Muslim Shooter of Recruiter in Little Rock Linked With Radical Mosque in Columbus, OH

Posted on June 8, 2009. Filed under: Islam, News of the Day |

The FBI is officially investigating a mosque in Columbus, Ohio that has links to 3 previous terror plots, and now is linked to Abdulhakim Muhammad, the young black man who converted to Islam and then executed Private William Long at the Army Recruiting Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. Last Monday this terrorist incident in our homeland  did not receive much news at all because of the Sunday murder of the infamous abortionist Dr Tiller grabbing all the headlines. In the last 20+ years there have been only about 5 abortion doctors murdered by right wing wackos (while close to 50 million babies have been murdered) but in the same time frame muslims have killed thousands of Americans here and abroad. Yet the story about a muslim killing a soldier in a Little Rock Recruiting center, and wounding another, gets buried because we have a biased news media and a half muslim President.

See the abc news link below for the story linking the shooter to the mosque:

Some people say this is the first terrorist incident in the homeland since 9/11 but some would disagree because many people have forgotten about the DC sniper case. The adult perp was John Alan (Williams) Muhammad, with some loose ties with the Nation of Islam. So he doesn’t quite fit in with the other muslim terrorists.

But there have been other shootings done by muslims in our homeland in the last few years such as the shooting in a mall in Utah:

The MSM did not broadcast the fact that the shooter was a muslim from Bosnia, but see the Atlas story below:

Nonetheless, what we see is that Pres Hussein Obamasky (both a half muslim and a communist) has now allowed the first real muslim terrorist death in America since 9/11. Expect more of this as our Dear Leader has groveled before the world’s muslims last week in he pitiful speech to all muslims.

Also expect the MSM ObamaPressCorps to bury the story about the link between the Little Rock shooting and the radical mosque in Columbus. Just like the MSM buried all the bad stuff about the Soviets in the 1930’s and hid the facts of the infiltration of Communists in our State Department, Hollywood and Academia during the 30’s-50’s, the Press is full of muslim sympathizers today.

For the links to the original story see below:–recruitersshot,0,3689737.story

In the above story notice that the assailant was said to have “religious and political motives” for the shooting. Nowhere in the story does it say that the assailant was a muslim, that he was black and the victim white and non-muslim.

The West must wake up to the dangers of Islam. We must prhibit any more muslims from entering our country, we must ban the construction of all mosques until the muslim world allows freedom of religion and women’s rights in all their home countries. Not one more mosque until a Baptist Church can worship freely and safely in Mecca.

Equality 7-2521


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