A Christian Survivalist Gun List, Handguns, part 1

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As a Christian and as a citizen, not a subject, of the United States I believe and am convicted that it is my right and my duty to defend my family, my self, my home, and other innocent people around me who may be defenseless against those evil people who would perpetrate a heinous crime.

I am convinced that the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution is not about duck hunting, it is about defending freedom from tyrants. Therefore, I am well armed and well trained as is my entire family. Sadly it is looking like we may be getting closer to the day when we have to defend ourselves against not just criminals, but tyrants. It is an easy step from the current socialist government to a tyranny.

I realize that there are many Christians who are as convicted about being a pacifist as I am about convicted about self-defense. I believe this MAY be a matter of conscience. The pacifists might have the liberty under scripture to be personally pacifistic. And certainly in matters of personal honor, embarrassment or minor infractions we should “turn the other cheek”. We should not be “quick to anger” let alone quick to shoot anybody. Very often the best defense is a timely retreat to safety rather than a costly confrontation over pride. But when it comes to defending the innocent? To fail to act when you have the means to act would be a sin. And to fail to provide yourself the equipment and training to act when it is available, may also be a sin.

People often throw out, “Well I can’t see Jesus carrying a gun! He wouldn’t shoot anybody and he let the police take him away and suffered wrong and died. Therefore we should too! So there!”

First of all Jesus came to die for sinners. That was his purpose and that is why he told Peter to put away his sword and then healed the man’s ear that Peter cut off. Jesus went like a lamb to the slaughter, because that was his mission. But that same Jesus met Joshua on the road to Jericho as the Commander of the LORD’s Army carrying a sword. That same Jesus is coming again to judge this old world and to separate the sheep from the goats. That same Jesus will ultimately cast all who oppose him into the Lake of Fire and the SecondDeath.

Secondly, have you ever asked why Jesus allowed his disciples to carry swords in the first place? We know that at least two disciples had concealed carry licenses from Luke 22:38, 49-50; John 18:10 tells us that it was Peter who struck Malchus and cut off his ear (hint: he wasn’t aiming for the ear).

Thirdly, you cannot read through the OT without knowing that God commanded Israel to conquer Canaan with the sword, and that God used men like Gideon and Samson who bore the sword, or David (a man after God’s own heart) who slew “10,000’s of the Philistines”. The Israelite Army, and most armies in those days, were more like a citizen’s militia and the soldiers supplied their own arms. And in the book of Esther you have God’s people about to be attacked by Jew haters and God delivers them by a pagan king, Xerxes, who authorized them to arm and defend themselves. A Jewish militia defended the innocent. Then there is one of my favorite books, Nehemiah, where godly men used a sword and trowel to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls while armed to defend against the aggressive Jew haters.

The principle of self defense is clearly taught throughout the Bible, it makes good common sense in the practical, evil world we all live in, and the pacifists can enjoy their pacifism only so long as better men than they are willing to stand on a cold, windy wall at night, armed and ready to sacrifice their lives so that others may live.

All that being said, what kind of guns should we have for self-defense purposes, especially in a TEOTWAWKI event (The End Of The World As We Know It). And the way the finacial collapse is going, and the way the N.Koreans and Iranians are acting, we may be facing this kind of situation sooner rather than later. What would the Chicoms do if Amerika went bankrupt and defaulted on all those bonds we have sold the Chicoms? Hmmmm…is it possible?

Here is a list of handguns that I can recommend for a Christian Survivalist:

I. The basic training and equipment

1. Go to a gun range or gun store and take a gun training and safety course first of all. I was raised around guns, went hunting by myself the first time when I was 7 years old. My grandmother put a .410 shotgun in my hands and sent me out to shoot a turkey. Her only words of caution were, “Don’t let the javelina get you!” In the Army I was an Infantryman and shot everything from a 105 mm howitzer to a 20mm vulcan, to a 4.2″ mortar as well as machine guns, grenade launchers, assault rifles, and pistols. I have been armed security for over 20 years. The point is that I have a lot of experience but still consider the basics of handgun safety and instruction important. Don’t just go buy a gun in the current panic. Take a class first!

2. Go to the gun range again, and rent a couple of different handguns in different calibers and test them out. Shoot a revolver in .38 cal. and then a semi-auto pistol in 9mm to see which is right for you.

3. Once you settle on a type of gun, revolver or pistol, and settle on caliber, then you should look at the different makers. In revolvers you can’t go wrong with Smith&Wesson, Ruger or Taurus. In semi-auto pistols you have an even wider variety with Smith&Wesson, Springfield, Ruger, TAurus, Glock, Sig, Colt, Beretta, H&K, etc. Rent and test a gun before you purchase, especially at today’s prices!

4. You can’t just buy a gun, you also have to buy a holster or two that fits your gun. If you are gong to carry concealed, you need to get 2-3 different kinds of holsters for your different styles of dress. Ranging from a purse designed to carry a concealed weapon (my wife has one) to a fanny pack, to an inside the pants holster, or even a shoulder rig, you need to think through your wardrobe and have a way to carry your handgun.

5. And don’t forget the cleaning equipment to maintain your firearm.

6. If you are going to shoot regularly, and you should, you will need some range supplies like a range bag or gun case, protective shooting glasses and ear protection.

7. Finally, you need trigger locks and or a gunsafe to lock up your firearms, especially if you have small children.

II. Self-defense Handguns

A. Revolvers- I love revolvers and carried a S&W mod.66 on duty for many years, so I am a bit partial. For their simplicity they are wonderful, but for some ladies, their trigger pull might be a problem. The first gun I bought for my wife was Taurus CH85 in .38 but the trigger pull was just too strong for her comfort. So I had to keep it for myself  (darn the luck!) and get her a Sig P230. I still carry a S&W mod.66 loaded with .357 when I hog hunt.

1. I highly recommend that everyone have at least one good, small revolver as a personal defense weapon. A little snub nosed .38 like my Taurus CH85 can be carried in a boot holster, in a purse, in a pant pocket, or notebook. I can shoot mine accurately out to about 7 meters, but most of these guns are good only for about 3 meters (yards).

Power ratings for the .38 special:

110 grain jhp from Winchester has a muzzle velocity of 945 fps with 218 foot pounds of energy.

2. Very few people carry a full sized revolver as their primary self-defense gun anymore, even though they are reliable, accurate, and effective. I still recommend fellow survivalists have at least one full sized revovler on hand. My choice is the S&W mod.66 in .38/.357mag. I have a 6″ barrel so it is not that practical for concealed carry, but makes a very good car gun (in Texas we are allowed to carry in our vehicles without a Concealed Carry License.) I carry my .357 when I am hunting. The .357mag has more power than a 9mm and I can darn well shoot it better than any of my semi-autos. Some folks go for a bigger caliber like the .44mag. I hope to get one some day.

3. Though not a self-defense handgun another revolver you ought to consider is a .22 LR. I have a Ruger Single-Six that has a 5 1/2″ barrel and two cylinders: 22LR and 22WMR. This is a single action western style revolver that is a great handgun to learn on (this is the first gun my wife ever shot) and a lot of fun with not much cost to the ammo.


4. To conclude the revolver needs: I recommend the survivalist have no less than 3 revolvers- a .38 snub nose, a full sized .357 or .44mag, and a full sized .22LR.

II. Semi-Auto Pistols- what the semi-auto pistols give you is more firepower in a more compact package with easier reloading ability and less recoil than the revolvers. You have more diversity in calibers of bullets and more diversity in manufacturers. Semi-autos dominate the handgun market and are in fact the better choice for a self defense handgun for most people.

1. The very small pistols are easier to conceal than are the small revolvers. We own 2 fine pistols in .380ACP caliber but both are on the large side of the caliber. My wife’s gun of choice is a Sig P-230. This gun can easily fit in her concealed carry purse or inside the waistband of a pair of pants. But it is still larger than several of the other .380’s available. The Taurus PT-58 that I own is likely the largest .380 ever built. I bought it in 1993-4 prior to the Clinton gun ban and high capacity magazine ban. This large .380 can carry 12 in the mag plus 1 in the chamber. But I love this pistol and is my favorite concealed carry pistol. Even though it is large, I can still stick it in my waistband. A lot of gun writers are very critical of the lack of power in a .380 but I believe accuracy is more important and at 7 meters I can put two quick shots in the center of chest and a third between the eyes. I don’t need a .45 for that.


Here is the current Taurus .380


Ruger’s new LCP .380 ACP is one of the best new smaller .380’s on the market.


I am a big Ruger fan, owning 4 of their guns, and wanting more! Sig has upgraded their P-230 into the new P-232


Walther makes excellent small pistols in .32ACP as well as .380ACP


Here are some facts about the power of the .380 ACP

90 grain jhp +P 1050 feet per second at the muzzle with 220 foot pounds of energy from Cor Bon.

102 grain jhp 940 fps at the muzzle and 200 lbs of energy at muzzle from Remington

2. The 9mm Lugar or Parabellum is likely the most popular pistol in America now. With more power than a .38 and in +P almost as much power as a .357mag, the 9mm can come in a large frame like my Ruger P-89


or in a very small, easily concealable frame like the Taurus Millenium Pro 111


I can certainly recommend the various Sig pistols in 9mm as I carried one on duty for a few years, the P228 which, like all my other guns (it seems) has been discontinued.


One company I was with issued us Glock 19’s in 9mm and this became my favorite. Though I do not own one, I really fell in love with the Glock and highly recommend it and hope to own a Glock or two someday.


For the Christian Survivalist the 9mm is a great choice due to the large number of choices it gives and the abundance of ammunition available. It is very flexible being able to be concealed in a small gun or, in a full sized gun loaded with +P ammo, it can be an excellent duty gun or self-defense gun in a TEOTWAWKI situation.

More to follow…

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Amen! Gave this a Stumble “Thumbs Up”! Greg

[…] given Angle’s frequently referenced Christian faith, what we have here is Christian Survivalism at its […]

Hello! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Cheers

Hey Wheels,
Certainly, I would be happy if you shared this blog with others.

If at all possible Im looking for like minded christian groups who I am able to be in contact with to survive and come thru the coming tribulation helping and bringing people to the Lord….you may contact me here………rascus48@gmx.com……..May the Lord Bless you and yours always…..Frank

I have learned a thing or two driving truck for over ten years. My wife and I logged two million miles all across north america during this time. We were not permitted to carry a firearm for self defence or mace or any thing that could be classified as a weapon. We were traveling through Canada regularly and California. We spent the night down town in most of the cities of America and in some pretty dangerous areas. You could say, our lives were risked more times than I can count. I would have loved to have a gun of any kind but it was denied us so we learned to pray like a soldier does when he feels that he might not live through the night. God is/was my defense then and I know that he saved us many times because we had no defense of any kind. I believe when I load my weapons at home I beg God… yes.. I beg God to be my defense so that I will not have to defend us with a gun. God knows I will if I have to for you see, I am an ex K-9 Air Force law enforcement officer with combat training. To take a life is a very serious thing and I believe God will defend us so that I/we do not have to pull that trigger on another human being.
For home defense, I recomend a 12 gauge smooth bore slug shotgun with 00 buckshot. One shot= 9- 9mm balls to the chest. That will pick up a person and throw them back against the wall. That is a fight stopper! As a home back up a .357 magnum will shoot through walls and that way you can hit the assailant by shooting through whatever he is hiding behind. Remember to know BEFOREHAND that every bullet comes with a laywer attached. Think before you shoot and you had better know the laws on ‘use of deadly force’ before you even load your weapons. God be with you as you find the proper weapons to buy to defend yourself.

I agree with you! I think self-defense is a good cause, and one that is righteous. I firmly believe that we should do what we can to help ourselves, so self-defense is good. I appreciate what Alvin says, and I think a good Christian does know that taking a life is very serious. However, to keep my family safe from those who don’t, I keep my own law enforcement tactical gear at home, hoping never to use it.

Being a christian I have wrestled with the issue of pacifism for awhile. However, having lived in this world for almost 62 years (including 3 years active duty Marine Corps (non-combat) and Pa. National Guard service and I have served as a corrections officer in both county and state prisons in Pennsylvania, I have seen the evil that some men will do to others. I have personally interacted (sometimes physically) with murderers, rapists, and drug dealers that make no secret that they will hurt or kill anyone that gets in their way. God has promised that he will put a hedge around those who are His but I still feel that I have a responsibility (I Timothy 5:8) to protect my family if I am able. Since I am disabled and many times walk with a cane, the sub-compact 9mm in my iwb holster gives me a good dose of self-confidence, which is reinforced by monthly range sessions. We once (about 7 or 8 years ago) had a long-haired crazed man come to our back door and asked to come in because “they” were after him. Since my wife and teen-age daughter were in the house I had the man step back to our driveway and I went out to talk with him. It was summer then but he had a long sleeve flannel shirt on and when I got close to him I saw that he had a hunting knife in his fist with the blade hidden in his shirt sleeve. I started to talk to the man as I started walking backwards out the driveway because I knew our neighbors across the street were out on the porch and I wanted help and/or witnesses in case things “went south” in a hurry (I had grabbed my 9mm Makarov pistol on the way out the door and had it in my belt in the small of my back under my t-shirt with a round in the chamber and the safety off). As the man followed me toward the front of the house I told him to drop the knife but he just kept talking crazy. As I passed my daughter’s bedroom window I yelled to her to call 911 NOW!! By the time I had backed up another 20 yards to the street a police cruiser screeched to a halt about 10 yards away and both officers got out and were down behind their car doors with their guns drawn. I immediately put my hands in the air (the thought went thru my mind that this couldn’t possibly be happening to me) and yelled to the officer’s that the man had a knife. They ordered him to drop the knife which he did not do but he continued to keep talking about the people after him. The officers left cover and approached the man, all the while ordering him to drop the knife. They finally rushed the man and wrestled the knife from him and got him in handcuffs. Once he was secured in the back of the cruiser, the sergeant approached me and took my statement about the incident. The whole time I spoke to him I kept my back to him so my weapon would not become an issue (didn’t have any money to pay a lawyer). The police left my residence and I never heard from them again about the incident but I did find out that the man had walked out of a residential treatment house and was off his psych medications. You just never know what the day (or night) will bring so that is why I have a Concealed Carry Permit and carry my Keltec P11 9mm with me at all times (backed up by the Remington 870 12 ga. in the bedroom). Not paranoid but prudent – and prepared!! Proverbs 22:3 and 27:12.

CHRISTIANS are NOT meant to stand by and watch EVIL and those USED of it to prosper. many so called CHRISTIAN pacifists do not KNOW THEIR BIBLE at all.i am LOOKING for CHRISTIAN [SURVIVALISTS] here in Brisbane/Australia to PREPARE for what is coming. so those in Brisbane/Australia please get in touch.

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