ELCA, Lutheran Presiding Bishop Urges Restraint By “Divisive” Conservatives

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ELCA Presiding Bishop Mark S. Hanson is urging the more conservative Lutheran churches to refrain from divisive activities like separating from the now apostate Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Many conservative pastors and congregations are leaving the denomination because of their vote this summer to ordain practicing homosexuals.


NOTICE first of all, that nobody is calling the homosexuals in the Lutheran church divisive; it is only those who actually believe the Bible and seek to follow it that are labeled as divisive. This is typical of Liberalism everywhere, not just amongst Lutherans. Liberals act according to their perverted desires and then start calling conservatives names when they react negatively to the liberal/homosexual agenda.

EXCUSE ME! Who did what to whom first? IT IS THE HOMOSEXUALS, A TINY MINORITY, WHO ARE DIVISIVE AND WHO ARE SEEKING TO IMPOSE THEIR VALUES ON OUR SOCIETY AND IN DENOMINATION AFTER DENOMINATION. The Libtards who run the ELCA are the divisive ones. They are the ones who set a course that runs counter to the Scriptures and all of Church History. They are the ones who put the Bible believers in the position of choosing between Scripture and continuing to fellowship in a religious society that is no longer a church.

“I am disappointed that some are encouraging congregations and members to take actions that will diminish our capacity for ministry,” Hanson stated Wednesday.

Oh PULEASE Spare Me. Why not rather grieve over the grotesquely sinful decision to call what Scripture says is an abomination something to be celebrated? Where is the mourning over that sin? This is the leader of so-called Christian denomination and he is disappointed that some churches want to be biblical?

“Our attentive listening to one another and patient waiting for the Spirit’s work in these conversations will be a powerful witness,” Hanson added.

Make me vomit, sir! I am done with attentive listening and patient waiting. It is rather a time for the godly to come out from among them and be ye separate. It is time for the godly Lutherans to boldly pronounced, “Thus saith the Lord, Repent and Believe!”

Conservative Lutherans from congregations throughout the country voted on Saturday to begin deciding on whether to go their separate ways from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Arguing that the ELCA has fallen into heresy, the traditional group has essentially initiated a process that they hope will lead to a reconfiguration of Lutheranism in North America.

“We are forming a churchly community because our prior churchly community has walked away from the faith off the one holy catholic and apostolic Church,” said Ryan Schwarz, a member of the Lutheran CORE (Coalition for Reform) steering committee.

Thank you, brother Schwarz, for a good solid response.

The Rev. Paul Ulring, a member of the CORE steering committee, insisted that they are not dividing the church. The church is already divided, he said, and they are just “mopping up what the church did.”

Now that’s what I am talking about! The real division is not when the conservatives vote to leave and start a new denomination of Lutherans; the real division is between those who believe the Bible and those who do not, those who are seeking to follow Christ and those who are following the devil (yes I said that and meant it). The church will always have tares, but if you are the wheat and in a field of tares, you need to leave and find a field of wheat.

Community Church of Joy in Glendale, AZ. was the 10th largest church in the ELCA, until last Sunday when they voted to leave the denomination. www.joyonline.org/

Where has this mess come from? It started long ago, in the early 20th century or even late 19th, when seminaries, professors and pastors, began allowing the Word of God to be denied with higher criticism. Once the Word of God is cast aside any number of heresies will flood in. The sexual revolution of the 1960’s allowed for immorality to enter the church and be legitimized and then followed the homosexual revolution in the ’70’s-80’s.

Once that kind of onslaught enters the church, the godly are left playing defense, and that never works for long. What Southern Baptists did back in the 1970’s, was to go on offense within our denomination and chase out the libertards. Liberalism began creeping in to SBC life in the 1950’s in the seminaries. To my knowledge, the SBC is the only denomination to halt liberalism in its tracks and remove it and return the denomination to its biblical moorings.

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Equality 7-2521


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