Is the Banking Crisis a Result of a Terrorist Attack?

Posted on February 13, 2009. Filed under: News of the Day, Political Issues |

Friday, February 13, 2009– Everyone knows that Sept.11, 2001 Muslim terrorists attacked the US, choosing to attack the World Trade Towers as a symbol of our financial system. What we are just finding out this week is that the current Banking Crisis may have been another Terrorist attack on our financial system. Rep. Paul Kanjorski, Democrat, 11th District of PA, is caught on a video from CNN stating that on Thursday, Sept. 15th, SOMEONE started an electronic run on the banks that took out about $550 BILLION IN AN HOUR OR TWO from money market accounts. The Federal Reserve had to shut down the system or it would have collapsed. THE PROBLEM IS THAT SEPT.15 IS NOT A THURSDAY, IT IS A MONDAY. But Rep. Kanjorski keeps referring to Thursday. Do you know what date the previous  Thursday was? SEPTEMBER 11. Perhaps the confusion of the date is that the meeting with the Sec. of treasury and the Fed was on Monday the 15th and it was about what happened on Thursday the 11th. But over at Rush Limbaugh’s site he is calling it Thursday the 18th.

IS OUR GOVERNMENT JUST PLAIN STUPID OR ARE THEY DELIBERATELY TRYING TO HIDE FROM THE PUBLIC THAT WE HAVE BEEN HIT BY TERRORISTS AGAIN? Who withdrew the money? We know that many Muslim countries have Trillions of Dollars of assets in the US. Was it a Muslim government doing this or a combination of muslim individuals?

Here is a link to the story at Atlas Shrugs:

Here is a link to another column about this, by Diana West at

I am going to call my Congressman and Senators this morning to rant about this! I URGE you to do the same!

If the American people had known this was a Terrorist attack in September (and it is not known for certain that it was a terrorist attack yet) how would that have affected the election? I have no doubt that it would have swung huge numbers of voters to McCain. Now the question is, who decided to not tell the American people and why? Where was Pres. Bush (demoncrat-lite)?

Now we have a Muslim and terrorist friendly President in charge who is a radical socialist. I believe that he is not even a legitimate US citizen by birth, that his whole life and campaign is a fraud, and that America and the Constitution are in mortal danger.

Is it time to form a modern day equivalent to the Committees on Correspondence and Sons of Liberty?

Equality 7-2521


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