congress, either the Senate or  the House, to completely freeze up Washington. The House is very likely vulnerable to a Conservative takeover next year. The Senate is possible but tougher. Obama may still be in office and can veto any bill the House comes up with, and the Dems may still retain control of the Senate, so you would not get any good bills passed and signed. But you completely stop most legislation.

Second, with the House you control the purse and can DEFUND the Obamasky programs. The House can simply refuse to appropriate the needed money for Obamacare or whichever program (TARP) or even a government agency (defund the Dept. of MisEducation).

Next, the House can impeach the President and judges. Granted, the Senate would have to convict and remove, but the House can at least bring up the charges and do the initial investigations needed. One of the first actions of a Conservative House should be to examine whether or not Obamasky is qualified to be in office, i.e., was he really born in the US.  Then the House needs to carefully choose some judges to impeach. Impeachment is a two edged sword and must be used carefully. Once you start this process, as soon as the Demoncrats get back in power they will use it too. So choose your targets carefully. But the fear of God and the Constitution needs to be placed in the imperial judges who have been usurping power for decades.

The article by Dr. Wheeler suggests also some civil disobedience by PEACEFULLY refusing to follow some bogus laws, such as those related to Obamacare.

Or they could focus on, say, ObamaCare.  If it’s passed with the mandate to buy health insurance or pay a $1,000 fine – what if tens of thousands, what if hundreds of thousands of TeaPartyers refused to do either?  Perhaps a few might be prosecuted – but there is no way all but a tiny fraction could.  There are not enough prosecutors nor judges and it would tie the fed courts up in knots.

And that’s the goal.  For so many people to disobey so many rules that it becomes impossible for the rules to be enforced.

Call this The Revolution of Disobedience.  A Mass Movement of Conservative Civil Disobedience that empowers every participant who knows he or she is actually doing something specific and concrete to bring down Fedzilla.

To this call by Dr. Jack Wheeler and Pamela Geller, I would add (besides impeaching judges) that serious talk needs to be started by some of the Governors of conservative states, and leading state legislators, about Nullification.

If a modern day nullification movement began, and about 20-25 states participated, it could possibly succeed and stop or even reverse the growth of the Federal Government.

Along with nullification should come a serious effort to enforce the 10th Amendment

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Both Demoncrats and Republicans have failed the American people. The Constitution has been abused, and we the people have been enslaved. We have done this to ourselves so we need to take matters into hand and undo the damage.

Equality 7-2521


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