Russia Trying to Start a War in Ukraine?

Posted on January 4, 2009. Filed under: News of the Day |

Thursday Update–January 15, 2009– The global economy can be used for political purposes and Russia’s Putin is a master at it. Here is another column about the GAs crisis between Russia and Ukraine:

Tuesday update, January 6, 2009– Here is a story about the gas crisis started by the Russians is spreading to all of Europe:

Neo-Soviets Using Gas as Weapon Against Former Subjects

Sunday, January 4, 2009– Vladimir Putin’s Neo-Soviet government is using its energy resources as a weapon against its former subjects in the Ukraine and the Czech Republic. This could even be a pretext for another war like the one Putin led this summer in re-conquering parts of the Republic of Georgia. Here are the stories:

This kind of economic bullying is what we have come to expect from the Neo-Soviets and could be an excuse for another war of retribution on one of the old Soviet states. Just like America is beholden to the muslim nations for a lot of its oil, the European Union is beholden to the Russians and Ukraine is perhaps the most vulnerable.

Putin and his Neo-Soviets could easily proclaim that Ukraine is stealing more and more gas and make a military invasion upon that pretext. I doubt they would try to take the whole of Ukraine, as in Georgia the Russians settled for 1/3. There are many Russians in Ukraine who would love to be back in the Russian Tsardom, and they could even “invite” the Russkies in.

What would the EU, NATO and the US do? Protest, hold talks, bluster and blab. Would we go to war with the Russians over Ukraine? I doubt it. With all the other problems America has right now, we are not able to fight another war. EU is morally bankrupt and has lost the will to survive (except for the former Soviet block countries like Ukraine, Czech Rep. and Poland. They know what slavery is all about.

What should America do if the Russkies invade Ukraine?

Stay tuned…this will get very interesting.

The bottom line is that if you value your freedom you must diversify where you get your food, fuel, water, and other neccesities.


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