TEOTWAWKI: “The Long Walk Home” ch.2 “The Sky Is Falling!”

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1205 hrs,  Tuesday, November 6th, 2012, Election Day, and the lights go out. Again. We had had a power outage just last week during the small ice storm, but the generators kicked in immediately and there were not any problems. This time it went dark and the battery backups did not even work. One moment it was light and all systems were a go, the next it was a black out.

Within seconds, however, the door burst open and Gene, one of the employees, tried to come in but halted when he saw the lights were out. I say “saw” he was holding his hand to his eyes and moaning.

“Hey Ryan! Something happened out here. My eyes are burning and I can hardly see!”

I rose from my desk and exited the security door and asked him, “What happened?”

“There was a bright flash in the sky, I looked up, and it dazzled me and now my eyes are burning and I can’t see!”

“Well the lights are out in here, ” I said, “can you show me where in the sky the flash was?”

Rubbing his eyes and squinting, Gene pointed to the north, northeast and said, “it was about a hand’s width above that tree.”

“Can you see anything at all?” I asked.

“Yeah, some. A lot of spots and stars; and my eyes burn.”

Right then, Steve came running from his car and asked, “Did you see that?”

“Yeah! It nearly blinded me!” Gene replied.

“It was as bright as the sun!” Steve blurted. “It dazzled my eyes some too.”

By now, I was thinking high altitude nuclear blast but my mind refused to accept its own thoughts.

Then, my very next thought terrified me: the airplanes. We were directly on the flight path to the west runway at DFW International Airport. I looked up to the northwest and moved around the tree to scan for airplanes. Sure enough I saw one coming in…and it didn’t look right.

It looked like a 747 and on a good day they come over low and slow, like you could almost touch them. This one was coming way lower. And slower.

I tried to dash inside while calling my partner on the radio but when I tried to use my card key, the light didn’t turn green, it didn’t beep, then I just pulled open the door. At least the locks failed in the “open” position. I burst through the second set of doors and yelled at the Admin, Chris, “Get out NOW” Plane coming in to crash!”

Chris and the 2-3 people with her had a flashlight but just looked at me with a, “What got into him?” look.

I turned and ran outside, saw the plane coming in lower and faster and ran  to the west screaming into my worthless radio for my partner.

Before I had gone even a hundred feet the 747 passed overhead so low I thought its wheels might scrape the building. Then a tremendous roar and the ground shook and kept on shaking. The explosion came from either the south side of the building or just beyond.

I stopped running and briefly prayed, “Lord Jesus, save us!” I then turned around and went back to the door thinking we might be able to save some. People began pouring out of the building and milling in the parking lot. I held the door open as the workers stumbled out. After just a few seconds I had a sudden sense of fear that overcame my terror of the crash that had just occurred.

I turned and looked northwest again, and sure enough here came another plane. Now I knew what else was wrong…I hadn’t even heard the 747 as it approached and flew over, nor did I hear this one approaching like I normally would. This second plane looked like an Airbus and it was coming in even lower than the 747.

I hollered out to the crowd, “Run! Another one is coming in!” and pointed at the oncoming disaster. The panic started and everyone headed off to the west.

This was happening too fast, he was too low, he wasn’t going to make it! As I turned and began running west I knew it was over. But the Airbus suddenly plunged down like a rock and nosed in what looked like two blocks north of us. The explosion was so strong and the heat so great, it knocked me down. Again I prayed, “Lord, I am yours!”

The explosion seemed to go on and on with a continuous roar and crashing, a rending of metal and shaking.  It was as if time slowed down and everything was happening in slow motion. When I fell down I covered the back of my neck with my hands and was facing the wall away from the blast. After a few seconds I turned my head to peek and saw bits and pieces of airplane and building flying through the air and landing all about us. The smell of jet fuel was thick in the air and the dense, oily,  smoke was billowing up but also roiling into us.

After what seemed like long minutes, but was likely only about one minute, hot, burning debris stopped raining from the sky. I now knew how Lot felt. Frozen by fear, maybe I even knew how Lot’s wife felt.

As the loud boom, the roar of the flames and the clanging of the debris raining down quieted, I heard some screaming from around me. I got up and checked myself for burns or other injuries and realized I was in one piece. I then turned to check on those who were screaming to see who was hurt.

Chris was shaking and screaming along with one young man, Jared. I went to Chris first.

“Chris are you OK? Are you OK?” As I was looking at her I suddenly realized at least one reason why she was screaming. She had been hit by some burning debris that was now laying on the sidewalk beside her. Though charred and still smoking I could recognize the lower leg of a human, with a woman’s shoe on. Chris was still screaming and was probably going into shock, so I grabbed the leg and tossed it away and picked her up  to a sitting position.

“It’s OK, Chris, it’s OK! You’re going to be fine!”

Then I glanced up and saw a third plane coming in. He hit what looked like dead center in the Wal Mart to our northeast. It was a smaller plane, but it hit right in what was no doubt a crowded store. Again the sky lit up, the earth shook and the horrible explosion burst on our ears for the third time in about 6 minutes. We all cowered on the sidewalk. By now more of the employees had exited the building from the west side so the crowd of cowed, terrified people was growing yet shaking in fear.

The roar of three large fires was rising. We could feel the heat and smell the burning fuel. I staggered to my feet and shouted, “We need to move to the west quickly in case there are any more airplanes!”

Jared did not get up. He had been hit by some of the flying debris and was curled into the fetal position, screaming. I saw arterial blood spurting and smoke rising from his body where a jagged piece of jet metal had impaled him. I caught a couple of the guys and told them to carry him to the west side for safety, quickly.  I knew it would have been better to have checked out his injuries prior to moving him, but speed was imperative at this point.

As we gathered on the west side of the building I saw a fourth plane plow into the buildings further north and another plume of smoke and flame rose into the sky. Several seconds later the obscene noise of that crash hit our ears. He looked to be about a mile away. Four planes down in under ten minutes. No telling how many others were falling out of the sky around the Metroplex. Dozens. Scores.  The sky was falling.

On the west side of the building I could now determine that the 747 that crashed first had just missed the south side of our building; he had crashed maybe just across the highway, not even 100 yards from the building. Our building did not look damaged nor on fire at this point, but I didn’t know if any of the burning debris from the second crash had landed on our roof and might cause a fire. For now, we looked to be safe.

I found George and Stan, the chief engineer and the data center manager and decided we ought to have a talk. As I approached, Stan asked, “What is going on? Why are the airplanes falling out of the sky?”

“Sir, I believe we have been attacked with nuclear weapons. The EMP effect is what knocked out our power and crippled the jets. Just before the jets started crashing Gene and Steve both reported seeing an extremely bright flash in the sky to our northeast about 30 degrees up. Gene is partially blinded from the flash. While he was telling me what happened I saw the first jet coming in too low. I think this means we are at war with somebody.”

“What I recommend, sir, is that you get an immediate head count of your people and the contractors. The building looks OK, so we can do a search if anyone is not accounted for. I know of one serious casualty so far; Jared got hit with some of the debris. It looks pretty serious. I need to call 911 right now before the lines are jammed.”

With that I pulled out my cellphone and tried to dial but the phone was out. Black screen. Nothing. I tried to turn it on and got nowhere. “Anyone gotta cell phone that works?” I yelled, “We need 911!”.

Folks around me started looking at their phones to no avail. Every cell phone we had was out of commission.

Over where Jerad was lying, Jill and Evan were going into a panic and starting to shake him and holler, “Jerad, stay with us! Wake up, stay awake!”

George, Stan and I rushed over to the broken and bleeding Jerad. I saw his half open eyes, the gray skin and the size of the pool of blood around him and realized he was dead or dying. George bent down and felt his carotid for a pulse, shook his head, bent his ear to Jerads mouth and placed his hand on his chest. He shook his head again and stood up. “Jerad’s dead,” he pronounced.

I bent down and repeated the steps George had taken but got the same results. I looked at the deep wound in his right side where the smoldering, jagged piece of metal was and his leg, the blood flow had all but stopped. He had bled out from a severed artery it appeared. I looked at my watch, it was 1222. Incredibly only 17 minutes had passed since the lights went out. It felt like a lifetime. Terror slows down time.

By now I could hear people coughing, crying and choking. The acrid, oily smoke from the plane crash 2 blocks north was filling our nostrils with its evil odors. My memories flashed back to 9/11 and the video of the people of New York and at the Pentagon with death and destruction all around; the smoke and dust that covered people everywhere. Welcome to hell.

Stan called for everyone to gather around and told the leads and managers to account for their people. I was to go back to the lobby and get the sign in books to help account for the contractors. George, after accounting for the engineers was to gather up the contractors for a head count.

As I turned to walk back to the lobby through the smoke, I saw my partner, Liz, walking from the east side where she had been patrolling when the planes fell from the sky. While walking through the parking lot I saw the long blood trail that came from Jerad. I noticed some of the cars had some damage from the debris of crash #2. One large section of the aircraft had smashed a couple of cars and another large chunk of distorted metal had slammed into the wall of the building cracking the concrete and shattering glass. Bits and pieces of concrete, airplane and building littered the parking lot. I saw the severed leg I had tossed away from Chris. By this time I was numb.

Liz and I linked up at the front door and hugged. She was crying and asked, “What is happening?”

“The best I can figure out is that we are in the early stages of a nuclear war. There was a high altitude burst over there that knocked out all power and caused these airplanes to crash. We need to get the sign in log and help account for the contractors.”

“Well a bunch of contractors are over by the chiller plant and some in the gen yard,” she said.

“OK, you go round them up and bring them over here to the west side so that Stan can talk to them. I’ll check inside.”

I went into the lobby and stumbled my way through the security door to the desk where I knew I had a charged up spotlight. These huge, round, 2 million candle power lights were not my idea of a handy flashlight, but it would have enough light for the job, that’s for sure. I set the light on the counter, got the sign in log and picked up a fire extinguisher, just in case, and went back outside.

Liz and the contractors were coming around the corner so I waited for them and then joined them in the walk to the west end.  It was a silent march as we each contemplated the death and destruction around us and breathed in the smells of war.

The world had changed. It was now 1235, thirty minutes after the attack began.

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[…] mark12ministries.wordpress.com/2009/07/31/teotwawki-the-long-walk-home-ch-2-the-sky-is-falling/ […]

[…] mark12ministries.wordpress.com/2009/07/31/teotwawki-the-long-walk-home-ch-2-the-sky-is-falling/ […]

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