National Religious Broadcasters Fear Hate Crimes Law S909

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The National Religious Broadcasters have given a warning that HR 1913, a federal Hate Crimes bill that will help prosecute crimes against homosexuals, will possibly endanger the first amendment rights to free speech and free exercise of religion by religious broadcasters, evangelists and pastors. When you look at how the courts have been interpreting law in recent years it is very conceivable that a  pastor or evangelist could be charged with a hate crime for preaching against homosexuality or even simply upholding the biblical view of marriage. The broadcaster, radio station or network could then also conceivably be charged. And of course they could all be sued as well.

Here is the story from The Christian Post:\

This law easily passed the House a couple of weeks ago and is now in the Senate. The Demoncrats have total control and should easily pass this bill and the President will eagerly sign it. The ramifications are chilling.

Over at WorldNetDaily they are calling it the Pedophile Protection Act:

The reason they are calling the Pedophile Protection Act is that the law not only gives special protection to homosexuals, but to all manner of perversions under the guise of “alternate lifestyles” and “orientations”. Rep. Louis Gohmert of TX  mentions that one fundamental problem with this bill is that it is written about an almost non-existent problem because there are so few crimes that meet this description. Therefore, is the law merely an emotional crowd pleaser to satisfy the homosexual lobby? Or is the law really about something else…say, giving legal grounds for lawsuits and prosecuting Christians and other conservatives who speak out against perversion?

With the wording of the Bill, the loophole is the use of the term gender identification and orientation. In the medical community now that can describe those who have an orientation toward sex with children, with animals, the dead, etc.

Thomas Sowell wrote an excellent series on the problems of choosing Supreme Court Justices based upon whether they had empathy for certain groups:

The bottom line is that hate crimes legislation and justices who have empathy for certain groups make some people more equal than others. It will lead to persecution of the Church in America. The question for the Church is this: will we compromise the message of the Word of God, the Gospel, or will we continue to proclaim the truth and be willing to go to prison of for it?


Equality 7-2521


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You might want to correct your article:
“This law easily passed the House a couple of weeks ago and is [‘not’ to ‘now’) in the Senate”

Oops! Thanks Joe!

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