Is Barack Obama a Freemason?

Posted on January 4, 2009. Filed under: News of the Day |

UPDATE- Thursday, January 22, 2009–According to the following story, Pres. Obama attended 10 Inaugural Balls, listed below in the story, but the Freemason Ball was not listed.

Sunday, January 4, 2009– Is President-Elect Barack Obama a Freemason? Here is a question I never thought to ask. Until today. Here is a news story about the First Ever Freemason Inaugural Ball.

Now the website that had this news item is, how shall I say it, somewhat of a bunker buddy, conspiracy geek, kind of website; but I guess I am kind of that way in some ways too, else I wouldn’t go there. In doing a little bit of google searching I have found some even more disreputable sites claiming Obama is a Mason.

For a long time the Masonic Lodge did not admit blacks, so blacks formed an irregualr lodge of their own. Anytime you start studying Masonry it gets a little complex and wacky, so I really don’t want to go down this rabbit hole too deep until I can see the story in a legit news source.

So what is the big deal? We have had other Presidents who were members of various secret societies. Pres. George W Bush is a member of the Skull & Bones society from Yale-

Fourteen of our Presidents have been Freemasons including Washington, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Gerald Ford.

So what is the big deal if Obama is a Mason? I have known several Masons, including my grandfather, and they are generally speaking great guys, very moral and religious. The Masons do some good deeds and the Shriners are noted for their hospitals.

However, my experience with Masons in my church was not a positive one. My studies about Freemasonry have led me to believe they are pretty strange in a lot of ways. They tend to have a world view that sees all religions as worshipping the same god. Not all masons believe that, but if you take masonry literally that is what is taught.

I think for most masons, it is just a fun fraternal organization that is kind of like a secret boys club that has grown ups in it. It is a means of making important friends and networking. But the rituals, vows, their view of history and religion, if taken seriously, is ghastly.

The bottom line for me is that I will never trust or respect any mason as much as I would if they repudiated their Craft and Lodge. That does not mean I think the masons and the Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderburghers are going to take over the world any time soon. Conspiracy geeks don’t understand that conspiracies like that are too complex to ever really work.

So what if Barack Obama is a Mason? 1) I don’t know if he is or not, this article simply brought the question up. 2) If he is a mason, I doubt that would have any serious impact on his liberal policies or decision making. 3) If he is a mason it is just one more thing that makes me suspicious of him.


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15 Responses to “Is Barack Obama a Freemason?”

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obama is a mason?
hmm… i don’t know..

Of course he is!! or serving them. Just think, did the same newspaper hand you this president as the last one? yes! The entire staged election debates were just conditioning you to hear the words ‘hillary’ ‘obama’ ‘mccain’. OVER AND OVER and OVER until these words were the talk of america (and canada where i live *BARF)

Their number one motto is ordo ad chaos and that means order out of chaos. Don’t you think that is scary?

Its not scary at all! Order and change come ONLY from chaos. if you payed any attention to history at all, you would know that it is the only way to make any world a better place.

p smith,
Maybe not so much scary as…presumptuous and arrogant?

Masons Rule!!!! (Literally!!) LOL!

obama is a mason

Prince Hall Masons Are Free Black Masons And Considered As Such.
Every U.S. President Is Considered A Honorary Mason.

Same over here in England.. the Queen can’t be a Mason because she’s female.. but she has a honorary headship. She seems to pretty much ignore it, so does her husband Prince Philip if reports are true. Apprarently Prince Charles would’nt even join.
Hard to imagine Obama isn’t, considering his rise to power, his years working in Law Courts and his relatives being the Bush family.
It’s hard for a head of state when your top Military people are Masons, your leading Industrialists are Masons and leaders in other countries are too..

Mrs Thatcher was our Prime Minister back in the 80’s and obviously wasn’t – but then her husband was, the Deputy PM William Whitelaw was and her good friends Ronald Regan and Mr Mitterand were .. so she got by !!

Masonry worldwide says there is one god – the GREAT ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE (GAOTU for short) but they ban discussion of Jesus in the Lodge (officially anyway),
in fact all religions are acceptable equally to them.
I’m all for us getting on with eachother nicely but no !.. religions are not the same, not all right, and Jesus is the only one who provided forgiveness of sin and life in heaven with God .. so we all need to get with Him asap !

follow up the ranks of Freemasonry and you get to Lucifer (The Lost Keys of Freemasonry p48) and even some Hindu deities..but you won’t get forgiveness.


you are a complete idiot making general statements with no base for the masons or obama.

Dear anon,
If making general statements with no basis makes one an idiot….what does that make you?

Each and every one of us that are able to open our minds – are responsible for searching the information that will lead to the explanation of our current state of consciousness. By this I mean the understanding of the reason we are not aware of the truth about people that are organized around the world committed to safeguarding the interests to preserve control. The goal for humanity is true consciousness.

uhhh, yeah, right, I guess so.

My father was grand master. I know a lot about it. It’s extremely bad. Stay away from it.

I’m not a Mason 1st.I have been asked to ‘offer’ only once in my life and I was past age 60 then.Some kind of ‘bad’ people I am ‘related to’ I knew to be Masons.Some Masons I’ve known as good acquaintances or colleagues were good men all round, but racially prejudiced;I,myself am not,though white and exposed continually in my childhood to racist bias,some of which may have impacted me somewhat.I don’t believe these latter I mentioned were prejudiced against Blacks for example because of their Freemasonry association but for other reasons,e.g. their ethnic or regional backgrounds.However,I disagree with you that Masons are as close to Rosicrucians or Theosophists in believing all religions worship the same god,rather they believe there is only One God TO worship and any others are either demigods or imaginary.They refer constantly to their presence back in O.T. or Hebrew Scripture time when they claim to have participated in the construction of the 1st Temple in Jerusalem and yet don’t claim to be Hebrews,themselves.I am far more concerned about Christian theories in Catholic & Protestant circles that see THEMselves as the ‘New’ Israel to ‘replace’ the Jews/Israelis*.Now,where do you think those groups have in mind they* are going to go?! For further study please refer to thr Seventy Weeks of Daniel sermons of William Marrion Branham published by VGR,inc.Jeffersonville,IN.47131

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