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Will Government Bail Out the Newspapers? and Other Bill of Rights Issues

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UPDATE: April 22–Sen. John “Lurch” Kerry is upset that the Boston Globe is about to go under so he wants to have Senate hearings about bailing out the Newspaper Industry! Here is the story:

Pravda Times is coming to a news stand near you! Due to market changes many newspapers are going out of business or filing for bankruptcy, most of the others are bleeding revenue and going heavily into debt just to keep operating. So what is the answer to this overwhelming catastrophe? Government to the rescue again!

Demoncratic Senator Benjamin Cardin, Maryland, has introduced a bill that would allows newspapers to restructure as non-profits!

That’s right, the age old friend of the Demoncratic party, the MSM, is getting a backdoor bailout from their buddies in the Senate. The bill has no co-sponsors yet, and may not ever make it out of the Senate, but the principle of the thing is so bad it is hilarious (Hilleryous even).

Supposedly the bill would deny the right of the newspapers to endorse political candidates. That’s right, accept a government bailout and lose your first amendment freedom of the press. I am dead set against that idea even though 90% of the newspapers always endorse the Demoncrats. I have heard that the banks that accepte bailout cash are quite remorseful now because of all the strings attached to the “free”cash. Some Repubicrat governors are growing spines and rejecting some of all of the bailout cash because of Federal strings attached.

Then, there is the issue of how Pres. BO is using the press. He is apparently being very selective in who he allows to ask questions and is favoring the extreme liberal bloggers and the black media. See this article:

Folks, what we see here is that President BO and his fellow Socialist-Demoncrats are all about grabbing as much power as they can, as fast as they can. What we have faced for 100 years is a creeping socialism begun under Woodrow Wilson (demoncrat), accelerated under FDR (socialist-demoncrat), multiplied under Lyndon ‘pee-on-your-pants-leg’ Johnson (ask me, I’ll tell you that story), and NOW put into Warp FActor 5 by BO, President B. HUSSEIN Obamasky. Combine this bill that would get the nose and head of the camel of big government inside the Press Tent, with the back door efforts to stop Conservative Talk Radio and you eliminate the First Amendment freedom of the Press.

Then take a look at the efforts coming soon to attack the 2nd Amendment. Eric Holder, Attorney Generalissimo, is going to go after the assault rifles and high cap magazines, just like Bill (bj) Clinton did back in ’94.

And here is a CHILLING story from a soldier at Fort Campbell,KY. about a firearms registration order to the soldiers:

Combine all of this with the highly likely possibility that B HUSSEIN Obamasky is not even a native born US Citizen, nor even a Naturalized citizen, (the whole birth certificate scandal that even the SCOTUS won’t touch out of fear), and you get someone in office who has trashed the US Constitution. We have an illegitimate pretender in the Office of the President of the United States, and he and the Demoncrats are taking our liberty away every single day they remain in power.

Folks, we are facing a revolution, voted for by the majority of the American people. Granted, I think some who voted for BO did so ignorantly because they just listened to the MSM, but still, he was voted in by Amerika. I think going to see a dramatic swing in the polls against the demoncrats and BO, the only question is, Will it be too late?

More stories on this idea of bailing out the newspapers:

The money quote from the Businesssweek article, so funny I just have to post it, is this:

“We can position this as a proactive move to save the only industry prominently mentioned in the Bill of Rights.” They are willing to violate the Bill of Rights in order to save the only industry mentioned in the Bill of Rights!

The bottom line is this: for way too long the MSM including newspapers, the major news magazines, the big Three TV news stations as well as CNN, MSNBC and, in radio, NPR, have been overwhelmingly liberal and supportive of the Demoncrats. They have lost market share as conservatives have given up on the MSM. The technological revolution of the Internet has been the coup-de-grace of the newspapers and magazines and soon, even the big three TV outlets. Conservatives now have many more sources of news. The last presidential campaign demonstrated the end of journalism as Sean Hannity likes to say, and he is right.

But this does lead to a problem, doesn’t it? With the decline of print journalism, and the one sided nature of journalists in general, how will the internet news prosper? Bloggers such as myself, get their news from a variety of sources, including old school journalists who are paid by the major news media to do the grunt work. A lot of bloggers do the hard work of journalists, but advertising revenue is still iffy it seems. Without a steady job that pays well, won’t our new news media be less well equipped than the old school?

It may be that we will have to subscribe to news sites and pay money just like buying a paper at the corner newsstand in the old days. I have really enjoyed the free news I get on radio and the internet, and would be hesitant to pay for it. But it may come to that with the demise of old school journalism.

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