Spam and Egg Breakfast Muffins

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It has been quite a while since I have posted a favorite recipe, so I thought I would spam everyone with this recipe. Why would I include Spam in a recipe favorites list?

This recipe is an experiment in preparedness cooking. You can look  under my categories button for The Christian Survivalist for my posts in that subject area. This recipe, then, will bridge two categories. One simple mistake that people make when they buy survival food supplies is that they do not ever actually eat from their cache. The food gets old and has to be thrown out or, if they finally get in a situation where they have to eat it, they are unprepared for the huge change in diet.

In my emergency supplies I have a lot of canned foods arranged in meals: 1 main dish like a can of chili, tamales, tuna, spaghetti and meatballs, etc., 1 can of veggies (green beans, carrots, spinach, etc.) 1 can of starch (beans, corn, potatoes, hominy) and 1 can of fruit (pears, peaches, apricots, etc.).

But in shopping and planning meals I noticed that the main courses didn’t seem to have as much variety as I would hope for. I remember eating Spam once or twice as a child (it was not a favorite!) but never since. Therefore, I decided to buy a can and try it out before I loaded it in my TEOTWAWKI supplies pantry.

I got the Spam out of the pantry last night (and my wife made a few derogatory comments!) and this morning I opened the can and took out 3 slices for my breakfast.

First, I cracked open two eggs and began poaching them. While they were cooking I cut up the veggies: 1 jalapeno, 1 big green onion. Then I split two English muffins and put the 4 halves in the toaster. These muffins are the Orowheat Whole Grain and Flax muffins; a bit healthier option than plain English muffins. I got a slice of Colby Jack cheese and cut it into fourths.

When the muffins popped up I buttered 2 halves and put Miracle Whip Light on the others, sprinkled on the green onions I had cut up, then the slices of jalapeno. Next I added the cheese, 2 fourths of a slice on each muffin. Then I added the Spam and finally, after the eggs were done, I plopped the fat poached eggs on and slapped  on the top halves of the muffins and compressed them down a bit.

I put the muffins in a sandwich bag and off to work I went.

After the initial wave of activity at work it calms down a bit and I can eat my breakfast, so I pulled the bag with the 2 muffin sandwiches out of my lunch kit and proceeded to chow down.

Yep, it tasted like Spam alright. It was much more salty than I remembered from 40 years ago, and I got the Hormel with 25% less sodium! However, with the jalapeno and green onion it was edible.

Keep in mind that in an emergency situation you probably won’t have eggs, cheese, English Muffins, onions or jalapenos (maybe canned jalapenos!) You will likely only have canned food (hence the Spam test) or bags of dried foods like beans and rice. Soooo, you will end up eating Spam out of a can, warmed up if you have fuel, mixed with beans&rice if you are real lucky and have planned well for a future disaster.

As part of my preparedness planning, I am eating part of my supplies about once a week so that I can rotate my stock a bit and prepare my palate for what could be a major change in diet for a very long time.

After giving it the taste test, and realizing I will have to finish the can this week, I think that I will add Spam to my Preparedness Pantry.

I will work up some preparedness menues and include them in this part of the blog.

Here are some Spam links, hopefully spam free!


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