Should Roman Polanski Go To Prison?

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UPDATE: Apparently, like most child molesters, Polanski has had sex with a few other underage girls. Check out this story from BigHollywood:

OK Whoopie, defend him now!


Roman Polanski, an Academy Award winning film director, has been arrested in Switzerland and is being held for extradition to the US for raping and sodomizing a 13 year old girl at Jack Nicholson’s house in 1977. Many people are questioning the decision to have him arrested and extradited for trial, and his victim, Samantha Geimer, has apparently stated she has forgiven him and does not want to be involved in a trial. The fact that there is even a debate about this indicates that our society has forgotten the concept of Justice and has no shame; we call good evil and evil good. Polanski should be brought to justice.

Now I was not going to write about this because I long ago realized that Hollywood types, athletes, politicians and other rich people, have a different worldview and play by different rules, for the most part. There are of course some good people in those fields who are honorable, but the culture of the rich and famous, by and large, is pretty decadent. Polanski is exhibit 1. But yesterday I was listening to Sean Hannity and heard people calling in to defend Polanski and explain to the incredulous Hannity, why they thought Polanski should NOT be prosecuted. I, like Sean, was totally enraged and dumbfounded at what I heard. I decided that I must write about this case.

First, the case itself. In 1977 Polanski arranged for a private photoshoot with the 13 yr old girl through the girl’s mother, allegedly for Vogue magazine. Problem #1 is you left your 13 yr old girl with a 44 yr old man alone, and he is a Hollywood type. Bad parenting.

Polanski convinced the girl to take off her top for some photos then convinced her to get naked and into a jacuzzi for some more shots. Then he stripped and joined her in the jacuzzi. At some point in the process she said, “No!” and at some point he gave her some drugs and liquor to make her more compliant.   Polanski had sexual intercourse and anal intercourse with the young girl.

He was arrested a couple of weeks later, placed in a psych ward for evaluation, and charged with unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. He made a plea deal but, when he found out he would still likely do prison time, he fled the country.

In one of the articles I have linked to below, Polanski boasted of the night’s events and stated that every guy would want to do a young girl.

What are the stated reasons why Polanski should not be brought back for trial/jail?

First of all, many are saying that “It happened so long ago”. The assumption is this excuse is that time has eliminated guilt or that a person’s later accomplishments in life have atoned for his criminal deeds in his younger years. This type of an excuse is a typically American, post-modern excuse, that is part of our a-historical mindset. Americans do not much like history, are ready to forget about yesterday because today and tomorrow are all that matter. Just like hitting a delete button on the computer, whatever we don’t like about the past we can choose to forget. I have noticed, with joy, that the Israelis are still hunting and finding Nazi’s who ran the death camps in Germany in the 1940’s. The demands of Justice do not just disappear with the years, while the guilty still live.

A second excuse I have heard is, “Well he is an old man now.” This is related to the first excuse but seeks to give sympathy for the old Polanski and makes the perpetrator the victim. This is somehow saying that old people should not be held accountable for their past actions. There is an assumption that old people should not have to suffer for the wrongs they have done. Older people can still do incredibly wicked things because they remain sinners. Simply being old does not atone for past wrongs. This kind of logic would mean that those murderers who received a life sentence as a young person should automatically be released from prison at some certain age, just because they are old.

A Third excuse I have heard is that “he has suffered enough already”. This assumes that he feels guilt, and, from his statements in the article below, it appears that he DOES NOT think what he did was wrong. This is common with rapists and CHILD MOLESTERS.  They think their victim enjoyed it or had it coming. He was doing the little girl a favor. After all, it was just sex. But again, people who think that “he has suffered enough already” are assuming that any guilt feelings he may have had, any sleepless nights he may have experienced, have atoned for or meted out the justice that he deserved. Again, this makes the perpetrator the victim.

The fourth excuse given is that the woman has now forgiven him and does not want to be a part of the trial as it will dredge up bad memories. This excuse basically says, “Hey, the girl has suffered, but she has forgiven Polanski, so there is no need for the justice system to get involved, it would just cause her more pain.” This lame excuse fails to understand that victims have a certain psychology as a result of the crime. They frequently just want the pain to go away. This personalizes justice in a very subjective manner and fails to give out real justice. JUSTICE IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE VICTIMS! Justice is for SOCIETY as well as the VICTIM. It is about Law and Order and the guilt of a society. Yes, going through a trial would be rough on the victim, but very often in life the best things require temporary discomfort. Justice will, over the long haul, be the best course for both the victim and society.

Incredibly, the fifth excuse I heard yesterday was from a guy who said that in that day and time, the 1970’s, something like a 44 yr old man raping a 13 yr old girl was not unusual and should not be judged by today’s standards; that was back in the era of free love, sex, drugs and rock and roll. I wanted to climb through my truck’s radio and choke him on the spot. He claimed to have two teenage daughters and said that if something like that happened to his daughters, he would wait a couple of weeks to see what they thought about it before he took any action. This guy has no conscience and should not be trusted with children. I graduated from High School the year of the Polanski crime, and I can tell you that the raping of 13 yr old girls by 44 yr old men was not normal and it was unusual. If anything, in that day it was considered to be worse of a crime than it is today. The reaction then was in all likelihood worse than now. I do not think all of these excuses would have been offered 30 yrs ago. The doufus who wanted to wait for a couple of weeks to see how his daughter would respond…if I had a daughter and somebody did that to her, I would be having a difficult time restraining myself from hunting the perp down and offing him.

Now let me analyze these excuses. What are the real excuses?

Obviously many normal people have offered these excuses for Polanski, but most of Hollywood seems to be coming to his defense too. On the TV show The View the other day, Whoopi Goldberg defended Polanski by saying, “It wasn’t Rape rape.”

No Whoopi, it was child molestation, which is worse than rape. Once again we are seeing WOMEN defending rapists like they did back when Bill Clinton was the President. What this shows is that there is something liberal women value more than justice for rapists and their victims- that would be liberal ideology.

The real reason the Libtards of Hollywood are defending Polanski is that he is one of them, and libtards circle the wagons and defend their own NO MATTER WHAT THE OFFENSE. That is why the despicable Bill Clinton was defended and that is why Obamasky is being covered up and defended. For the Hollywood Demoncrat Libtards, rules do not apply.

I guarantee you that if Polanski was a conservative film maker who was an strident anti-communist, who promoted family values and voted Republican, even if he was a famous film producer the Libtard Left would not cover for him, they would call for him to go to prison.

Compare and contrast how Republicans treat their screwed up politicians who do horrible things with how the Libtard Demoncrats treat theirs. Like rugby players we eat our own, the Dems protect theirs. Conservatives have standards and if you break the standards you are off the team. Dems have no standards, none, zero, zip, nada, nyet.

The bottom line with the Hollywood Left when it comes to Polanski is that he is one of THEM, and therefore he cannot have done anything bad and he does not deserve jail. It is an ideology and class view. It is not about JUSTICE.

America is dying. Because we have forsaken the God of our fathers, we turned away from the Bible, we have lost our moral compass and our virtue. We no longer know right from wrong. We celebrate evil and prosecute good.

I applaud the LA DA for the effort to bring this evil man to justice. But will it really happen? Will justice be served? I guess we will have another celebrity trial soon. Maybe, he will go to be a cellmate with Phil Spectre or OJ Simpson.

Equality 7-2521


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This the latest in an ongoing celebrity evils that get brushed aside because is rich, famus, and liberal. Rape is Rape. David Letterman gave sex with staffers is the greater crime than the extoriation that he was threatened with. It is easy to do no wrong if there is no standered of right. I encourage everyone to stop supporting this people in everyway possible. We need to pray for their victims and also for the offenders and call evil evil and sin sin.

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