F-22 Raptor Dies in the Senate; Production Stops at 187

Posted on July 22, 2009. Filed under: News of the Day |

Continued production of Lockheed Martin’s Stealth Air Superiority Fighter, the F-22 Raptor, was voted down in the US Senate   yesterday, 58-40, that will affect the security of America in the future and negatively impact the economy and employment here in Fort Worth.

The first of two fundamental problems is that President Obamasky has increased the budget for Big Government hugely, while cutting the Defense Budget during a time of war. More than a Typical Anti-America, Anti-Defense, Anti-Military liberal Demoncrat, this is a socialist President who is not even a natural born citizen of these United States. Given a decreasing budget for Defense, Secretary Gates does have some tough choices to make and it makes sense financially and with a view on our current mission and threat levels to cut the F-22. So I actually agree with the cut given the smaller defense budget. What I absolutely disagree with is the cutting of the defense budget.

Of course the libtards out there will point out that the defense budget is actually growing under Obamasky. That is an illusion because the Bush administration kept the war budget separate from the defense budget, Obamasky has combined them and reduced the combined total.

The second fundamental flaw with the decision is that it takes a short range view of the threat. Gates and even the JCS are looking at the current threat levels and saying we already have air superiority, 187 F-22s are enough. Who is going to challenge us? I believe that you have to look at what Russia and the Chicoms are doing. Both are expanding and modernizing their armed forces rapidly while we have been bogged down in two wars. There remains a threat of war with both nations and in that scenario we would really need the F-22. The military has shifted their warfare planning to emphasize the insurgencies and small conflicts for the foreseeable future. That is a mistake. We must be ready for the Big WW3 (or 4, whichever) as well as the small insurgencies. We could be at war with North Korea before the year is out. What if the Russkies invade Georgia again? Or the Ukraine? Would we go to war to defend Taiwan if China attacks?

With the economic stimulus (porkulous) plan of Obamasky and the socialists (yes, I include George W. Bush in that category too) there just was no money going to stimulate real jobs. Now they are going to take away good, high tech jobs from the aviation industry. Good stimulus there comrades!

Now a note to all our good Fort Worth Labor Union folks out at Lockheed: if you voted for Obama, and most union folks are good demoncrats, you have now reaped what you sowed. Congratulations, you got what you paid for! Why any union guy or gal who works in the defense industry would vote for a demoncrat I have no idea.

Another long term reason why ending construction of the F-22 is a bad idea. This will leave the F-35 as the only new fighter plane in development. Sure there are still lines open for F-16s and F-18s to fill foreign orders, but the new planes are now going to be down to 1 after next year when Lockheed finishes the 187th F-22. PART OF DEFENSE STRATEGY IS TO ALWAYS KEEP YOUR INDUSTRIAL BASE AND TECHNOLOGY BASE BUSY WITH SOME CAPACITY AND SOME R&D SO THAT YOU NEVER GET CAUGHT SHORT OR FALL BEHIND THE “OTHER GUYS”. Folks, I hate to tell you this, but these days it ain’t as easy to come up with fighter planes as it was in the early 1940s.

Shame on the President and the Demoncrats in the Senate!





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