Obama Administration: A Scandal a Day

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Friday the 13th, 2009- I have had a keen interest in political affairs since I was in Mr. Ron Carter’s 8th grade American History class at Madison Jr. High in Bartlesville, OK. (Mr. Carter went on to go to law school after a couple of years of teaching, but his class was so much fun that I ended up majoring in History at OU. Mr. Carter’s claim to fame back in the day was that in High School, he played Safety in football, and in one game he was the only defensive player between the famous Steve Owens and the goal line. He said he still has cleat marks from that encounter!) That was the year of the Watergate Hearings and we would occasionally watch some of that on TV in the class on Fridays which was Current Events day.

The point is, my interest in politics was born watching a scandal. Over the years I have seen countless scandals, real and imagined. I watched the Iran-Contra hearings back in the 80’s with LTC Oliver North sitting there day after day in his USMC uniform and that chest full of medals. That was a particularly good scandal, real in the sense that laws were probably deliberately broken by the good guys trying to what was right, contrived because Congress was flat out wrong in how they were handling Nicaragua, etc.

The scandals of the Bush administration were virtually all contrived politically by the Bush hating syndrome afflicting Congress. Bush should have pardoned Scooter Libby the day after his conviction. And I take Bush’s side in the scandals of his administration, not because I am a Bush supporter. I did not vote for him in the primary of 2000, and I opposed more of his policies than I supported. Bush was the best Demoncrat President since JFK. He was no conservative. He bungled some aspects of the war and the economy.But he DID KEEP US SAFE!

Now we get to the scandals of the Obamasky administration, 52-53 days old now. In my 36 years of watching politics, this is the most amateurish, ethically challenged administration I have seen. Go to my link below to Atlas Shrugs for a good list, I will just dwell on a few.

Most recently we have Vivek Kundra, Obama’s pick as Chief Technology Officer, who formerly ran that office for Washington DC. Kundra’s office was raided by the FBI who had been running acorruption investigation. Kundra himself was not the intended target, just his underlings. Right.

Next we have a couple of cases of “Oops, I really don’t want to serve in this administration!” Dr. Sanya Gupta of CNN (note: there are a high number of news media that end up serving in Demoncrat administrations, why?) first agreed to take the Surgeon General’s job, but then backed out. Officially, he had not yet been nominated, but he was the leading candidate. He then decided to back out as it would be detrimental to his family and surgeon’s career. Uhmm Hmm…wonder what his taxes look like?


The Sec. of Commerce position has been snake bit, first by Gov. Bill Richardson bailing out due to some rather serious legal investigations against him in what may be a “pay for play” situation.


Then, there was Republican Senator Judd Gregg (what was he thinking) who withdrew because of political differences with the Obama administration (he just now figures out there is a difference between Dems and Repubs? He has been in the Senate wayyy tooo longgg).



Another nominee that has withdrawn, this one was to be Treasury Secretary Geithner’s chief assistant, is Annette Nazareth. No real reason was ever given as to why she withdrew, but one can imagine…


Now we have the various Tax Cheats who have been nominated, and, remarkably, confirmed (proof the Republicans in the Senate are invertebrates, and some are likely pervertebrates too- Larry Craig, Ted Kennedy, et al). Chief Tax Thief is Timothy Geithner, Sec. of Treasury. If you believe his line about getting his taxes wrong on Turbo Tax because he didn’t understand it….He is either a liar and a thief, or an incompetent, or all the above. So why did Senator Cornyn of Texas vote for him?


The next tax cheat nominated is former demoncrat Senator Tom Daschel who had to withdraw from the confirmation process for Sec. of Health and Human Services because of cheating on his taxes.


Now he has been replaced by the RADICAL PRO-ABORTION Gov. Kathleen Sibelius of Kansas. She is not merely pro-choice, she is radically pro-abortion.



Next is Rep. Hilda Solis, Dem. CA nominated for Secretary of Labor. It seems that her husband is a tax cheat, but that isnt stopping her.


Now we have Nancy Killefer, who was to be appointed as the Performance Czar, who had some pretty good tax problems and had to withdraw. Does anyone else see the irony of the performance czarina withdrawing for something as basic as taxes? Great performance!


Next in line is the former mayor of Dallas (there is a reason we live in Fort Worth instead of Dallas…) who is up for US Trade Representative. He has been confirmed, but, you guessed it, he too had tax issues.




Then there is Adolfo Carrion, Pres. Obama’s choice for Urban Czar (what does an urban czar do?) who is under investigation for bribery and he failed to pay an architect who did work for him a couple of years ago.


The person nominated for Chairman of the National Intelligence Council, Charles Freeman, had to withdraw, he said because of the Israel Lobby not liking him. There were some indications that he was way too friendly with the Chicoms in some financial dealings as well as making some outrageous statements about Israel (perhaps he would have been approved as Attorney General instead?)


Finally, there are 3 people in the Justice Department confirmed who shold not be anywhere the Justice Department. First is Thomas Perrelli, for Associate Attorney General (the #3 spot) who is infamous for being the attorney helping Terri Schiavo’s husband sue to get her starved to death. Second, we have that great defender of Pornographers everywhere, David Ogden, as the #2 at Justice, Deputy Attorney General. Finally, the Top Cop himself, that paragon of ambulance chasers everywhere, Attorney General Eric Holder, who pardoned Marc Rich for Pres. Bill Clinton and most recently embarrassed the administration (is that really possible?) by calling America a “nation of cowards” for not being willing to discuss racial issues more openly. Hoo boy.




Well, that is a pretty entertaining start to a 4-yr administration that should be filled with lotsa libtard lunacy.

May God save the United States!

Equality 7-2521

Oops! Wow! I no sooner publish this than another Obama pick has had to bail out of the bail-out administration. Rodgin Cohen was picked to replace Annette Nazareth (see above) as Deputy Treasury Secretary, but he has now had to leave because of “an issue in the final stages of the vetting process”. Turbo-Tax perhaps? And in this story I found out that another Obama appointee, Caroline Atkinson, Under-Secretary for International affairs, had to withdraw for TAX ISSUES.


At this point one has to seriously question whether any Demoncrat politician pays their taxes?


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