Will Obama Order Air Force To Shoot at Israeli Jets on Mission to Bomb Iran Nuke Facilities?

Posted on September 22, 2009. Filed under: News of the Day, Political Issues |

In one of my fiction posts I wrote that President Obama ordered our Air Force to stop an Israeli attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities resulting in a dogfight with casualties on both sides . Over this past weekend an Obama foreign policy adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski (also former Pres. Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser) mentioned in an interview in thedailybeast that that scenario is very possible. If the Israelis want to attack Iran, they would have to fly through US controlled airspace. Here is the money quote:

Is the fallout as bad if Israel preemptively strikes Iran?
Absolutely. That is the way, more importantly, how the Iranians would view it. They really can’t do much to the Israelis, despite all their bluster. The only thing they can do is unify themselves, especially nationalistically, to rally against us, and the mullahs might even think of it as a blessing.

How aggressive can Obama be in insisting to the Israelis that a military strike might be in America’s worst interest?
We are not exactly impotent little babies. They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch?

What if they fly over anyway?
Well, we have to be serious about denying them that right. That means a denial where you aren’t just saying it. If they fly over, you go up and confront them. They have the choice of turning back or not. No one wishes for this but it could be a Liberty in reverse. [Israeli jet fighters and torpedo boats attacked the USS Liberty in international waters, off the Sinai Peninsula, during the Six-Day War in 1967. Israel later claimed the ship was the object of friendly fire.]



Because of this President’s muslim background, involvement in Black Liberation Theology under Jeremiah Wright  which has an anti-semitic, racist tint to it, his liberal-internationalist-Marxist ideology which also tends toward being very anti-Israel, does this surprise anyone?

Here is the situation: Obama has all but given the go ahead to Iran to develop nuclear power and weapons. On the same day Obama announced we would not deploy the anti-missile systems in Poland and the Czech Rep. (which coincided with the 70th anniversary of the Russian invasion of Poland in 1939–that has been blamed on poor staff work, don’t believe it; that was intentional) the security spooks announce the Iranians are definitely closer to nuclear power than we realized and they have developed Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles. Again, this stuff is not accidental. As a muslim at heart this President wants the muslim states to ascend to the top position and as a Marxist he wants America to disarm unilaterally.

Now to what will likely happen: Israel cannot sit by and allow Iran to nuke up with missiles that can reach Israel. Obama prefers a nuclear missile armed Iran to bombing Iran or even allowing Israel to do the dirty work. Obama wants to remain on friendly terms with Putin in Russia and Chavez in Venezuela and the world hates Jews and Israel. It is my best guess that Israel will launch an attack within a year and that Obama will order our Air Force and Navy to stop their attack. This will eventually lead to nuclear blackmail or outright war started by Iran by 2012. Caveat: I have been predicting Israel to bomb Iran for the last 4 years and they haven’t yet.

Here is the link to my fiction story where I made the prediction a few months ago:


I no longer think this President can do anything that will surprise me.

Equality 7-2521


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