Review of the President’s Speech to Schoolchildren

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After reading the President’s speech to Schoolchildren, and reading what some have written about it, and following the controversy that has led up to the speech, I will now say that the speech is overall a positive speech but  inappropriate, and reveals more about the President than he intended. It is a nice speech, but I am through being nice.

First, the positive: the President does give many positive, helpful words of advice to the children about not giving up, studying hard, fulfilling their obligation toward their own education, etc. Indeed, he sounds very fatherly, kind and wise in the words he gives to the children. The speech may very well inspire and motivate hundreds, even thousands of children to really do better. This may in fact be a life-changing experience for many of the children who hear it. So in that sense, it will be a good and positive thing. For a listing of many of the good things the President said go to Desiring God and John Piper here:

Or just read the entire speech here:

or here:

But while brother Piper speaks very positively about Obama, the speech and how we as Christians should show more respect to the President and how ashamed he, Piper, is of his own state’s governor for the things he said against the speech, I believe that brother Piper is missing the bigger points here. Sure the speech is a nice, positive speech and the children will be blessed. But I would no more want my children to listen to this President in this kind of situation than I would want them to listen to any Socialist. Socialism is evil and those who deliberately promote Socialism are evil. Stay away from my children, thank you very much.

Piper just plain doesn’t understand what this President is all about.

Dr. Al Mohler has also written about this speech and makes some mistakes too. Mohler writes: “Much of the controversy is reckless, baseless, and plainly irrational. Some have called the speech an effort to recruit America’s children into socialism.” Well, no doubt there have been some rude comments, but I do not consider it irrational to think that the speech as it was originally intended was an attempt to influence children to support Obama who is a socialist/marxist.

There you go Bryan, calling the President names again. Look, all you have to do is study what socialism and marxism are all about and compare them with what the President has said and done through the years and who he hangs out with and you will understand that this President is a socialist/marxist. Most of the Demoncrat Party is now socialist and a good many Republicrats are too. President George W Bush, though an honorable man, included much of socialism in his agenda. Why have we become a socialist nation now? Because of the education system, a government monopoly. What system was the President going to use to talk to the children? The government run education system. If you don’t believe that the Demoncrat party runs the large majority of the public schools in this country then you haven’t been watching what the NEA stands for and who they vote for. The largest Teacher’s Union in the country is about 95% demoncrat. If you don’t think the public education system is filled with liberals with a pagan worldview you have been asleep. Schools are used to promote the gay agenda, the Islamic agenda, the Greenpeace agenda, the PETA agenda and every other liberal cause. Are there some good schools and teachers? Sure, but they are vastly outnumbered.

ONE of my objections to the President speaking nationally to the schoolchildren is because I know and understand the schools are already a tool of the demoncrat party and therefore this speech would fall right into that agenda.

Mohler continues: “Others have argued that any presidential speech piped into classrooms is illegitimate. But a presidential speech to students is hardly unprecedented.” Certainly two Republican Presidents, George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan gave broadcast speeches to school children across the country. And, though I do not remember those events, having researched them, I have found that they too had very positive messages with much in common with Obama’s. However, at the time, the Demoncrats seriously condemned the Republican Presidents for politicizing the schools, spreading Republican ideology, etc.

Dr. Mohler continues with much praise for the President’s speech but then he says: “This message should be welcomed by America’s parents, both Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives. So why the controversy?”

“Well, things are rarely so clear-cut as they seem. When President Obama wonders who he should blame for this controversy, he should look directly to his own administration. Put plainly, his own Department of Education released suggested lesson plans that appeared to be more about the cult of Obama than about the President’s message.  The lesson plans (changed after the controversy erupted) suggested: “Teachers can extend learning by having students write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president. These would be collected and redistributed at an appropriate date by the teacher to make students accountable to their goals.”

“Needless to say, helping the President achieve his goals is a big departure from encouraging students to set and attain their own goals. Add to this that the President’s speech to students, timed reasonably enough to be the first day virtually all of the nation’s public school students are in classrooms, comes a day before the President also scheduled a speech to a joint session of Congress to defend his health care reform proposals. Though there is no reason to assume any sinister timing here, and there is every reason to see these scheduled events as separate, the public effect is hardly a surprise.”
“Children are to be asked to help the President meet his goals the day before the President puts his administration on the line for his controversial health-care reform effort? Conspiracy? No. Horrible timing? Yes. Administration slow to get it? Obviously.”
Here is where I have the biggest problem with what Dr. Mohler is writing. He properly blames the controversy on the President but basically says it was a timing issue. Placing the speech one day prior to the Administration’s speech before a joint session of Congress on Health Care was not only no accident, it was a brazen effort to get children on his side who would then talk with their parents and urge them to “Help the President like he asked us to in school yesterday.
Here is a Socialist President, whom I believe is not even a native born citizen of the US and is therefore a usurper and imposter (and that belief is based upon several strands of evidence) wanting to use the children to promote his health care agenda that will ruin the excellent health care we have in America bringing pain, suffering and early death to hundreds of thousands of our citizens. The health care plan is evil, not just bad policy.
Furthermore, Dr. Mohler does not bring up the issue of Federalism. If it was wrong for two Republicrat Presidents to speak to the nation’s school children, and the Demoncrats said it was wrong, then it is wrong for the Demoncrat President to do it. Why? Schools are a local and State responsibility. I am tired of Federal encroachment upon local and State areas of responsibilities. In Obama’s speech he talks repeatedly of how he is helping the schools. He needs to leave our schools alone and close the Dept. of Mis-Education. The US Constitution does not allow for Federal involvement in schools. Period.
Mohler goes on to address the toughest part of the issue, that of the President as a pop icon and the cult of personality that has developed. Here again Mohler blames the administration and Hollywood; he even appropriately links this behavior to the Soviet Union and North Korean personality cults of their dear leaders. Mohler urges the White House to shut down the cult of personality.
So is it wise to be nice and go along to get along with the President making a speech to the nation’s schoolchildren? i don’t think so. 1) Socialism; 2) Federalism; 3) the President is likely not a US Citizen and, 4) Orwellian images of Big Brother. Unlike John Piper, I would not want my children watching the speech unsupervised. I do not trust our public schools, the President, or the news media .
The speech is nice, but I am tired of being nice. Socialism and Big Brother are here now, they are through the wire, inside the gates and it is time for hand to hand combat. That is nowhere close to nice.
Equality 7-2521


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3 Responses to “Review of the President’s Speech to Schoolchildren”

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i’m just curious as to the Biblical backing for the statement that socialism is evil. Can you point out in the Bible where i could find that?

Alvin, thank you for your question. The answer, as you can guess, is not any one particular chapter or verse. While it will take a while for me to write an entire post or two on this subject, allow me to give you a short answer now so that you know where I am headed with this. 1)Since all men are sinners (Romans 3:23) and are at enmity with God, all governments are inherently evil. Hence the truism from Thoreau’s essay, “On the Duty of Civil Disobedience”- “That government is best which governs least”. 2)Despite all governments being evil, ie run by sinners, the Scriptures also say that governing authorities are given by God (Rom. 13:1). 3)Nonetheless, it would be ignorant and simplistic to say that all governments are equally evil. I believe it to be self-evident that the government of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Nero and other tyrants are grossly evil compared with what America has today. Therefore, there are in fact degrees of evil within governments. 4)My goal, therefore, is to find biblical principles that can assist us in determining which governmental and economic systems provide the best for their citizens and promote the least evil. 5) Christians can and should live the Christian life and spread the Gospel under any government system. Paul and the apostles were able to spread the Gospel quite effectively under Rome, but also eventually paid for it with their lives, under Rome.
Thesis: I believe that a democratic/republic with a capitalist economy is the best of governments, although the sinners who administer it can certainly corrupt it; I believe that Socialism is inherently more evil than the democratic/republic with capitalism. Hence my statement that you questioned.
Again, I cannot point to one verse to prove my thesis, but I will present my study in the next week or two, as time permits.

I didn’t write my question in challenge to your statement. I was simply looking for some biblical reference to support your opinion. I’m here to offer my prayer and support… for whatever its worth.

Your blog about preparedness is what brought me to your website. I am searching for likeminded Christian people to work together with in the event of a disaster or oppression or such like and I came across your page in my search. It’s unfortunate that so many “Christian” people let preparedness fall by the wayside in their ministries and daily lives, I happen to think it’s critical.
As for socialism, communism and the rest I happen to see Christianity as a very community centric and family oriented religion. The ideals of Communism and Socialism I believe are good ones although they have never been practiced correctly in history. What makes any government and the people behind it good or bad is their alignment in the spiritual realm.

As you pointed out, God appoints kings and rulers but that doesn’t mean that satan cannot attack them. In fact I believe that those people are the first targets of satan. He wants to control and manipulate the leaders of the world to do his work and I must say with marked sadness that he is very successful at it. Many of the world leaders are doing satans work in the world especially the american leaders and government.
Rather than drawing my lines at political boarders I tend to draw them at spiritual ones. At the end of the day as far as I am concerned there are only two forces in the world, only two armies and only two doctrines. Good and Evil, Light and Dark, the Lord’s Army and satans Legions.

We live in a country where our children are taught homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle in schools, evolution and not creationism, we are bombarded with satan’s propaganda on every channel of television and radio. The government considers Christians as “terrorists” and fundamentalists and the media paints us as religious zealots. We live in a place where prayer time and Bibles have been banned from many schools… is there any question that we live in a defeated territory? satan controls this land. However I take solace, even strength knowing that nothing that satan does through his puppets in government can derail God’s plan for our lives and for this earth. He is hopelessly lost against the power and certainty of God’s desires.

We Christians I believe should prepare… and we never give up the fight no matter what the odds are because nothing that can be done to us will change the fact that at the last breath we take we’ll be in heaven with God. Even if they torture and kill us they’d only be doing us a favor martyring us and sending us to our true home with our Lord.

I digress, I do think that what happens in politics is important because what drives it are the forces of good and evil… real evil.

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