Episcopal Church Approves Ordaining Gays: Homosexuals R Us!

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Meeting at their triennial convention in Anaheim, the Episcopal Church on Tuesday voted to cease all restrictions on homosexuals in their denomination, thus opening the way for practicing homosexuals to be priests, bishops and even the head bishop. The House of Bishops first approved the measure and then the House of Deputies, laymen, also approved it. The vote wasn’t even close in the House of Deputies, voting 78-21 in favor of the measure that will, undoubtedly, divide the 2 million member US protestant body even further. Many other Anglican groups around the world had warned the Episcopals not to take this divisive action.

The measure taken by the Episcopals was not directly repealing BO33 which vaguely hinted that the Episcopals should exercise “restraint” in who they make bishops, but it indirectly addresses the matter by saying that ordination is open to anyone in the Church.

I find all of this indirect language in these resolutions in the Episcopal Church to be very, well…Episcopal like. Don’t really take a firm stand, be nice, be vague, warm and fuzzy. If they are going to be heretics they ought to sin boldly. They should say, “Hey world! Hey God! We are going to ordain homosexual guys and lesbian girls. Get over it! God made gays this way so let us celebrate it by making them bishops over the church!”

It will be interesting to see what kind of a reaction they get from the World-wide Anglican Communion. Will they be excommunicated? I seriously doubt it. Expect more vague language. Will there be a Church Trial for Heresy? Not on your life. Will they merge with the Metropolitan Community Church denomination? Hmm, that might benefit both religious clubs, errr.. I mean churches.


Here is Dr Al Mohler’s blog about the mess in the Episcopal Church:


In the NYTimes piece below there is an interesting take on this whole story: they say that other protestant bodies in the USA are watching the Episcopals to see how they manage the damage from opening up every office to homosexuals. If the Episcopals survive with only minor losses, then other denominations will follow their lead. Great! I think all the denominations who want to “legitimize” homosexual practices and marriage ought to go ahead and get it out in the open. There needs to be a division here. This is a classic case where division can be good. If this doesn’t drive people out of weak churches, then they are indeed where they belong.


Now don’t get me wrong here. I think it is a bad thing to cave in to the homosexual movement this way. Churches ought to be about helping people find God’s grace to leave sin and cling to Christ by faith instead of helping confirm people in their sins. So this is a tragedy for America and for the Church in America. But it is a good thing in the sense that it will make weak churches weaker and drive the remnant out to find biblical churches in which to serve and worship.

Here is the money quote from the NYTimes:

Many delegates to the church’s convention here characterized the action not as an overturning of the moratorium, but as simply an honest assertion of “who we are.” They note that the church, which claims about two million members, has hundreds of openly gay laypeople, priests and deacons, and that its democratic decision-making structures are charged with deciding who merits ordination.

Another good quote from the Times reveals the real agenda here is not about people being born gay or not, it is about being able to do whatever perverted sexual act you want. Here’s the quote:

Pamela Reamer Williams, a spokeswoman for Integrity USA, an advocacy group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members of the church, said: “The church has stated very clearly that all levels of the ministry in the Episcopal Church are open to the L.G.B.T. baptized. It is a change in the sense that it supersedes the effective moratorium.”

When gays say that they are born that way and God doesn’t make junk, and Jesus loves them just the way they are, and the loving, compassionate thing is to allow for gays to marry, it all amounts to excuses for sin. Here is the proof- why do gays ally themselves with bi-sexuals as the above quote notes? Bi-sexuals want to have sexual relationships with people from both sexes. Multiple partners is part of being bi. Are bisexuals born that way? Should they have three way marriages blessed by the Episcopal Church? Why not? And what about the Trans-sexuals? Many of them never get the full sex change operation, some just cross dress and some go half way. How is that going to work for the Episcopals? And yet people freak out over the LDS fundamentalists who have multiple wives. Voof! Surely the Episcopal Church has become the Church of Anything Goes!

An honest assertion of “who we are”. Yep, that says it all: Homosexuals R Us!

Equality 7-2521



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