Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate Surfaces? HOAX!

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UPDATE: Apparently the Kenya Birth Certificate is yet another HOAX in the ongoing drama of President Obama’s birth status. Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs has the story at NewsMax here:


And here is another WND story about the controversy:


Since I went with the WorldNetDaily story, I will not make a retraction: I was wrong, the story was wrong. However, I still find it curious as to why Obama will not release his birth certificate. As long as he remains behind the veil as the wizard of Obamaland, we will be suspicious. His lack of TRANSPARENCY is astonishing.


OK, call me a “birther”. I want President Obama to disclose, in public, his real birth certificate, long form. WorldNetDaily has a story out that looks pretty darn good showing a Kenyan birth certificate, certified copy, dated Feb. of 1964. This date makes sense because of its proximity to the divorce filing between Obama Sr. and the President’s mother.

Apparently, there was a fake Kenyan birth certificate floating around on the internet a week or two ago that was obviously fake. This one that WorldNetDaily has, has been compared with another “neutral” Kenyan birth certificat and looks to be authentic.

This document has been filed as evidence in a lawsuit seeking proof of Obama’s birth in Hawaii.


Wait a minute…what about the birth announcement from the Hawaiian newspapers in August of 1961  released a couple of weeks ago?


Those press reports from August 1961 could be the result of the issuance of the Certificate of Live Birth, COLB, and the state of Hawaii issued those to people who were not born in Hawaii. Some have questioned why the parents would go to the trouble of sending in birth announcements to Hawaii if the birth occurred in Africa. Again, those can be automatically generated by the state sending the information to the paper. If a family sent in the information a COLB would be adequate for the paper. But what of the motivation? Why would Obama’s mother falsify the birth announcement?

Obviously she would not be thinking her son would one day want to run for President, but the benefits of citizenship are tangible and worth having. Hello, this is done every day of the week today.

I think, I hope, that this newest evidence of a Kenyan birth will be sufficient for the judge so that a subpoena can be issued for the real, Hawaiian Long form birth certificate, if it exists. The President’s credibility is seriously challenged now, and it would be REASONABLE for him to release his birth certificate to clear up this controversy.

But you have to wonder why he has also not released his school records?

All of this really does lead me to the conclusion that he is hiding something. I now officially doubt that Obama is a legitimate citizen of the US and believe that he is not eligible for the office he holds. He has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep his records locked up. There is a political and financial price for this so the benefits must outweigh the costs. What are those benefits?

This brings up the question of what would happen if it is proved that he is not a US citizen. I think the suit would go all the way to the Supreme Court. The court could decide it is a non-issue and, despite any evidence, let the President stay. They could rule that he is ineligible for office, but then who becomes President?

Some would say the obvious answer is the Vice-President, Joe Biden. This is not neccessarily the case. If Obama was never qualified to run for the office, then the entire election was  a fraud. Biden should not be the President either because his ticket won based on the biggest fraud in American history.

Would this then make the Speaker of the House, Nanci Pelosi the President. Possibly. I would say she is the more likely President than Biden.

But, if after an election, the winning side is found to have cheated, to have been ineligible, shouldn’t the next candidate for President be awarded the win? That is what happens in sports. If your team loses to another, but then it is discovered that a key player on the winning team was not qualified, the games in which that player played are forfeited. Voila, the win goes to McCAin/Palin.

Wow. Can you imagine what the press pukes and the late night, bottom dwelling comedians like Conan the Barbarian and Dave -rape a 14 yr old girl-Letterman would do? And what about the UGLY ladies on The View?

Forget the Hollywood elites, if cities like Boston, LA, Detroit, etc. have riots after their sports teams win a championship, can you imagine what they would do if Obama was thrown out of office as an imposter? Get your guns and ammo ready ’cause the Revolution would come!

What is likely to happen? Despite how good this Kenyan Birth Certificate  looks I think the Chicago Mafia will get to the judge. This suit ain’t goin’ anywhere! Kapesh?







Equality 7-2521


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2 Responses to “Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate Surfaces? HOAX!”

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Nancy Pelosi should be disqualified from replacing Obama as prez because she was negligent in her duty to ensure Obama was elligibile to even run for the presidency.

The House did an investigation into McCain because he admitted to being born in Panama. He was born to a Navy Admiral on a Navy base to an American woman. The law allows for that to be considered a “natural born citizen”. But no investigation was ever conducted on Obama even though it was known his father was not a citizen, his mother was a minor at the time of his birth (under 21) and therefore not qualified to be listed as a citizen and confer her citizenship upon her child.Obama lived in Indonesia as a young child, adopted by an Idonesian father, Sotero. Furthermore, he traveled to Pakistan during the early 80’s when it was against the law for US citizens to be there. All of these peculiarities combine with the lack of transparency on Obama’s part by not releasing any of his background records point to there being something to hide. I do not consider this to be conspiracy geek stuff, this is a mountain of evidence that begs to have questions asked, and answered.

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