Is Capitalism Better than Socialism? New Poll- Only 53% Say Yes

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According to a poll conducted by Rasmussen, only 53% of Americans agree that Capitalism is bettern than Socialism. This helps to explain why the past several Presidential elections have been so close. It appears that America/Amerika is pretty evenly divided. Here is the story:

What I find very interesting is the age break down in the poll. Those under the age of 30 were most likely to favor socialism, 37% preferring capitalism, 33% socialism and 30% undecided. People in their 30’s went 49% for capitalism and 26% socialism while people over 40 strongly favored capitalism with only 13% favoring socialism. Those who invest money (and that was not defined in the story) went 5-1 in favor of capitalism. When you break the poll down by political party there are no surprises: Republicans favored capitalism 11-1 while demoncrats favored capitalism by only 39% to 30% for socialism. Those unwilling to identify by political party favored capitalism 48% to 21% for socialism.

The story says Rasmussen did not define capitalism or socialism in the poll.

What does this poll mean?

1) As the Church declines in America, fewer attend church, fewer claim to be Christians, atheism is growing, so too does a biblical view of money, wealth, work and economics decline. To a large extent, the Protestant Reformation coincided with a  revolution in economics. The concept of a Protestant Work Ethic is demonstrable in history. There are real reasons why North America, settled by Puritans and other Protestants grew more industrious and prosperous than did South and Central America. The Christian West developed scientifically and economically at a much faster pace than did any other part of the world. The Bible teaches individual property rights, limited government, hard work, frugality and generosity, keystones of our economic success historically. You have to look at Africa, the mid-east, and Asia and ask why they did not develop as quickly as the Christian West when they were older civilizations with plenty of natural resources and people. The one clear difference is Christianity.As Christianity declines the drift will not be towards capitalism and freedom, but toward Statism. People will always have a master, either Christ or the State.

The church needs to teach about money, work, savings, and economics. Unfortuantely, the Church is clearly divided on this issue with the liberal churches teaching marxism and the conservative churches not teaching economics at all and the charismatic church teaching the grotesque health and wealth gospel heresy.

2) When you look at what our public schools and universities are teaching about history and economics, politics and human nature, you realize that our young are being brainwashed with socialist propaganda from their earliest years through college. This has been going on for at least 3 generations and is getting stronger, therefore the younger age group had the least affinity with capitalism. This is a problem I do not hear the Republicans or even Talk RAdio addressing. Of course Rush and Sean, Mark, Laura and Neal will decry the sad state of public education, but nobody seems to have a workable plan for changing it. Conservatives are losing the battle because the Libtards have control of educating our young.

Yes there is a huge growth in private and Christian schools and homeschooling is growing; but these are all a small minority. The public schools and universities are preparing the battlefield for the next generation by converting the masses to socialism/statism. How can this be changed? Conservatives dream of school vouchers, magnet schools and breaking the monopoly of the teachers unions. Dream on. We need to focus on divide and conquer. We need to pick one conservative state and one or two state universities and seek to take over the board of regents, the presidency, and the schools of education, completely change the education philosophy and begin turning out conservative teachers. In that same state we must takeover the State Board of Education and the local school boards of the largest cities in that state. We must bring school vouchers into that one state and the cities of that one state.

Transforming one state like this will take a minimum of twenty years. But once the program begins, we can perhaps spread to another state. The southern states that are committed Red states or in the Great Plains or Mountains would be a good place to start. But start we must.

Along with this long range plan we should seek to bring lawsuits against school districts, superintendents and boards that are failing and that are controlled by the statists and demoncrats. Sue the teacher unions. Hit the statists with lawsuits after lawsuits to bring about change. In a lawsuit you go through the “discovery” phase, where you can bring out all the information about inferior teaching philosophies and bring out the evidence for superior teaching philosophies and present the evidence for both.

Until we fundamentally change the education system across this country we wil continue producing more statists and socialists.

3) The entertainment industry is committed to statism/socialism. Here again we must divide and conquer. Conservatives must invest cash and hire the BEST directors and producers, actors and actresses to make or remake conservative movies. High quality, conservative movies are proven money makers. American History and Capitalism are Rich in material for Great Movies or even TV shows. Already the long delayed movie for Ayn Rand’s classic, Atlas Shrugged, is beginning, due to the election of Obamasky. The book is back on the best seller lists and the movie, if done right, will break all kinds of records.

Can you imagine a series of movies about America’s capitalistic heroes? Eli Whitney, Robert Fulton, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Andrew Mellon, Henry Ford. If you tell these stories truthfully, but focus on the positive, you could change a generation of kids.

As long as we focus only on the next election and the next supreme court appointee we will continue drifting, now racing towards statism/socialism.

Here are some links to some related articles:

From today’s news we have an excellent example of statism/socialism being played out in California. The Legislature is seriously considering banning some Big Screen TVs because they use too much electricity. The State will tell retailers they cannot sell the Big Screen TVs, but private individuals will still be able to possess them and purchase them from out of state or online. The following story says that during peak TV time, such as the Super Bowl, about 40% of the power in the state of California goes to power all the TVs that are on to watch the game.

If the legislature can ban this appliance, what else can they ban? Do you have too big of a refrigerator? Too many freezers? Too big of a microwave? Once the beast of the State starts banning products to save on energy it will never stop. This is statism!

And president Obamasky also wants to have a little thermostat control that is in your house that is linked to the government so that the government can monitor your energy usage. See this on youtube:

This is so much like Orwell’s 1984 that it is unbelievable. A US President actually calling for government monitoring of what you do in your own home…in the name of helping the environment of course! This is statism of the worst kind.

Equality 7-2521

PS- here is good article from BAptist Press about this issue:


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