1st Amendment “Free Exercise Clause” Cannot Exist with Islam in America

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The Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments to the US Constitution, is going to unravel soon. Within a decade, probably sooner. On several issues. Free Speech will be tested by the Obama administration with Talk Radio like it has already suffered under the Bush administration and the McCain-Feingold law that attacked Free Political Speech and was upheld by SCOTUS. The 2nd Amendment will be attacked by the Obamasky government soon, using all of the recent mass shootings and the civil war in Mexico as a pretext and the Clinton era Brady Bill as background. The Free Exercise of Religion clause in the first amendment will be attacked from two opposing directions: 1) Gay marriage and hate speech codes that will be used to force churches and religious institutions to accept gays and 2) The huge influx of muslims will force the government to either cave in and accept sharia law, thus allowing child marriages, clitorectomies, honor killings, and polygamy, -OR- the government will have to seriously modify the use of the “free exercise” clause to either exclude MANY islamic practices considered vital to their religion (controlling their women through clitorectomies, regular beatings, honor killings and polygamy) or outlaw islam entirely. It is the impact of islam upon our 1 st amendment that I want to address today.

When the Constitution was being considered, the greatest opposition to it was its lack of a Bill of Rights. Some states just were not going to ratify it without a Bill of Rights. Madison and others then wrote out the a Bill of Rights and, after some were abandoned and others modified, the first 10 amendments were settled on and the Constitution was approved with the understanding that after Congress and the President were seated they would pass the Bill of Rights.

At that time in America some states still had state supported churches and some persecution of dissidents was still carried out. State support for denominations gradually faded after the new nation was formed, and the Bill of Rights was gradually applied to the states by the courts. Through the years some legal cases brought to the SCOTUS expanded the range of the “Free exercise” clause of the first amendment, other cases have restricted or limited that clause. In recent decades it seems like more cases have resulted in more restrictions. The point is that the SCOTUS has a history of restricting the free exercise of religion.

Now to the issue at hand: with the vast influx of muslim immigrants, they are bringing in not just a different religion, but different morals and ways of defining what it means to be a woman, a man, marriage, education and law. In the islamic religion there can be no separation of church and state so they do not accept that part of the 1st amendment that says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”. It simply does not apply to them in their eyes. This is why they MUST have Sharia Law wherever they are. This is why the courts in England and other European nations are allowing Sharia. What this does, however, is to set up two different law codes in the same geographic and national area. This then does away with the idea of equal protection under the law for all people and opens up a whole range of problems with the free exercise clause of the first amendment.

Read this story at Atlas Shrugs and you will understand what I mean:


If the courts intervene and take children away from muslim parents because they have made arranged marriages, or even given their 9 year olds to a man who has consumated the marriage, perfectly allowable in sharia law, can you imagine the outrage from the muslim community? What if a muslim mother is prosecuted for forcing her 13 year old daughter to have her clitoris removed without her daughter’s consent and without pain medication? Female genital mutilation is common within many muslim groups, especially from Africa. How will we apply family law to a muslim man who has 4 wives and children by each? Or what about the muslim family of 1 man, 4 wives who need government assistance? But all of these things are under the free exercise clause and are essential for the muslim faith.

What about the muslim schools that teach children to disrespect American law, mores, and tradition and that attempts to turn them into little jihadis? Does the government want to get inside a religious school and tell them what they can and cannot teach besides the 3 R’s?

Now, suppose the government does get involved through many lengthy court cases over the free exercise clause and islam, and after 4 to 8 years of Obama appointed judges get placed in the various courts including the SCOTUS, how will those cases be decided?

Let’s make it worse: if the SCOTUS restricts the 1 st amendment more, or just decides to allow sharia law, what will the same courts decide if it is a fundamentalist Christian church or church school that is teaching that marriage is just for 1 man and 1 woman? We have just offended the muslims, the gays, and the polygamists. Will the libtard courts side with the conservative Christians or say that we need to be more tolerant?

One major problem with libtards and their simplistic, atheistic understanding of religion, is that they think religious people can just have their private religious thoughts, meet together in their houses of worship and that’s the end of it. The libtards don’t understand that religions are fundamentally worldviews that must be acted upon. If you believe, you must also behave. You must not merely talk the talk, you must walk the walk. That is why Christians and Muslims both descry the immorality of Hollywood and America in general. That is why Christians say marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman for life and muslims say marriage is between 1 man and up to 4 women. Gays are excluded. (By the way, we Christians, while telling homosexuals their lifestyle is immoral and denying them the rights of marriage, we do not stone them or burn them alive. Muslims do that.)

The following statement I made when I was a 16 year old in Miss Entwhistle’s American History class: The first amendment should only be applied to the various Judeo-Christian denominations and churches. As soon as you allow Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims into America the 1st amendment stops working. It was written by Christians with a Christian understanding of the world. It cannot work with other worldviews.

We are hurtling towards a full blown Constitutional crisis soon over the Bill of Rights. The 1st Amendment free exercise clause, (and I haven’t even mentioned the Obama effort to REQUIRE doctors and hospitals with religious convictions against abortions to provide them), free speech with Talk Radio, 2nd amendment, and the ignored IX and X amendments which some states are now resurrecting. Add to this the passing of some ex-post-facto laws recently that affect corporations’ taxes and executive salaries, the owning of banks and car companies, and you can really see the constitution is going to be taking a beating for a long time.

What is the solution to the islamic problem? The European solution is to allow 2 separate law codes to exist side by side. That will last until there are more muslims than europeans. You don’t seriously think the muslims, when they take over, will extend the same tolerance level to us as we did to them? Good luck to you gays out there when that happens. You think Christians are intolerant of gays? We just want you to go back into the closets, the muslims will kill you.

The only solution, THE ONLY SOLUTION,¬† is to seriously alter the 1st amendment and ban islam from the shores of America. And that ain’t gonna happen.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN? The muslim friendly Obamasky administration will not prosecute these gross violations of women’s and children’s rights and islam will continue to spread in Amerika. The courts will eventually allow Sharia Law, just as they are beginning to in Europe. Christians will be persecuted for being intolerant and for hate speech. And the atheistic secularists will rule.

Maybe, just maybe, in 25 years when Eurabia starts to eliminate the gays, Amerika will wake up. But more than likely, the West will just be led to their slaughter.

Equality 7-2521


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One Response to “1st Amendment “Free Exercise Clause” Cannot Exist with Islam in America”

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Ain’t gonna happen? Probably true, let us pray and take every possible measure to make it happen despite the laws of probability.

The 28th amdt. has been proposed by Pedestrian Infidel. I have a petition on line demanding passage and enforcement of such an amdt. http://www.petitiononline.com/No2Islam/petition.html
There is an html version containing hyperlinks to the sources of the evidence presented, you can use it as an email attachment and cross post it.

I will escalate the issue. If Muslims have a right to practice Islam, then we have no rights! Islam negates our rights to life, liberty and property. Islam demands respect, but gives none.

Islam is a license to kill you, rape & enslave your widow and sell your orphans on the slave market. Its open season until you become a Muslim! For that reason, Islam can not be tolerated, it must be eliminated!

There can be no right to murder, rape, enslave or rob. If such rights exist, no other rights can exist beside them and all our liberties are forfeit. But Islam issues that license, and Muslims are obligated to exercise it when their strength is sufficient to do so with impunity.

Most Americans are unaware of the damnable doctrines of Islam. Informing them is up to us, nobody else will do it.

Scribid.com has a scanned image of Umdat as-Salik. Book O contains the laws of Jihad, including its definition, scriptural foundation, and frequency. O9.1 informs us that it must be performed once in every year. O9.8 declares that “The Caliph makes war upon Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians.”.

Please visit http://geocities.com/crusadersarmory/Expanded_Library and download the weapons you need to Crusade against Moe’s Murder Cult.

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