Will Somali Muslim Pirate Standoff Be Obama’s Iranian Hostage Crisis a la Jimmy Carter?

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Update Sunday, April 12, Easter, 2009– Captain Richard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama has been freed in a daring raid by the Navy; 3 of the 4 pirates were killed in the raid. Details are not available yet but it would be a reasonable deduction to have a SEAL Team swim to the lifeboat, suddenly emerge from the water with weapons ready and shoot the pirates. More to follow, but here are the links:




The Somali Pirate standoff is turning into a complex, large problem that will provide the First Big Test of the Obama Administration. Obamasky has already faced a few fairly significant tests: the Chicoms attacking/harassing the USNS Impeccable back in March was designed to imitate what the Chicoms did to Pres. Bush in April of 2001 when they brought down a Navy P-3 Orion reconnaissance airplane. Luckily for Obama, the commander of the Impeccable outmaneuvered the Chicoms and the incident did not escalate. Here is my story from that incident:

Then there was the embarrassing episode last weekend when Obamasky was in Europe and Turkey making apologetic speeches about the USA’s arrogance, and how we need to be humble and need to lead the nuclear disarmament movement by unilaterally disarming our nuclear forces. Of course the North Koreans launch an ICBM on a test flight that morning. Great timing Kim Jong Ill! And this week the Iranians plot to buy parts for their nuclear program through a Chicom business man and NY City banks was brought to light as well as the Iranians announcing their centrifuges are better than expected. Great timing. And just today the Russkies testfired an ICBM for good measure!


So, Obamasky has had his moments already, and been embarrassed. Now comes the first Big Test. It started out simple, we thought. A boat load of fierce, romantic Somali pirates, armed with RPGs and AKs instead of cutlasses, stormed an American flagged ship, the Maersk Alabama. The crew fought back and retook the ship, but the Pirates, muslims all, made off with the intrepid captain of the US flagged ship, Richard Phillips.

The USS Bainbridge, a US Navy Destroyer, comes to the scene (the Bainbridge, by the way, is named for a famous Naval officer who fought Pirates in the Barbary Wars in the early 19th century).




A SEAL team is landed on board the Alabama to escort them to Mombasa. But a standoff develops because the pirates escaped in a lifeboat from the Alabama and the lifeboat is apparently well provisioned with food and water and is covered! The fact that it is covered just came out and answers my question, “Why haven’t American snipers offed the pirates already?”.

To add further complexity, the pirates apparently got word to their cohorts who are sending all manner of other pirate vessels and pirate captured vessels to the scene. Other navies are coming and the US CENTCOM is sending another US Ship. But the captured vessels have crews from many countries held hostage, so it will be a rather messy business to storm the ships and recapture them. It will be costly to blow the ships out of the water. And the lawyers and Senators and hostage negotiators are lining up.

Here is the link to the latest story followed by a link to what I have previously written on this story:



What’s Obama to do?

The failure to act with audacity at the beginning when the Bainbridge arrived is going to be a costly failure. To send in a negotiating team to talk to Somali pirates is a disgrace and is beneath the dignity of the USA. An immediate rescue attempt should be tried and the pirates, when apprehended should be summarily shot and fed to the sharks.

Another opportunity is presenting itself with all these pirate vessels arriving. Sink or capture them all. Every last pirate should be shot or forced to “walk the plank”. Next, every onshore pirate stronghold should be immediately shelled with a Marine Expeditionary Unit and accompanying SEAL teams to follow.

What will happen? This has potential to be Obama’s imitation of Pres. Carter’s Iranian Hostage situation.

Peace through superior firepower, and have a happy Easter.

Equality 7-2521


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