Histories of the Korean War

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Histories of the Korean War

Introduction: The Walker Library Project is an effort to catalog the 6000+ volumes of the Walker Library so that they can be loaned out to students at South Western Baptist Theological Seminary, homeschoolers, the members of Redeemer Church in Fort Worth and other special friends.

In recent days (Spring 2009) the North Koreans have been threatening war, have exploded a nuclear weapon, and tested a variety of missiles, including long range ICBM.

Here is a recent article on the preparedness of the North Korean Military that is bone chilling. Notice the emphasis on assymetrical warfare, special forces, artillery and missiles. Notice also the pre-positioning of the bulk of the North Korean Army now, closer to the border:


It seems prudent to me to revisit the Korean War of 1950-53 so here is the list of books from my library that pertain to the Korean War:

Battle for Korea: the AP History of the Korean Conflict

Ridgeway: The Korean War

American Airpower Strategy in Korea 1950-1953, Conrad C. Crane.

Chosin: Heroic Ordeal of the Korean War by Eric Hammel. Zenith Press:Minneapolis, MN 2007 (originally published by Vanguard Press: New York, 1981) 457pp.)

Colder than Hell: A Marine Rifle Company at Chosin Reservoir by Joseph R. Owen. Naval Institute Press: Annapolis, MD 1996 (237pp.).

Crimson Sky: the Air Battle for Korea, John R. Bruning.

The Last Stand of Fox Company by Bob Drury and Tom Clavin. Atlantic Monthly Press: New York, 2009 (353pp.).

Pork Chop Hill: the classic account of Korea’s most desperate battle, S.L.A. Marshall.

The River and the Gauntlet: the Battle of the Chongchon River, Korea 1950 by S.L.A. Marshall. The Battery Press: Nashville, TN (307pp.)

Hot Shots: an oral history of the Air Force Combat Pilots of the Korean War, edited by Jennie Ethell Chancey and William R. Forstchen.

Hoyt, Edwin P.  The Pusan Perimeter, 1984.

——————, On to the Yalu, 1984.

——————, The Bloody Road To Panmunjom,

Rangers In Korea, Robert W. Black, 1989

Russ, Martin. Breakout: The Chosin Reservoir Campaign, Korea 1950, 1999.

Terry, Addison. The Battle for Pusan, 2000.

Halberstam, David. The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War, Hyperion: New York, NY 2007 (719pp.)

And here is my book review of The Coldest Winter:


Toland, John. In Mortal Combat: Korea, 1950-1953, William Morrow: New York. NY 1991 (624pp.)

Weigley, Russell F. The American Way of War, Part Five: American Strategy in   Perplexity, 1945- chapters 15-18, pp.363-477.

Fehrenbach, T.R. This Kind of War, 1963.

Leckie, Robert. Conflict: The History of the Korean War, Da Capo Press:New York, 1962 (448pp.)

Leckie, Robert. The March To Glory. ibooks: New York, 1960, (218pp.)

Hastings, Max. The Korean War. Simon & Shuster: New York, NY 1987 (389pp.)

And here are some books on the Cold War with some chapters on the Korean War as it related to the bigger picture:

Walker, Martin. The Cold War, A History. 1993.Friedman, Norman. The Fifty Year War, 2000.

Powaski, Ronald. The United States and the Soviet Union, 1917-1991, 1998.

Miller, David. The Cold War: A Military History. St. Martin’s Press: New York, NY 1998 (476pp.)

If you are wanting to study the Korean War I would always recommend Fehrenbach first. This is a classic not just of the Korean War but of the fight against communism and of War in general. This is a must read! Secondly, The Coldest Winter by Halberstam would  be great. See my book review mentined above. The Hoyt trilogy is a good overview of the entire war but the other classic is Pork Chop Hill by SLA Marshall, another must read.

Pork Chop Hill was also made into a movie starring Gregory Peck and is a must see movie. The other Korean War movie that I could recommend is The Bridges at Toko Ri, based on the novel by James Michener.

Here is a link to the Bridges at Toko Ri


Here is a link to Pork Chop Hill:


I am thinking this Korean problem of today is the direct result of Pres. Truman’s limiting of MacArthur and finally firing him. We delayed the North Korean problem for almost 60 years and now it is close to going nuclear. We better read up on the first war before we get involved in a second.

And here are some websites that gives a  list of favorites for the history of the Korean War:





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