Is Liberal Bias Killing the Newspapers?

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A combination of Liberal Bias, Technology, Illiteracy and Bad Business practices are forcing many of the countries large newspapers to lose money, make drastic cutbacks and even go out of business. This is a good thing but will also have some potentially bad results.

I grew up reading the newspaper. As a child I was somewhat bookish or “nerdy” and actually began reading the newspaper in Jr. High or gradeschool. Granted I began with the comics: Blondie and Dondi, Lil’ Orphan Annie, Peanuts, B.C., and a few more were my favorites. I genuinely miss those. I am a newsaholic with the radio and internet but my daily ration of the comics has been AWOL ever since I cancelled my subscription to the Fort Worth Star Telegram over their liberalism some 12-15 yrs ago. (My employer got the paper at work so I could read there for free and then the internet came to my home in 1998 so goodbye newspaper).  I always read the sports page to keep track of my more athletic friends but I also followed the news since Grade School and the Viet Nam War. In Mr. Carter’s 8th grade American History class we had current events Fridays and the school got us all subscriptions to TIME for the classroom.

By Jr. High, however, I started being able to discern between liberal and conservative and realized that a lot of the news was tilted towards the liberal side. In college it was so blatant that I was really getting disgusted and by the 1980s it was disgusting. In the past 10 years it has become laughable and in the last Presidential campaign, I realized the entire mainstream news industry was a religious organization that worshipped Obamasky and all things Demoncrat.

My cancellation of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram was primarily motivated over their politics. I think the issue was when they stopped carrying Cal Thomas as a regular columnist. So with me, the liberal bias was the direct immediate cause of cancelling my subscription. Since then, however, the internet has become my home. I cannot forsee ever subscribing to a print newspaper or news mag again.

I have read some good articles about the bad business decisions of some of the news companies that have contributed to their downfall, so I know that is part of it. I know that we are living in the early stages of a post literate society. I see way more typos and misspelled words in the internet than I ever saw in newsprint (I rarely take the time to thoroughly edit my own blogs…) But people are just not reading as much today as they used to, except for us news junkies who are actually reading more. Read the following article in Newsweek about bad business and news media:

As newspapers enter the digital age they will see their readership climb again, but how to make money is the problem. If one newspaper tries to limit its access with a subscriber’s fee, readers will drift towards the free sites. Advertising on the internet is not yet what it was in print. I used to actually look at the ads in the paper, on the net the more I can block the better. Newspapers were also good for packing things and for training new puppies, or rolling up and swatting flies. What do people who own birds and hamsters put in the bottom of cages these days?

In the following article by Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe, soon to be extinct, he denies that liberal bias is the cause of the newspaper decline. He fails to see that for about half of the country, the liberal bias is a turn-off and many of that half that used to subscribe are just like me- they canceled because of the liberal bias.

The MSM TV news is also bleeding viewers. And so is cable news. Except for FOXNews. FOX is still growing and is beating all of their competition in cable. Known as the conservative network, I prefer to use their description of Fair and Balanced, because that is what I see. I disagree with some of their news coverage and some of their commentaters like Bill O’Reilly or Geraldo at times. I don’t like their more entertaining style that is almost tabloid at times. But they are light years ahead of the MSM in accuracy and fairness.

The common denominator between the newspapers and the MSM TV news that are both losing money, subsribers or viewers is their gross liberal bias. The MSM, both print and TV, have lost all credibility with me and the other half of the country. Especially with their outright worship of Obamasky.

The division in our country is getting worse. The liberals are getting more liberal and more outrageous and the conservatives are now getting mad, angry, seething inside. There is a culture war coming. The two worldviews that are at odds in this country are getting further and further apart and the news media is causing it to a large extent, and they are reaping the consequences.

Good riddance to the newspapers.

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