The Differences Between a Conservative & a Liberal

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The long awaited and much protested commencement address at Notre Dame University by President Obama this past Saturday is a good example of the contrast between Liberals and Conservatives. Those who were protesting were usually committed Catholics opposed to the President’s being invited to speak because of his radical pro-abortion stance and his stance on stem cell research using human embryos (read: babies). By his voting records in the Illinois State Senate and in the US Senate, by his executive orders as President and by his appointing the radical pro-abortion Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, President Obama is easily the most pro-abortion President ever.

“I do not suggest that the debate surrounding abortion can or should go away,” the President said in his address at the Notre Dame commencement, after receiving an honorary degree. “Because no matter how much we may want to fudge it — indeed, while we know that the views of most Americans on the subject are complex and even contradictory — the fact is that at some level, the views of the two camps are irreconcilable.”

“Each side will continue to make its case to the public with passion and conviction,” Obama added. “But surely we can do so without reducing those with differing views to caricature.”

President Obama called for a new, more respectful tone in the abortion debate, marked by “open hearts, open minds, fair-minded words” that are merely emotional platitudes.

He did get one thing right, the two positions on abortion are irreconcilable. And that is why this issue makes for a great way to introduce and discuss the differences between Conservatives and Liberals.


It would be too simple and just flat out wrong to say that Conservatives believe in God and Liberals don’t. I know a lot of liberals who are Christians. But the difference between Conservatives and Liberals is, at its core, a theological difference. Of course there are conservatives and liberals who are atheists, so again, it is not just being a theist that makes one a conservative.

But how do we define God? Where do we get our understanding of who God is and what He is like? Granted there is much diversity in both camps here, but generally speaking, the Conservative camp is dominated by those who have a biblical, evangelical view of God. To the Conservative, God is Triune- Father, Son and Holy Spirit- and God is not just Love, he is also Sovereign, Holy, Just, Omnipotent and Immanent as well as Transcendent. To the Liberal, God is more of a vague concept but is overwhelmingly described as Loving, Accepting, non-judging. Amongst Liberal Christians, they will accept the Conservative definition of God, but stress the Love of God as the central attribute and tend to de-emphasize his holiness and justice. This is frequently done by stating they believe in the God of the New Testament, de-emphasizing the Old Testament.

As AW Tozer once wrote, (a paraphrase) “What we think about God reveals more of what we are.”

The Liberal God is a loving God who would not really send anyone to hell, unless they were really, reeally bad. Dick Cheney would perhaps merit hell, but surely Castro is among the righteous. The Liberal God is not really serious when he says, “The wages of sin is death” (Rom. 6:23) and Jesus surely didn’t mean what he says about hell in the parable of the Talents in Matt. 25 when he casts the man who hid his talent into the outer darkness.

Generally speaking, Liberalism is guided more by atheism than by a belief in the God of the Bible, even though many Liberals are Christians. Generally speaking, theistic Liberals are guided more by the God is Love side of theology that de-emphasizes the Justice of God. This is one of the explanations for the defense of homosexuality and the promotion of homosexual marriage within mainstream liberalism. (And yes, I know not all homosexuals are liberal, nor do all support the homosexual political agenda, but both the Liberal and Homosexual movement is dominated by those who do). God is Love, he created me as homosexual and God “don’t make junk” therefore He loves me unconditionally and my homosexuality must not be a sin, and marriage between homosexuals would be a good thing.

To stress God is Love, at the expense of his other attributes is a gross error. Yes, God is love. But also yes, God is holy and will punish sinners in a hell that is a place of torment, forever. Yes, God is accepting, but he ONLY accepts those who come to him through faith in Christ alone.

In President Obama’s pro-abortion views God is apparently much more concerned about the economic well being and the convenience of the mother than he is about the tiny unborn baby inside her womb. The overwhelming percentage of abortions are performed because of the financial situation of the single mother and the overwhelming inconvenience of an unwanted pregnancy. The fundamental reason for abortion is that women want sex without consequences. And they think there will be no consequences for abortion, but abortion is almost 100% fatal to the babies. This kind of callous thinking reveals a lot about Obama’s and other liberals’ view of God. God is more concerned with our economic well being, our convenience, than he is about life. This view actually has much more in common with the atheistic materialist worldview than anything Christian. There is no fear of God or his justice when it comes to abortion.

In a bizarre and contradictory way, Liberals also usually tend to favor the elimination of the death penalty for those criminals who have murdered innocent people and have been tried by a jury of their peers and found guilty and deserving of capital punishment. Liberals support the killing of innocent babies in the wombs of mothers for whom having a baby would be a financial burden, but oppose the killing of hardened criminals who killed innocent people and who are a continuing economic burden on the state which houses and feeds them for life. Again, the liberal view of God warps their sense of justice. Even an atheistic materialist who believes in evolution should see that it is a good thing for society to eliminate the murderers as being not fit for the survival of the fittest.


I have already touched on this in my discussion of the Liberal Christian view of God vs. the Conservative Christian’s view of God. Essentially, liberals read texts not looking for what the author originally intended, not looking for eternal verities to be affirmed, but they read for what makes them feel good today. There is not one positive, affirming mention of homosexuality in the entire Bible. Yet in my readings of homosexual Christians and those who defend the homosexual lifestyle, they seek to justify their actions with Scripture. I have seen some very convoluted hermeneutical gymnastics employed to prove that as long as the homosexuals are in a committed, loving relationship they are ok with God. Again, they are basing their arguments upon their own desires or felt needs and emotions instead of the objective facts in the Bible.

So too with the Constitution. Liberal Activist Judges do not base their arguments upon the original intent of the framers using the historic-critical methods of interpreting history and literature. They make stuff up to satisfy the emotional felt needs of the here and now.

There is an inherent antipathy amongst liberals towards objective truth, logic, and historical truth. Evidence doesn’t matter, what matters is the here and now. Adjust or jettison as inconvenient any objective truth or historical evidence that hinders you from doing what you think needs doing right now.

Again let us look at the aboriton issue that Obama brought up at Notre Dame over the weekend. Throughout Europe a huge demographic change is underway. White Europeans are a dwindling ethnic group due to 2 generations of abortion and radical birth control resulting in a birth rate that is well below replacement level. In 25 -50 years many of Europe’s countries will me muslim dominated because muslims have had unlimited immigration into Europe and they have many children. White Europeans focused for too long on the economic pleasures that accompanied low birth rates and now they will be reaping what they have sown. The failure to understand and apply the biblical principle of “be fruitful and multiply” has consequences that will be very painful for European society.

In America we are preparing to have a Federal Hate Crimes law that will protect some groups more than others and will fundamentally challenge our Constitutional idea of “equal protection under the law” as well as two first amendment rights- freedom of speech and the free exercise of religion. This is the result of enacting laws based upon emotion instead of a careful reading of the Constitution.

A THIRD DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE CONSERVATIVE AND LIBERAL IS IN ANTHROPOLOGY: Even though there are liberals who are Christians and do believe in a special creation of man by the God of the Bible, Liberalism is dominated by the atheistic materialist worldview of the evolutionist. Liberalism believes that man is an accident of nature, is the center of the universe, and is essentially good. Conservatives on the other hand believe that God created man in His image, that we are fallen sinners and need law and government to coerce us to do what is right and prevent us from doing wrong and that man is subject to God who is the center of the universe. Again, I realize there are many conservatives who think it is all about them and who are evolutionists, etc. But Conservatism is dominated by the biblical view of man.

Liberals believe that man is basically good and that when man misbehaves and commits a crime, there are really two victims: the person who was robbed, killed or whatever, and the criminal is also a victim. Who victimized the criminal? Society. Liberalism tends to not hold people accountable for their decisions. Liberalism likes to shift the blame on to society as a whole or other groups of people as oppressors. This is shown by taking corporal punishment away from the schools, banning spanking by parents, viewing prison as rehabilitation instead of punishment, and using the government to try to fix or control the economy instead of relying on free market principles.

Basically Liberals do not accept the biblical doctrine of original sin. This is linked with evolution as well, for if man was not created in the image of God, but simply evolved from the apes, morals are simply social constructs that can change with time and no one is either really bad or good. The terms lose their significance. There is no ultimate judgment day, justice is a temporary and imperfect thing that is all too often used by the dominant group in society to oppress the poor.

Conservative thought is greatly affected by the idea of original sin. The Founders of America understood the concept well and that is why they wanted a Republic, a rule by Law, instead of a Monarchy, a rule by men. Conservatives understand that men are sinners and will do evil things. They do not need to just be educated or rehabilitated, they need to be punished and made to make restitution. They need to be changed, born again through the Gospel.

If, as liberals are want to do, the laws are changed to meet every new desire, every new felt need, every short term need/desire, and liberal justices on the SCOTUS continue to radically change the Constitution, you in effect have a rule by men instead of a rule by law. The law becomes whatever you want it to be, whatever suits your current desire. Conservatives object to this rule of men, because we see men as sinners.

When liberals look at a murderer they see a disadvantage youth who had a bad background and was oprressed or let down by society. Conservatives tend to say, he murdererd because he is a murderer on the inside.

Consider Obama’s desire to close the Guantanomo Bay prison for the Terrorists and to release them into the general population. Never mind that they were detained on the field of battle as illegal combatants who do not wear uniforms, use civilians as human shields, and have a worldview that believes all Christians, all westerners should be killed.

Consider the liberal tendency to reduce the size of the US military. The premise is that if we talk with our enemies and understand each other there will not be a need for the military let alone nukes. Disarmament will show our enemies that we mean no harm and they will follow our lead and disarm. They cannot mean it when they say they will eliminate Israel or the West. Conservatives on the other hand, understand that some societies are murderous and are intent on destroying us out of sheer hatred and envy. We conservatives know that there is no sense in talking with terrorists, muslims or communists since their worldview calls for worldwide domination and enslavement or conversion of the whole world and lying to the west, the dhimmis, or the Christians is perfectly acceptable. We say, why waste time talking with them. Simply have the greatest military in the world, and the strongest economy. It is better to be feared/respected in the world than loved. Liberals want to be loved.

In conclusion America has been slowly, inexorably, drifting into Liberalism for a hundred or more years. Liberalism is essentially an adolescent view of the world that is based upon a wrong view of God, a wrong view of the Scriptures and our founding documents, and a wrong view of man. There are severe consequences for living the liberal life whether it is an unwanted pregnancy, abortion and guilt, financial ruin through deficit spending and higher taxes or allowing our enemies to walk free and gain the upper hand. Liberalism, when left to its own devices and allowed to become the dominant worldview brings national death, not life.

President Obama and the US Congress are in the process of destroying this country. May God have mercy on us because the Liberals surely will not.

Equality 7-2521


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