Is ObamaNation an Abomination?

Posted on January 20, 2009. Filed under: News of the Day |

Tuesday, January 20, 2009– There is no doubt that today is one of the greatest days in the history of our nation as the first black American takes the office of President of the United States of America. It is fitting that the Inauguration comes the day after we celebrated Martin Luther King Day. African Americans all across the country can rightfully take pride and be thankful for what has transpired in this land. I, too, rejoice that we live in a land where the rule of law has overcome prejudice. I am rejoicing that a black man is now President…I just think it is the wrong black man.

I am sad to say that I think this election is a fraud from the beginning and that America has been deeply deceived by this President and by the press, the MSM, that got him elected. Not that I liked the alternative, John McCain is a compromising, confused demoncrat-lite. And not that I was a big George W. Bush fan, I think he was one of the better “democrat” presidents we have had, but he was never a conservative. But I am convinced that Pres. Obama is a fraud and that this will eventually be discovered.

1. I am convinced that Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural born US citizen. I have seen and read what evidence is available and I believe he is deliberately hiding this fact. He has not released any of his academic records. Why? They likely show that his country of origin is either Kenya or Indonesia. He has not released his birth certificate. His own grandmother was recorded as saying that he was born in Kenya. He traveled to Pakistan as a young man when you could not get to Pakistan on a US passport. All of these things he has buried and the MSN, the Obama Press Team, has refused to research them adequately.

2. There are cases still in the court system, even before the US Supreme Court about this issue. I do not think the SCOTUS will actually make a ruling because they know that (1) if they were to make a ruling that Obama was not technically a US citizen it would produce rioting all across this land; (2) the Supreme Court has no enforcement power and there is no way the Executive Branch nor the Legislative Branch of our current government would abide by the Court’s decision. That means that both the President and the Congress could not care any less for the US Constitution which is exactly where the Demoncrats have been for at least 40 years. Also, the fourth branch of government- the ObamaPress, the MSM, would never support the Constitution in this regard either. The Press and the Demoncrats might even hurry through a Constitutional Amendment to remove the requirement that the President bea natural born citizen.

3. This President is a radical socialist who has associated with other radicals, terrorists (Ayers and Dohrn), and crooks (Rezko and Blagoyavich). Though there are some signs of encouragement that he is moving toward the center to govern and that his radical talk in the campaign was just talk, he is still known as the most liberal of all US Senators in his voting record, and he fully supports the socialistic policies of the Congress and the Bush Administration in the current economic crisis. Socialism is always denigrating to the human spirit and counter productive besides being inherently un-biblical. Socialism robs us of wealth, freedom, dignity and individualism. It is collectivism and statism with a smile. It is the Road to Serfdom, to quote Hayek.

4. Obama is a universalist in his theology, like Pres. Bush. Obama comes from a mixed religious background. Though he claims to be a Christian, there is no doubt that in his childhood he went to an Islamic school and was brought up muslim. His mother and grandparents though were more of the “non-religious” types but when he got to Chicago he needed to connect, and the black church met his needs. He was influenced by Jeremiah Wright and Black Liberation Theology (a heretical group) and claims to be a Christian. After hearing a few of Wright’s sermons, however, I am not sure, because they are so political I cannot hear any biblical gospel or doctrine.And there is some evidence now that Obama may be a Freemason and masonry tends toward teaching a universal “god” for all religions.

President Obama will change the laws through executive orders in regards to abortion, embryonic stem cell research and homosexuality in the military. These are abhorrent abominations that will bring judgment upon America. He will appoint pro-abortion, pro-homosex judges. He will loosen the borders. And, as all demoncrats do, he will weaken the US military, even though we are at war.

So how should we pray for this President?

I like two seemingly opposite paths to prayer here. First there is Joseph Farah’s prayer that Obama fail. I would say, pray that his liberal, socialist, pro-abortion/homosex policies fail.

Second, there is Al Mohler’s prayer:

It takes both kinds of prayers. I absolutely pray for his and his family’s safety and well being, the last thing we need is some nut job of a bubba racist trying to kill a black president, or some al qaida queer trying to blow them all up. God save us from that. And I think it a good thing to pray for his salvation and for biblical wisdom, that where he is right he would prosper and where he is unbiblical he would fail and see the light.

In conclusion, today is a bright spot in our history, but it a bright spot that may be more artificial than real. I hope I am wrong about him not being a citizen, but I want to see the proof.


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