Muslim American Terror Plot Foiled

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Three black, American muslim jailhouse converts and one Haitian immigrant muslim convert were arrested last night by the FBI and NYPD for attempting to blow up two Jewish synagogues and shoot down an American military cargo jet heading to the war in Afghanistan. The poorly planned and led plot had been in the works for about a year and was early on penetrated by the FBI.

Undercover agents posing as Pakistanis supplied the hapless group with fake plastic explosives and an inert Stinger Surface to Air missile. The wannabe terrorists were going to detonate two car bombs at two Synagogues in the Bronx and then try to shoot down a cargo jet from Stewart Air National Guard Base in Newburgh.

The stated motive of the 4 ne’er-do-wells was “Revenge for American actions in Afghanistan.” Their only apparent connections to Afghanistan and the war was their leader, James Cromitie, the son of an Afghan immigrant and an African-American woman, and of course,  the religion of peace, Islam. Also notice, these 4 men were not born into Islam, they were “jailhouse converts” to Islam. None of the articles goes into any kind of in depth research to see what malfeasance got them incarcerated to begin with, or how they were able to be converted to islam while in prison, nor how they were radicalized to the point of trying a terror strike. The articles did say that an informant in a mosque started the process of capturing them.

First of all, A BIG THANK YOU TO THE FBI and NYPD for busting this band of idiots. Secondly, if an American muslim in that mosque really did go to the authorities and inform them of the plot, that person needs to have a substantial monetary reward and placed in protection if needed. Third, we need to cease all islamic missionary endeavors in the Jails and Prisons across America.

We must begin the painful process of rethinking the First Amendment Free Exercise Clause in regards to islam. Islam is the most dangerous ideology/religion in the world (Pres. Obama’s socialism is 2nd) and for us to turn a blind eye to it and give it a free pass in light of, not just its recent history, but it’s last 1300 years, is simply moronic.

Europe is going to reap the whirlwind for allowing so many muslims ot immigrate. What will we do in 25 yrs when nuclear armed France is declared an Islamic Republic? Did you know that England has the highest percentage of people immigrating out of their country? It’s the white Englishmen who are leaving due to the liberalism, tax rates and growth of islam.

America needs to take care of the muslim issue now, before it gets out of hand. 1) Not one more muslim immigrant should be allowed in; 2) not one more muslim student at our universities and colleges.; 3) not one more muslim school or mosque constructed until full and complete reciprocity with every muslim capital in the world; i.e. full freedom of religion in every muslim country with guaranteed safety for our missionaries and churches built; 4) Islam must renounce their doctrine of spreading Islam by the sword; 5) Islam must give their women full and complete equal rights and stop the honor killings. 6) Islam must declare a public repentance over their hatred of Jews and acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.

Once Islam has accomplished these 6 things, then, and only then will we consider allowing them to try to spread in the US of A. I do not think it is a bad thing to have religions competing for the hearts, souls and minds of men as long as it is a level playing field.

Equality 7-2521


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5 Responses to “Muslim American Terror Plot Foiled”

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Well maybe next time they will get it right if be the will of God.

Mr. Lee,
Am I correct in interpreting your comment to mean that you want the terrorists to “get it right”, that is actually blow up a synagogue? To actually shoot down a US military aircraft?

I will not dignify that question with a response. However I am part of the Muslim issue that you so boldly speak about.I guess the state of Israel was founded on peace and is maintained with love? I am a Muslim follower of the Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad under the Divine guidance of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. We have nothing to do with this type of behavior but you people claim we do not believe in true Islam. We know that God will destroy each and every wicked nation on this planet, yes the United States of ameriKKKa is at the top of the list. We would be foolish to take on this diabolical beast. God has special plans for ameriKKKa. The most We being the Black Muslims followers of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, can and will do is speak forcibly and bravely, to this wicked empire.
I agree with you those misguided Brothers were idiots they were associating with foreign born Muslims. However those of Us under the divine Leadership of the Hon Louis Farrakhan welcomes you in your Crusade to restrict Our God given right to practice Our Way Of Life.

Even though I do not agree or condone what these confused Brother attempted to accomplish, I fully understand. Maybe they should have consulted some of those disgruntled troopers returning home to for tips.

Question to you is christianities hand blood free when it comes to its dealing with non christians

Mr. Lee,
1) Thank you for your response to my blog. Not many are willing to engage in conversation on this subject. Your response is decent and deserving of dialog.
2) I must confess that I know little of the differences between the Black Muslim religion which I think you are a part of and the Islam of the middle east which I am a little bit familiar with.
3) You are correct that Israel was not founded in peace nor is it maintained by love. No State is. Do not ever confuse the personal calling of many religions to love individuals with the way States behave.
4) “you people claim we do not believe in true Islam” I did not and would not make such a claim. As a Christian I think all forms of Islam are equally wrong and false.
5) “We have nothing to do with this type of behavior” To my knowledge the Black Muslim religious group of Mr. Farrakhan has not been involved in terrorism. The middle east traditional Islam has been the dominant force in terrorism for several decades now. Historic Islam has been involved in war since its founding by Mohammad.
6) “God will destroy each and every wicked nation on this planet” As a Christian I believe that Jesus is coming again soon and he will exercise Judgment upon all the Lost-those individuals who have not repented of sin and trusted in Christ alone for their salvation. God is not a respecter of nations and all the nations are more or less guilty and will be judged. That being said, I do believe that America has been a more just and good country than most in history. Despite our failures at times, America has provided more liberty, freedom and prosperity than any other country on earth. Still, our sins are many and I do expect God’s wrath to fall…soon.
7) “yes the United States of ameriKKKa is at the top of the list” i would disagree that America is at the top of God’s list to punish…on the list, yes, but the simple facts are that America is a better place to live than most places. If you really think America is this bad…Leave. You have more freedom here than anywhere else.
8 “is christianities hand blood free when it comes to its dealing with non christians” The short answer is No, of course not. Christians are sinners just like you. Christians have persecuted Jews and each other.My Baptist forefathers were killed by fellow Protestants in Europe. On the other hand, it is objectively, historically verifiable that our modern practice of religious tolerance and freedom of religion is a distinctively Christian idea. By Far, the biggest source of religious persecution today comes from Communists (if you want and “evil empire” look at China and Russian, North Korea, etc)who are atheist, and Muslims. Why do we allow mosques to be built in America but there are no Baptist missionaries in Saudi Arabia?

Sorry it has taken Me a minute to reply to you a civil acting Christian.

Is it written any where in the Bible, that God told Jesus to name a religion after himself? I know all about I am the way the truth and the light. I am not referring to that, Did the God of everything tell his creation to name a religion after his self? Islam is not a religion God told Prophet Muhammad that He made Islam as a religion. Islam is no more false than another thing where one man tells another man what the word of God supposedly is. For the record I was born into Christiany and accepted Islam as a way of life. Was Jesus a Christian if not why not. If he is please point Me to the scripture that backs up what you are saying.

I often laugh when I hear people say that Islam is all about war, the big three religions, history is nothing but war. Yes western countries are at peace now, it is not that these are peace loving countries, no sir these evil nation have the capabilities to destroy mankind to the 2nd power.

Is this country a good place to live for the original inhabitants? How about Us your former Slaves?

I like you await the coming of the Saviour, but what form will He take? Will it be of the loving King or the Head of an Army whose swords are dripping in blood?

I do not hold any racial hatred to anyone, but your comment ‘That being said, I do believe that America has been a more just and good country than most in history. Despite our failures at times, America has provided more liberty, freedom and prosperity than any other country on earth’, can only come from someone whose desendants have reaped a hearthy andf healthy dose of the ameriKKKian dream. The majoraity of your former Slaves, that reality has been a nightmare. Yes you can parade a few who have made it, however We were stolen by the boat load. I do not hold you responible for this atrocity, You did not participate in this Godless act, but you may have benefitted.

It is written in the constitution that congress can abridge no laws that deals with religion, or some thing like that. Mr Mark12 I referenced the Slave trade earlier, the majority of the Slaves that were forced to build this great nation that you so love, were in fact Muslims, so you would deny Me my natural belief system because some person in the dessert will not allow you to build a house that allows idolatry? If I am not mistaken the pilgrims left(some were put out) Europe for religious freedoms? Would you suggest something like that know?

Thanks again for engaging Me in a civil conversation, that people have and will continue to die for, because none of us really know or love The God of the Universe.

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