F-22 Cuts Coming, Obama Disarming, Russia Rearming

Posted on March 18, 2009. Filed under: News of the Day |

Check out these headlines, one right on top of the other, at the Drudge Report:

Pentagon readies big cuts in weapons...

Medvedev announces plan to rearm Russia...

And is anybody surprised that a leftard leftist radical is going to make deep cuts in the military budget? This is what Amerika voted for! Anybody who voted for Obamasky and did not think he would make deep cuts in the military was asleep or just too ignorant to be qualified to vote.

What kinds of cuts in the military can we expect? The first thing you need to know, to be perfectly fair, is that this plan to cut weapons R&D and acquisition started under Pres. Bush with Robert Gates as Defense Secretary. Because of the costs of the War and because of a shift in thinking away from a major war with a superpower like Russia to a series of lesser, low tech wars, like Afghanistan, the Bush administration was already thinking about cutting back on the big ticket items like fighter planes, new tanks and artillery, new aircraft carriers. This Republicrat idea goes back to SecDef Rumsfield who thought you could fight war on the cheap and sent in a minimal force to Iraq instead of following the Powell doctrine of overwhelming force. This move led to the collapse of authority in Iraq, since we did not have enough boots on the ground, and this led to the insurrection. It was Rumsfield who cancelled the Army’s new artillery program.

But even prior to that, it was Dick Cheney serving in the George HW Bush administration as SecDef who cut the AX program to develop a new Navy/USMC stealth attack jet. Here we are 20 years later and no stealth attack aircraft for the Navy.

Now enter Obamasky. First on the chopping block is the USAF F-22 Raptor. Already in production by Lockheed, this stealthy air-superiority fighter is to replace some of the older F-15s that are 30 years old.There is thought that Obama may halt production at the 183 plane count, but some are thinking he may just scale back the order from 381 (which is about half what the USAF originally wanted) to 243. The money quote from Obamasky is, “reform our defense budget so that we’re not paying for Cold War-era weapons systems we don’t use,”. Hello…the reason we have the modern weapons and the best trained military in the world is SO THAT WE DON’T HAVE TO EVER USE THEM!!! BAD GUYS LOOK AT US AND DECIDE NOT TO MESS WITH US. Bad guys mess with the weak and disarmed. Folks, this is not a difficult concept. WARS ARE MORE EXPENSIVE IN LIVES AND MONEY THAN IS A SERIOUS NATIONAL DEFENSE!!



One of the perennial problems with the US Military and the civilian leadership when it comes to war planning, is that we always think about fighting the last war again. The rationale being used by Obamasky is that we are not in a Cold War anymore, we will be fighting insurgencies and terrorists, the world has grown past big WW2 style wars, so we don’t need the big, expensive weapons systems as much. DO YOU PEOPLE NOT REMEMBER THAT JUST LAST SUMMER THE SOVIETS INVADED GEORGIA? I said Soviets on purpose.


In the above article the money quote is that Medvedev says “NATO is not halting its efforts to widen its military infrastructure near the borders of our country. All of this demands a quality modernization of our armed forces.” There are no NATO countries growing their defense budgets so what is he talking about? The Bush administration’s efforts to put missile defenses in Poland and Czech Rep. and the efforts at including Georgia an Ukraine in NATO. I would anticipate a war with Russia, aka Soviets, invading or striking Ukraine.

Notice that not only are the Russkies rearming, they are considering putting Bomber bases in our back yard, Venezuela and Cuba.


Now let’s talk about the economics of all this. Obamasky increased the DoD budget by 4% for next year, but he did that by adding the War Operations budget to the DoD budget. Pres. Bush kept those separate. So while the DoD budget went up, money available for acquistions went down. Conversely, the Omnibus Spending Behemoth Bill that was just passed by Congress, increased the normal Government budget by 8%, twice the rate of increase for the Defense Dept. That shows where Obamasky’s priorities are- more bureaucraps, less fighter jets.

Think next about all the jobs lost by Union Labor(!) who tended to vote for Obamasky. You union guys are getting what you asked for! Think of all the job losses in an economy that is really in bad shape. But Obmasky bails out a lot of other industries and gives all kinds of pet projects money.

Don’t think I am only worried about Lockheed Martin losing money for the F-22 because I live in Fort Worth. The shipbuilders are going to lose out on some Navy destroyer projects and a couple of aircraft carriers as well as a boat load of submarines that are being cut. The next generation of Army armored vehicles are being cut (the M-1 Abrams and M-2 Bradley are both at the 30 year old mark.)

The botom line is that Pres. Obama is, in his first 60 days, significantly weakening Amerika to fit his image of what a socialist republic should be like. Russia and China are already noticing. This will lead to another war soon.

Equality 7-2521


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