North Korea Ends 1953 Armistice; Threatens War

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North Korea is now apparently saying that the Armistice ending the War in 1953 is off and they are basically threatening to go to war with South Korea and the US. This is their response to the US, South Korea and the UN threatening to halt, board and search North Korean ships looking for missile and nuclear items that they are attempting to sell. North Korea is stating that if their ships are hindered it will be an act of war. They are threatening to attack US or South Korean ships that are in the contested border area of the seas of the coast.

What it boils down to is this: the North Koreans want to develop nukes and missiles to launch them with for their own military AND to EXPORT for CASH. ANY ATTEMPT by the West to hinder that will be met with WAR.

The West now has two, and only two options: fight North Korea now (or in the next couple of years after we prepare but before they can actually complete their plans for ICBMs) or give in to the little dictator and allow him to have all the nukes he wants and sell on the open market. WE will then wait to be nuked and keep the high moral ground of not starting the war; i.e. the Bush doctrine of preemptive war. If we wait til then, it will be a nuclear war and pretty much end the global warming thing as we enter a nuclear winter. So, if we find our lost manhood in the West, we will ruck up and do what needs to be done now.

Don’t get me wrong here. I absolutely do not want a war with North Korea. I have a son in the infantry in the 82nd Airborne. War in Korea was horrific the first time around, now with a couple of million people living in Seoul, which is within artillery range, it would be worse than horrific. But the option is to fight now, or fight later with nukes. Talks have not and will not work. It is past that stage. It is do or die for the West.

Ditto for Iran.

Folks, we are getting ready for a very serious time of war in this world. May God save the USA!

Here are the stories and opinion pieces:

In the below article we see the Russky take on  the subject. Keep in mind that in the War in the 1950’s some of the Mig Fighter Jets we were shooting at had blond haired pilots with fair skin. That’s right, we fought both Russians and Chinese in the war with North Korea. That will happen again! If we go to war with North Korea we will be fighting the proxies of Red China and the allies of Russia.

The above article absolutely makes sense. We must understand that North Korea is determined to conquer the South and hurt America. That is what they live for. They are not interested in any long term peace, they crave domination. They are indeed Mordor.

For an interesting take on how Chima looks at North Korea see the following article:

Is the US ready for a war in Korea if the North Koreans start one very soon? Not by a long shot. With troops heavily engaged in Afghanistan and in Iraq, troops positioned all over the world in various peacekeeping, training and aide missions, the US would be hard put to respond to a war in the Korean Peninsula. We do not have enough air transport nor is our Navy big enough (currently under 300 ships- in the Reagan era it was about 600 ships- thank you Bushes and Clinton).

If the NORKS attack South Korea, it will be a bloodbath and almost a repeat of 1950. Very bad!

Equality 7-2521


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