Pres. B. Hussein Obama Bows To a Muslim Tyrant & Kisses His Hand

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UPDATE: THE OBAMA WHITEHOUSE IS CLAIMING OBAMA DID NOT BOW TO KING ABDULLAH. THEY ACTUALLY SAID THAT IT ONLY LOOKS LIKE A BOW BECAUSE OBAMA IS SO MUCH TALLER THAN THE KING AND BECAUSE HE USED BOTH HIS HANDS TO SHAKE THE KING’S HANDS. Look at the story below and watch the video. You will notice that a) Obama’s left hand is clearly down below his waist and b) this is clearly a bow, the king was standing and is not that much shorter. c)Furthermore, the Arab and muslim press is reporting that Obama DID bow.

President B. Hussein Obamasky greeted the Tyrant King of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah, with a bow and a kiss to the hand the other day when they met for the first time. See the pic and story below:

On the basis of pure protocol alone, this was wrong. The President of the US of A does not bow to any foreign dignitary, let alone a tyrant such as this. And theologically, this also shows the shallowness if not the full hypocritical nature of Obamasky’s so called Christian faith. A Christian should not bow to a muslim.

Pres. Obamasky , as the above article describes, is going way out of his way to put islam first in his agenda. As a matter of public policy this is wrong. What have the muslims ever done for US? We have sought to bring peace to the middle east, in Lebanon in the early 1980’s and it resulted in the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut. We defended muslims in Kuwait against their fellow muslims in 1991, for what end? We defended the muslims in the Balkans from Milosovech, where is the thanks? We assisted Afghanistan in fighting the Communist Russians in the 80’s, where is the thanks? We defended Sauid Arabia in Gulf War I, because they were next on Sadaam’s agenda. Where is the thanks? We liberated Iraq from a brutal tyrant, where is the thanks? We have granted millions of muslims sanctuary in the US and allowed them to build their mosques and schools. We get plots and terrorism as thanks.

This next statement I am going to make is dangerous, but I think needed: We must re-evaluate the 1st Amendment that guarantees freedom of religion in regards to Islam. When you grant freedom to those whose stated goal is to grow strong enough to take away your freedom, there is a problem. NOT ONE MORE MOSQUE OR MUSLM CENTER OR SCHOOL SHOULD BE BUILT IN AMERICA UNTIL THE SAUDIS AND EVERY OTHER MUSLIM COUNTRY ALLOWS REAL FREEDOM OF SPEECH, RELIGION, PRESS, ASSEMBLY AND EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN IN THEIR HOMELANDS.

For Obamasky to bow and kiss the hand of King Abdullah is dangerous, ignorant and disgusting. In all fairness, the Bushes and Clintons were no better.

And today, in Turkey, BO stated that the United States is not at war with Islam. That is true. But Islam is at war with US. We have refused to accept what Islam tells us…we must submit to Allah and become muslims, or be conquered and enslaved or be killed. The religion of Peace says the way to peace is by conquering, enslavement and killing. See the story here:

Folks, Islam is a cancer on the world that must be stopped. Here. Now. Let them worship however they want in their own lands, just don’t allow them to bring it here.

Here is a story about how they plan to impose sharia law on the US and the West:

Equality 7-2521


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