Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Votes To Allow Gays & Lesbians Into Ministry

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On Friday, August 21, 2008, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America voted out the Scriptures and voted in practicing homosexuals at their 2009 Church Assembly. In a two-thirds majority the group approved “Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust”  which basically approves of homosexual relationships that are monogamous, committed, trusting relationships. In further action to violate Scripture, the Lutherans voted 559-451 to allow practicing homosexuals into the clergy.

The discussions on these measures seemed to focus on how to balance the great commandment, to love God, with the second, to love your neighbor as yourself. It seems to me the Lutherans took that second commandment a little bit too literally.

This would be the second denomination this summer to apostatize from the Faith, abandoning Scripture to appease the homosexual radicals. The first was the Episcopal Church in America.

It was good to hear a humble rebuke from the leader of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, the Reverend Gerald Kieshnick.

The conservatives in the ELCA CORE (Coalition for Reform) severed ties with the ELCA and will soon be holding meetings to form their own denomination. Good for them!

Of the many things wrong with these decisions, it seems to me that their understanding of history certainly lacks. In the discussions by the Lutherans it seemed that they considered that times have changed and that people are not as sure today that homosexuality is a sin. Therefore, the loving thing to do is to give full biblical sanction and approval to homosexuals. As if homosexuality is something new. Paul ministered in a day where homosexuality was acceptable behaviour in ancient Greece. But he wrote against homosexuality. There is NOT ONE POSITIVE REFERENCE to homosexuality in the Scriptures and has been universally condemned by the Church until the last 50 years. For the Lutherans to now approve it is going directly against Scripture and history/tradition.

This is a sad day for the Church. Look forward to some other denominations following the lead of the Episcopals and Lutherans.

The question I have for the churches and the homosexuals is this: what other sins can we get a special dispensation to allow to be practiced and receive the blessing of the church on? Can the Church legitimize polygamy? After all, there is way more biblical evidence for allowing that than there is for homosexuality? Or how about slavery? Slavery was acceptable in ancient days, even in the Church.

The bottom line is that homosexuals think their sin is “special” and that they don’t need to repent like the rest of us. This is anti-gospel.

Homosexuals and their sympathizers think that it is unjust to not allow them to marry. Every homosexual has the same rights as I do in marriage. They are absolutely free to marry. But they want special rights. They want their men to marry men and women to marry women. That inherently changes the definition of marriage, and therefore cheapens and denigrates all heterosexual marriage. In order for the homosexual to gain their “special rights” we must lose some of the value of our God given rights. Providing for homosexual marriage, or allowing gays to “minister’ in a denomination inherently cheapens what others have. It is a zero sum game, it is not a “win, win” situation. This is a TYRANNY by the MINORITY.

I am starting to believe that what is going on in our churches in America, in our denominations, is not only symptomatic of the state of our nation but may also now be pointing to what lies in our future. Denominations are splitting over the issue of homosexuality in a big way that has not been seen since the 1920’s with the modernist-fundamentalist splits. When you look at the broader political landscape of America you see the lines of division between conservative and liberal growing deeper and the anger is building. Have you seen the town hall meetings that Congressmen and Senators are having this summer?

I believe that America may be headed for a division every bit as vitriolic as the Civil War. Conservatives are waking up and realizing that the compromises in our churches and in our courts and in our state houses and legislatures have been one sided for too long. The libtards have taken us too far down a road we did not intend nor want to travel. It is time to “come out from among them and be separate”. I am afraid there is a day coming, in the not too distant future, where minute men must once again come to the fore to defend liberty against the tyrants amongst us. When the Law of the Land begins to compel the righteous to do that which is evil, or prevents the righteous from doing the good we are commanded to do, the blood will begin to flow.

I see violence in our future.

Come Lord Jesus!







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