9-11 Remembered

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On this somber day of Remembrance, a deep abiding anger dwells yet within my soul, an anger that is righteous and that will remain til the day I die. The anger has not been appeased by 8 long years of war, war that has been waged justly, but ineffectually. A fear also abides. Not a fear of the enemy who lingers, multiplies within our own borders even, but a fear that so many in our native land do not see the danger, or, worse, do not care to see it.

On September 11, 2001 I stayed home from work due to a sinus infection with fever, etc. and I was still in bed when my wife was getting ready to take the kids to school and then go to work. She  woke me up   before 0830 am and told me to go to the living room and turn on the TV as some sort of an attack was happening in New York. Flight 11 had already hit WTC, North, at 0846 EST and Flight 175 had hit the South Tower at 0903EST. As I turned on the TV they were reviewing the videos of the towers being hit when they all of a sudden got word of a third aircraft, AA Flight 77, striking the Pentagon at 0937EST. This was approximately 0845 my time in Texas. The chatter on the TV was pretty much wondering if this was accidental until the Pentagon strike, then everyone was pretty much assuming we were definitely under attack.

When United Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania at 1003EST and the word got out to the press about 10 or 15 minutes later, again there was wondering if that might be an accident or if it was related. I remember thinking, “No way could that just be an accident or coincidence.”

The overwhelming emotion I felt at the time was of anger. All my senses were on alert, I was trembling with a sense of dangerous excitement or agitation. They released the kids from school early that day and my son called from the High School for me to come get him. We watched the news all afternoon and evening, and I told my sons, as we watched the replay of the second tower getting hit, and of the two towers collapsing, “Never forget this day! Never forget that we were attacked and who attacked us: the Muslims”.

Over the next few days, with all civilian aircraft grounded, it was indeed strange to see and hear no air traffic except for the F-16’s and FA-18s from the Naval Air Station, JRB here in Fort Worth. I live one mile from their main gate and from the runway, so we are used to heavy air traffic already. But while I was at work, or anywhere else, if I heard a jet and looked up, I knew the only thing flying was our fighters. It made me feel safe, proud and strange, all at the same time. And sad. People had died, thousands, and we were at war.

As a Pastor of a Baptist Church, I knew that I had to address this life changing event on Sunday morning. The church was definitely more full than usual that Sunday. We had an increase of over 50% our normal attendance. I read and heard of similar accounts from all over the country. Over the next three weeks, however, attendance dropped back down to normal levels. No real change seems to have happened.

Even today I look across the Land and see the political infighting and disunity of the last 8 years and realize that We, the US of A, still don’t get it. Liberals are still liberal and think we can be nice to the muslims and the attacks will stop and the problems will go away. People are tired of 8 years of war and no clear victory. And Rome fought three Punic Wars with Carthage over 4 generations.

My youngest son is a soldier in Iraq. I am proud of him and his service, as I am of all the military and their courageous sacrifices through the years. But the War has been botched from the beginning. As much as I like President Bush and find him an honorable man, I disagree with him about the war. This war did not begin in 9-11-01 though that battle may have awakened us from our stupor. It did not begin with the first bombing of the WTC in Feb. 1993. This war did not begin with the First Gulf War in 1990-91 nor did it begin at Munich in 1972.

I would make a case for the War beginning in 636 AD when the Roman garrison at Jerusalem capitulated to Caliph Umar. As the muslim hordes conquered all of the Middle East and North Africa, Christian lands all, the long war against the West and Christianity went badly.

Until 732 and the Battle of Tours where Charles the Hammer kicked the muslims out of France. Constantinople, the second Rome, fell in May of 1453 to the Ottoman Turks led by Sultan Mehmed II. Over the next 250 years the Turks invaded Europe repeatedly, with major sieges of Vienna, Austria in 1529 and 1683 and the Battle of Lepanto in 1571.

But Americans, despite having a rich heritage and history, are non-historical. We are a people about the here and now, maybe tomorrow, but definitely not of the past. We forget too soon, too easily.

And so, today, we have a muslim friendly, anti-Semite, Marxist-socialist impostor, (not born in this country) sitting in the White House, making nice with the muslims who started this war. I find this…obscene. The demoncrats, and good many republicrats too, have forgotten 9-11. Our military has been too small to do the job put upon it by a Republicrat President and now, this demoncrat impostor is ruining us financially SO THAT we cannot have  a bigger military to defeat the threat. Like Western Europe and England, we are surrendering into dhimmitude. This is obscene.

I am afraid that it will take a MUCH larger disaster than 9-11 to change our nation, if indeed we still are capable of changing back to a freedom loving country. In the last year so many Socialists have scurried out from where they had been swarming in secret it is unbelievable.

May God save the United States from its enemies, within and without.

Maranatha. Come Lord Jesus.

Equality 7-2521



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Today I received an e-mail invitation to watch a movie entitled “The Third Jihad”. I was intrigued by the invitation so I watched the film online. It was evidence of things I had read and heard countless times about Islam.

As I finished watching the film I could only think that the USA must be under a “powerful delusion” as spoken of in 2nd Thessalonians 2. Although a different context, it certainly is befitting that we in the US have become so unconcerned about the national security threat that is Islam. The only conclusion I can gather is that the Lord has caused most to sleep. (The film can be seen here:

Immediately after I watched the film for some reason your blog came to mind so I thought I would take a look. I totally agree with your words brother. I cry with you, Maranatha. Come Lord Jesus.

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