Dr. George Tiller, Abortionist, Murdered in Wichita Church

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ANALYSIS: Murdering abortion Doctors, bombing clinics and vandalizing them, is just plain wrong, is unjustified and does great harm to the Pro-Life cause. The murder of Dr. Tiller should be denounced by everyone who calls themselves pro-life. In fact, the pro-life movement should take up an offering and donate it to the widow and the children.

Already the Attorney General of the Obama Administration, Eric Holder, is offering protection for abortionists across the country. It was just a few weeks ago that the Dept. of Homeland Security came out with a paper calling anti-government groups and pro-life groups terrorists. We whined and cried about that, and yet now some nut job in Kansas did this. This John Brown wannabe has set our movement back hugely.

But all the political and legal realities cannot hide the fact that these issues of abortion and murder are extremely complex. Is the act of abortion the unjustified taking of a human life? Yes. Therefore, can we call it murder? In the eyes of God I believe it is murder but in our current legal system it is not murder. But even this gets us confused.

People like the man who killed Dr. Tiller (whether it is the suspect that has been apprehended of not) view themselves as taking God’s justice out on a murderer since the Law of the Land will not. In short, he is acting in God’s stead which is a very presumptuous sin.

But, on the other hand, what would we do if the State allowed the killing of Jews by licensed people? Would we then be justified in defending the Jews by resorting to violence against the Jew Killers? I think so, but even then we should use every legal means available first. Substitute any racial, ethnic, or group of any kind and you still get the point. What if the government allowed the murder of homosexuals, or muslims? Would we in the prolife movement defend them? Any time you resort to violence in order to prevent violence, you are on very complicated and dangerous territory. That is what makes War so complicated.

What, then is the difference between the State allowing the murder of unborn babies and the State allowing the murder of adult Jews, Baptists, homosexuals, or whoever? This is a very precarious line, but I think there is the tiniest bit of difference between the murder of an unborn child and the murder of an out of the womb person. Some would say that I am being grossly inconsistent here, I know. But there are times when rigorous logic fails to give a correct answer, and this is one of them. I simply have no answer to this conundrum.

Here is a far easier thing to understand: the difference between the State ALLOWING abortion and the State COMMANDING abortion is huge. Go back to Exodus and the Pharaoh who knew not Joseph. He became frightened at the increase of the Jews so he ordered the murder of Hebrew boy babies just after birth. When the State COMMANDS us to do evil, we must refuse and suffer the consequences. I would suggest that when the State commands us to do evil, if that evil is shedding innocent blood, the State must, perhaps, in the direst of situations, be fought against and overturned.

That is dangerous terrirtory too because that is what many in the radical peace movement would suggest as well. But the radical peace movement has so many wrong headed ideas they are pathetic.

If the State FORBIDS us from doing what the Bible tells us to do, that must also be resisted. I am not as sure about resorting to violence in that case, I am sure that we should resist by any means short of violence and try to use the system to overturn the unjust decisions of the State.

One of the complicating factors for the Christian in America is that our nation was founded upon a mixture of principles from the Bible and from Enlightenment thought. We were founded in a bloody, violent Revolution and the concept of revolting against tyranny is deeply embedded in our national fabric. The South used that principle to justify State Rights and Slavery during the Civil War. The South was wrong because they were defending a horrible, unjust and sinful practice- slavery.

Today though, we are looking at a Marxist regime in the Obama administration. They are imposing communism upon the American people. But the American sheeple voted for it fair and square. We must use every political, legal and non-violent means to stop this radical takeover by the Marxists.

But if they ever command us to do that which is evil…

Here are the news stories about the murder:

Dr. George Tiller was shot and killed Sunday, May 31, while serving as an usher at his Lutheran Church in Wichita. The suspect, Scott P. Roeder, 51, of Merriam, KS. was arrested 3 hours later.

Dr. Tiller was infamous for performing late term abortions; he was one of only a very few doctors in the country who still provide late term abortions. Tiller had survived a  shooting in 1993 and his clinic was bombed in the mid 1990’s and picketed and vandalized repeatedly.

When Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius was being examined by the Senate for the position of Secretary of Health and Human Services under Pres. Obama, it came to light that she was a friend of Dr. Tiller and had received a campaign contribution from him.

The suspect, Scott Roeder, is a known member of some anti-government groups such as the “Freemen” who claim sovereignty and reject the government, establishing their own justice system and withholding their taxes. He subscribed to “Prayer and Action” a newsletter for the radical fringe of the Pro-life movement that calls abortion murder, and suggests that killing abortionists is justifiable. See the links below for information on the Freemen:



Here are the links to the various news stories:







And here is an Ann Coulter Column about Dr. Tiller’s murder:


Equality 7-2521

As an aside, this blog post was quoted and linked by Journalism.org, the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. Voof! This is the first time I am aware of that I have had something published natinally since Jr High School where I had 3 articles published from the school paper on which I served as a reporter in Mrs. Dinah Redmon’s Journalism Class.



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