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The next Tea Party in Fort Worth is going to be a Tax Day Protest on Wednesday, April 15th, from 6:00-8:00pm at LaGrave Field, 301 NE 6th Street, Fort Worth. There is a $5 parking fee. See map:


I understand the importance of doing this on Tax Day, but a lot of supporters are going to be at church that night. I might take a pass from Care Group that night, I’m not sure.


Here is a link to my most recent update on the Tax Day Tea Party


Friday, February 27, 2009–All across America today thousands of Patriots held “Tea Parties” to protest the dramatic and revolutionary socialism of Pres. Barack Hussein Obama in his first month in office. I attended the Fort Worth Tea Party organized by Stephanie Klick and held at the Cowtown Bar and Grill at the intersection of HWY 377 and HWY 80 (Camp Bowie and Alta Mere).

There were about 300 folks at the peak of the Tea Party in Fort Worth, but it was a come and go event so there may have been another hundred or so who participated. (Stephanie Klick estimated 800 who showed up total) I did hear that the petition against the porkulous spending bill was signed by about 800 people.

The Fort Worth event was covered by the local TV News channel 11, CBS. I watched the 10pm showing and saw myself on the news waving my Continental Navy Jack flag (13 red and white stripes, a big yellow snake and Don’t Tread On Me) and carrying a sign that read: I am John Galt (from Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged).

There were several highlights from this event. One couple had manufactured two pig carts using the kiddie rides that you used to see in front of grocery stores. They were riding pigs affixed to those electric scooters for older, handicapped folks. They were riding them around in the median at the intersection. See the attached youtube videos.



I am seen in the background of the first video towards the end waving my Navy Jack.

Another highlight was meeting Larry Kilgore, candidate for Governor of Texas in 2010. Larry is part of the Texas Independence movement that wants to peacefully secede from the union. I have heard some talk of this in my social circles in the past year. More on this later. Larry was an interesting and attractive person; worth seeking more information on.


Because I was wearing my 9th Infantry Division hat I got asked by several other veterans about my service in the Army. Had a few good conversations there and met several other vets.

The T-shirt of the day that I saw was a guy with an OD green T and four faces: Marx, Engles, Lenin and Obama. I have got to get me one of those! I saw one young lady in a Club Gitmo T-shirt from Rush Limbaugh (much envy…grrr) and I saw a guy wearing an Infidel Tee (I have one of those!). One guy had a very entrepreurial idea- he made some Tees for the occasion. A gray T-shirt with black lettering that said simply, “yeah…time for a Tea Party”. He was selling them for $10 so I bought one to commemorate the occasion.


There were a lot of very cool, well done signs and many interesting signs that were not as well done. We conservatives need to work on our signage! The two common problems were that the signs were too small and impossible to read unless you were right up on them, and they were at times too crowded, too much material on them for the size. The other problem was that some were just hastily drawn and didn’t look very good.

Since I brought my big Navy Jack I did not make a sign.


When one gentleman was leaving the Tea Party he gave me his sign to hold along with my flag. It was not a very well done sign, but I like it so I accepted it. It read: “I am John Galt” referring, of course, to the principle character of Ayn Rand’s famous novel, Atlas Shrugged. I got asked a few questions about this sign and this sign was highly visible on channel 11 news as I and my flag were right behind the reporter:


My flag is visible at .46 and I and my flag and sign at 1.06.

All in all, this was a great event to participate in. Next time, and there will be a next time, maybe we should bring Bar B Q grills and be grillin’ some Pork!

I believe that the conservatives in America are waking  up and realizing that Pres. Obama and the Demoncrats in the Congress have crossed the line and are outright Socialists. For a bunch of conservatives to get out and actually protest is an amazing thing.

Michelle Malkin helped get the Tea Party going at a national level and her website has some good pics from around the country:


And here is the Fort Worth Star-Telegram story with pics and video:


And for those who care about race issues we had about a 95% white crowd, unfortunately. I saw a few hispanics in our group, one brave muslim-American, a couple of asians, and one mixed family (black-white) with 3 cute kiddos.

I saw a few blacks drive by us supporting us as well as a few hispanics. I saw a few blacks drive by and peacefully disagree with us and some drive by with some insulting words and gestures. As I was crossing the street to leave, a car of black folks cursed at me and derided me and my flag. White liberals just seemed to drive by and not say anything.

On our side I did not see or hear anything remotely racist although there were some T-shirts and signs that linked Obama to muslims, terrorists, etc. that could possibly be interpreted as racist.

Equality 7-2521


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I was walking up behind you at 1.06, and they got me crossing the street at the very end.
I shook hand and spoke very briefly with Carol Cavazos, the CBS11 reporter/infobabe. She was very nice and wanted to hear what we had to say. And she didn’t put up with a couple of oppostition folks who just wanted face time on camera for tv.

She said her photos would be on her Facebook.

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