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Repent! The End Is Near!

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Did that headline get your attention? I have been predicting the world would end in about 5 years for at least the last 15. But this time I really mean it! Do you remember the old cartoons that would have some long haired guy in a robe and sandals walking around with a sign that says, “The End is Near”? A lot of jokes, spoofs and idiotic things have come out about the end times and the Late Great Planet Earth (A best seller by Hal Lindsay that came out in the 1970’s when end times mania was at a peak).

There have been Christians predicting the end of the world and the return of Christ ever since, well, ever since Jesus ascended. There is some evidence that Paul’s early view of the return of Christ was that it would be in his lifetime. Throughout Church history there have been various apocalyptic movements, and in our modern age there is no want of nuts like the Branch Davidians in Waco or that group that all suicided as the Hale-Bopp comet came by, thinking their messiah was in a spaceship behind the comet. Nuts.

However, it is increasingly apparent to me and a lot of others, that what we see in the world today is a convergence of several factors that seem to point to an impending mega-crisis that may bring about, if not the end of the world, an end to our way of life. Look at some of the situations we are currently facing:

1. The world-wide economic crisis. The United States is basically insolvent, bankrupt, in that we owe more than we are worth. One more good crisis like a Katrina, an earthquake or war, could very well send us over the edge. If our currency collapses, and that is increasingly likely, we will see hyper-inflation, chaos in the cities, a return to a barter system, and very possibly a war with China. China has been buying hundreds of billions of dollars of our US Bonds and would be devastated financially if we defaulted. Countries have gone to war for far, far less. While it is likely the Obama administration would default on its own citizens first, rather than risk war with China, still, a war is a strong likelihood. Not that the Chicoms would be invading Texas anytime soon, it would likely be a grab at Taiwan to recoup their losses, and the US would either honor its commitments to Taiwan, or, just let it happen.

But WHEN the economic collapse happens, (I think within a couple of years) what will life be like here in the midst of big city? The hoarding of guns and ammo has already happened, food is next. There would be a run on the grocery stores and the shelves would be empty. There will be some rioting in parts of town and crime will skyrocket as people are unable to buy food. Gas stations will run out of gas and the transportation system will stall. Businesses will close, people will be out of work. Banks will close until some kind of currency deal is reached, but hyper-inflation will be a problem for a long while.

When a government defaults on its obligations (think Social Security, Medicare, Treasury notes, US Bonds…all worthless and no longer paying) it will either print more money (the usual solution- which does not ever work) or it will have to secure its currency with some tangible asset. During early America, the Revolutionary War, Continental Notes became worthless. Men loaned their fortunes to the Continental Congress never to be repaid. Specie, Gold or Silver, was all that mattered. A positive balance of trade helped acquire specie which was notably absent in early America. (We haven’t had a positive balance of trade since the late 1960’s which is also why we went off the Gold Standard). After the War for Independence many wanted the US to default on their loans to foreign governments and creditors, but Hamiltonian economics prevailed and the US paid most of its debts (except to its own citizens) and America prospered. Rural debtors resented the bankers and merchants for this for years however and Shays’ rebellion was a result, which in turn led to a new government being formed.

Fast forward to today. If Amerika defaults today, who do you think the Obamites will pay off first? Citizens on Social Security or foreign nations who bought all those notes and bonds? I’m thinking the Social Security checks will have a hiatus.

2. The North Korean Missile Crisis- this one may happen in a few days. The N.Koreans are going to test fire their ICBM (aka communications satellite). This is one of those tests of the Obama administration that Joe Biden was referring to that would occur soon after they took office. What can we do about the N.Koreans firing an ICBM? Maybe shoot it down with our Anti-ICBM missiles? If we do that, N. Korea has stated they would consider it an act of war. What will Obama do? What should Obama do? I kind of like the idea of shooting the NKorean missile down myself.

3. The Iranian Nuclear Crisis- the world utterly failed to take care of this problem that we all knew was coming at us like a Mack Truck. Now it will likely fall to Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel to bomb Iran. When, not if, that happens, it could be the beginning of WWIV (we are in WWIII right now with the war on Terror) and Armageddon.

4. The Mexican Crisis- Has anyone noticed that Mexico is going through a civil war/revolucion’? The drug cartels and the government are now in open battle. The Mexican Army is being sent into the streets of Juarez and this battle is already spilling over into America.

5. All we need now is lucusts, plague and maybe an asteroid strike.

What is to be done?

1. Pray for our nation and our nation’s leaders. Pray for the situation with Iran and Israel. Pray for Jesus to Return!

2. Stock up on Guns&Ammo, Beans&Rice.

3. Some would say buy gold, even though it is about $940 an ounce today.

4. Get a survival kit together

5. It is always the right time to repent of sin and plead for mercy from Jesus. Now would be an even better time, because the world is careening out of control and things just are not looking too good. I suspect that we are all in for some hard times very soon. Maybe the old sign is appropriate for our day: Repent! The End is Near!

Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!

Equality 7-2521

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