Somali Pirates Make Big Mistake- Capture American Ship

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UPDATE: Officials are now stating that the US crew of the Maersk Alabama has retaken the ship from the pirates, holding one as prisoner on board while three other pirates were reportedly “in the water”! Hooray for the brave Americans! The full story is not out yet so we are awaiting details, but here is the link:

What does, “in the water” really mean? Are they swimming away from the American vessel as fast as they can in shark infested waters? Or, are they face down and slowly drifting away?

Apparently there were only 4 pirates trying to contain 20 Americans. Pretty stupid pirates.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: The BBC is now reporting that the Captain of the Maersk Alabama may still be held hostage in a lifeboat by the pirates even though the crew has retaken the ship. This is obviously becoming a longer story and details are unfolding hour by hour.

UPDATE SOME MORE: This story is still ongoing and changes are occurring regularly. Now it appears that the crew let go of their captive pirate in an attempt to get their Captain back. Of course, the pirates did not hold to their end of the bargain and kept the American Captain. NEVER NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS, COMMUNISTS OR MUSLIMS. Here is the updated story:

FINAL UPDATE:For the Real Story of how the Pirate situation ended see my blog below:


Somali pirates captured a Danish container ship crewed by Americans and flying the American flag in the dangerous region off the Horn of Africa yesterday, April 7, 2009. The 17,000 ton Maersk Alabama had a crew of 20 and was pirated some 300 miles off of Mogadishu in the Indian Ocean. This is the 5th ship in less than a week to be taken in the region that, in recent months, had seen a decline in piracy thanks to several naval operations in the region.

The Maersk Alabama was headed for Mombasa, Kenya with a load of relief supplies. How typical is this!? America is feeding Africans and they take our ship and crew hostage. Aid to Africa, muslims and most other places is an absolute waste of money, time and energy. I am a firm believer in church related missions and feeding the poor locally through the mission stations, but government aid all too often simply goes to fill the coffers of local warlords, tribal chiefs and corrupt politicians. Let the oil rich muslim nations feed muslim Africa.

The Somali pirates tend to use a larger “mother ship” that will carry a few small, faster speed boats in their attacks. They will then bring the big ships close in to Somalia and hold the crews in small villages. They have been receiving up to $3 million in ransom for some of the larger ships and have suffered few losses.

To my knowledge this is the first American flagged vessel to be captured by the pirates. This will be interesting to see what Pres. B. Hussein Obamasky will do. Will he 1) Negotiate with the pirates; 2) ignore the situation and let the Danish shipping company handle it; 3) pay the ransom; 4) send in a spec ops team to rescue them.

My personal guess of what he will do is #2.

What would W. have done? #4

What should we do? #4 plus a B-52 strike in the region that will flatten a few towns or maybe even Mogadishu. The piracy thing must be stopped and so far, no politician has been willing to do what it takes to stop it. Piracy is the #1 industry in Somalia.

The USMC Hymn says, “From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli..” That thing about Tripoli goes back to the early 1800’s and the War with the Barbary Pirates off the coast of North Africa. The MUslims back then were pirating our ships and we eventually sent in the Marines and Navy to take care of the situation. We need to do the same today.

In the early 1800’s France, Britain and others paid a ransom to the muslims for permission to sail through the Mediterannean safely. They frequently had to pay ransoms to get their captives released. The new US of A came along and, after paying ransoms a couple of times, said, “Enough of this!” and shelled their port cities and invaded them with Marines and forced the muslims to be civilized. No more problems from them. The Europeans never even thanked us for cleaning up their back yard. We need to do the same thing today.

We owe Mogadishu a lesson from back in 1993 anyway.


Equality 7-2521


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