Hacker Attack: North Koreans Attack US and South Korean Computers on July 4th

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UPDATE: More evidence is coming in that it WAS the North Koreans who attacked us on July Fourth and the following week, with a series of computer, cyber attacks on various South Korean and American Government web sites, as well as banks and the The York Stock Exchange.

The South Koreans believe the North Korean Army has a unit called Lab 110 and between 500-1000 soldiers working as computer hackers whose job it is to disrupt South Korean and American systems and steal as much information as possible.

Here is the story link:



UPDATE: Friday, July 10th-Not only has the cyber war against America not abated, the attack is intensifying while our President is off on yet another European Rockstar tour. The State Department seems to be the hardest hit so far, but other agencies are also still under attack. It is very difficult to track where these attacks are coming from as 86 different IP addresses have been used so far in 16 countries. It is widely thought that North Korea is behind this attack. Previous attacks have come from China however, and generally speaking, the North koreans are puppets of the Chicoms.  It is also now anticipated that the attacks will begin affecting personal and business PCs.
The bottom line is that America is excessively dependent upon computers, the internet and the power grid and when these are blatantly attacked and we are shown to be defenseless, our enemies are encouraged and we are endangered. We must treat this as an act of war, get our defenses up and then go on offense.



Although the expected launch of a North Korean ICBM    towards Hawaii did not happen, and instead, several short range and medium ballistic missiles were launched into the Sea of Japan, an attack by North Korea WAS launched against the US and South Korea on Saturday, July 4th. A Cyber attack on the networks of several government agencies began on Saturday and was still not cleared up as of Tuesday. THIS WAS A MASSIVE CYBER ATTACK THAT SHUT DOWN SEVERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES’ WEBSITES FOR A FEW DAYS!

The affected agencies that have been acknowledged to have been hit include: The Treasury Department (remember those fake US Bonds worth several billion dollars that were caught in Italy a few weeks ago…and the attempts by the US to raid several banks around the world to close down North Korean assets?) The Secret Service- (up yours Obama, say the North Koreans) the Federal Trade Commission (again, we are trying to stop people from trading with the Norks) and the Transportation Department (who knows?)   Now it is being released that the White House, National Security Agency, Pentagon, Dept. of Homeland Security and the State Dept. as well as the NASDQ were all hit as well. This was an ACT of WAR!


Notice that the attack  came on our national birthday, and it spread as Obamasky went on an overseas tour where he gives up our defenses to Russia.

In South Korea the agencies that were hit at about the same time include: several Banks, the Presidential Blue House, Defense Ministry and the National Assembly.

I have stated that in my headline that it was the North Koreans doing this asymmetrical warfare, cyber attack, but that is only suspected. Cyber attacks are notoriously difficult to prove the point of origin.  The Russian invasion of Georgia last summer was preceded by a large cyber attack that took weeks for the west to confirm came from the Russian intelligence agencies.

By now we are very well aware of the Chinese cyber attack capabilities but the South Koreans are saying the North Koreans also have a dedicated unit that will conduct cyber warfare. My question is, How many of the North Korean Hackers were actually Chinese and how many were trained in China. North Korea doesn’t take a squat without permission from the Chicoms.

What will our own “Glorious Leader” Barack Hussein Obamasky do? No doubt he will do nothing as he has been in Moscow unilaterally disarming America. The Russians are all to glad to deal with a pacifist  who is more of a communist than the Russians are.

What should be done? We ought to stage a serious computer hack attack of our own and completely cripple anything North Korea has. Once we get solid proof of where the attack came from, if we could even pinpoint the building, send a cruise missile and tell them, “Every computer attack will be answered by a cruise missile!”

We need to get serious about asymmetrical  warfare, cyber war. We need a national policy that is coherent, unified and practical. Anyone attacks us…it is an act of war and will be dealt with swiftly and violently.

Doing nothing leads to further attacks and eventually, a crippling attack.

Here are the links:




Equality 7-2521


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2 Responses to “Hacker Attack: North Koreans Attack US and South Korean Computers on July 4th”

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Maniac,of course you can do another 9/11
cyber-scenario and go kill some Korean’s
and invade them as well.You will never learn,till it’s too late.Do you ever ask what is the cause of these attacks?
Wish you to get smarter or just go f— your self f—king fascist!!!

Thank you for your polite and well reasoned comments. Yes, I do ask what the causes of these attacks are. They are caused by the godless inhuman philosophy of communism that has ruled North Korea and China since 1946. Communists hate America because we are free (at least we used to be) and prosperous and believe in God and individual responsibility and liberty. Evil cannot abide with righteousness and will always seek to tear down the righteous, kill it, or subjugate it. (This does not mean America is totally righteous, but it is the most righteous country in existence). Freedom always brings its detractors and must be defended. There are wolves in the world who want to eat the Sheep, and someone must defend the sheep even if the sheep object. When the wolf bites, kill the wolf.


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