North Korea to Fire ICBM at Hawaii on July 4th?

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Friday, June 19th UPDATE: The SecDef Robert Gates is reinforcing defenses in Hawaii as a result of the aggressive actionsby the North Koreans and the anticipated July 4th missile test aimed at Hawaii. See the story below for the update:

The Democratic People’s Republic of  Korea, otherwise known as Mordor, and their Darth Vader leader, Kim Jong Ill, are planning on testing another Taepodong 2 missile in early July and our super secret sources tell us that the trajectory will be, generally speaking, over Japan and towards Hawaii. The Taepodong 2 may not yet have the range to reach Hawaii however, so you Hawaiians should not yet fear. However, you should consider building a bomb shelter soon.

While the Chicoms and Russkies are “urging” North Korea to resume the peace talks. Allegedly, the Chicoms and Russkies are growing impatient with the North Korean’s stubbornness.

The missile launch will come from Northwestern Korea, close to Manchuria. The Taepodong 2 has a range of about2500-4100 miles depending on whether it has two or three stages.

First of all, if China didn’t really want little Kim sung Ill to have missiles and nukes, then he wouldn’t. China can absolutely clamp down on North Korea at any time because they are the major source for food and fuel for North Korea.

Secondly, if we continue to do nothing but have talks, and make comrpomises like the Bush and Clinton administrations did, then we will have full blown nuclear ICBMs in the North Korean arsenal within a couple of years…about the same time the Iranians get them. Oh joy!.

Thirdly, the North Koreans have officially withdrawn from the 1953 Armistice, which means they consider themselves to be in a state of war with US.

Fourth, the North Koreans goals are to Unify Korea through means of force and become a nuclear power, and to sell their missiles and nukes to whoever wants them for hard cash.

Fifth, no amount of talking by our part will halt the North Koreans from pursuing and gaining their goals.

Therefore, we have two, and only two options:

1) Acquiesce to the fact that the NORKS are going to have nukes and the ICBMs to reach America.

2) Go to War soon in order to stop this madness.

However, going to war cannot be an American decision alone. Seoul, South Korea is withing artillery range of the North Korean Army. It would be a bloodbath in South Korea if we went to war. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF CIVILIANS WOULD DIE. The decision to go to war must be South Korea’s. Japan also has to have a say because they, too, would be a target of the NORKS for two reasons: The brutal conquering of Korea by Japan prior to WW2 and Japan has American bases for our ships and aircraft. Japan is well within range of Korean Missiles.

Recommendation: the Obama administration has been proving itself weak in the eyes of America’s enemies and needs to take solid action here. We should station some of our ships with the advanced missile systems that can take down an ICBM and should the missile down. Realize that the NORKS have said they will consider that to be an act of war and they might actually go to war over that. But it is absolutely clear that if we sit back and do nothing, they will eventually have everything they want.

We can fight them now, or we can fight them after they have nuclear weapons. That is the choice.

Here are the links to the news stories:

Meanwhile, the Russians are wanting us to stop research on more anti-missile technology:

Obama has already cut the budget for the anti-missile systems, despite the progress being made in that system, and in the face of the Iranian and Korean missile programs. Obama is a dangerous communist/terrorist sympathizer!

One further point: Why is Hawaii the Target and Why July 4th? The NORKS did another missile test back on Memorial Day and a nuke test during Obamasky’s Apology tour in Europe. Doing the test on an American holiday, especially Independence Day is just to tweak us. Why Hawaii? 2 reasons: 1) to tweak us by firing it in our direction with its maximum range putting it close to Hawaii. 2) Where does Obamasky clain to be born? Hawaii! This is a direct attack on the Obamasky as a test!

Equality 7-2521


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