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Guantanamo Terrorist Detainees To be Released in the USA?

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President Obamasky’s radical Attorney General, Eric Holder, is apparently planning on releasing some of the Terrorists here in America as part of an agreement with some allies to take on some of the Guantanamo inmates. That’s right, according to the above linked article from the WSJ, they are seriously considering turning these American killing, Allah loving terrorists loose on the streets of the good old US of A.

If you voted for Obamasky and are surprised by this move, you were asleep during the campaign or so seriously disengaged that you should not vote. Those of you who voted for this Terrorist Loving Radical, shame on you and may a released terrorist show up at your doorstep.

Folks, there is a reason God gave us the Aleutian Islands. They would make a perfect penal colony for these Allah loving Terrorists.

Equality 7-2521

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Obama Supports UN Decriminalization of Homosex

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President B. Hussein Obamasky has reversed a Bush administration decision and endorsed a United Nations Declaration for the global decriminalization of homosexuality. The non-binding (and therefore useless- as is most everything done by the UN) resolution was approved by 66 countries and opposed by 50 while 192 abstained. One can guess that the opposing countries were all Islamic or Communist and the supporting countries were all the West. What’s up with 192 abstentions?

Here is the story from Baptist Press:

First of all, this decision is more complex than most of us knee jerk right wing conspiracy geeks like to admit. More on that later.

The basic problem here is that the UN is fundamentally useless and we should not be there and we should move the UN HQ to Antartica or maybe Iran, hey the North Koreans could use some tourism. So I am opposed to the measure at least because it involves the US in the UN.

But now comes the difficult part. I am opposed to homosex based upon the Bible’s view of homosex and nature. I think homosex is wrong, perverted, immoral, sinful, psychologically warped and just plain gross. I am willing to grant that some, not all, homosexuals are “born that way” in that they may have a homo gene. That does not excuse their immoral choices. All of us are natural born sinners with various dispositions toward particular sins that we may have a genetic disposition towards. Do we endorse and excuse those with a genetic predisposition to lie, steal, be angry and violent or be immoral in a hetero manner? No. Homosexuals are therefore not aspecial case, they are just a sinner like me, no better, no worse. We both are called to obey God’s Word.

BUT… I want the UN or the US government arresting homosexuals? Do I want Big Brother snooping around in anyone’s bedrooms? Granted laws against certain sexual behavior can be good- such as laws against sex with underage children, porn laws, prostitution, bestiality, etc. Sex is a powerful force for good or evil and should be regulated in some cases.

I am not sure if I want to see homosexuals arrested, fined or imprisoned for their being homosexual. That seems to me to be the wrong approach, not to mention totally unworkable in this day. I think that there are some sins that should not be illegal, and homosex may just be one of those.

Wow. Did I just write that? Are my Christian and Conservative friends going to pummel me now? My problem is that I trust the State less than I trust homosexuals. The State is more dangerous to me than the homosexuals (unless you are talking about the radical queers who invade churches and try to force feed us their agenda). I think it is a case of the cure being worse than the disease.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am absolutely opposed to the homosexual political movement and am very happy that Prop 8 passed in CA. I am deathly opposed to special rights (aka civil rights) for homosexuals based upon their sexual orientation. That is all so much bovine fecal matter. I just am not into allowing the State to invade people’s bedrooms over this issue.

For a government to take the laws against homosex off the books is not the same as endorsing the lifestyle. Allowing them to adopt kids, get married and have civil unions and the same benefits as marriage IS ENDORSING the lifestyle and I oppose all that.

So should Obamasky have approved the UN Resolution? No! Based upon the very nature of the UN. What right do we have to tell another country how to regulate the sex lives of its citizens? I oppose all UN resolutions because the UN is worthless.


Equality 7-2521

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Obama Picks David Hamilton, an Antichrist, for Seventh Circuit

Posted on March 19, 2009. Filed under: Courts and Legal Matters, News of the Day |

President Obama has nominated the radical David Hamilton to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. Hamilton has had at least two of his rulings overturned by the 7th Circuit, 1) In 2002 he ruled against a law requiring a woman to have counseling prior to an abortion and 2) In 2005 he ruled with the ACLU in forbidding ministers from praying, “In Christ’s name” while giving the invocation at the Illinois Legislature. This shows him to be a radical pro-abortion agent and an anti-Christ who has no understanding of the Founders’ view of the 1st Amendment. Let’s see…he supports killing innocent babies, has the spirit of the antichrist and is ignorant of the Founders views on prayer and the 1st Amendment…yup! He is an Obama pick!

Pray that the Senate Judicial Committee would have the wisdom and discernment to reject this radical antichrist. Pray that the Republicans on the Committee would be united in standing against this pro-death bigot who hates babies and Christians.

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