Questions for the Christian Homosexual

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Questions for the Christian Homosexual

Saturday, September 13, 2008–Here is the text of my e-mail to someone who is very close to me who is a Christian  homosexual but celibate. This person and I have had an ongoing dialog for about 12-15 years about homosexuality; we obviously have much disagreement, but we are generally able to carry on a respectful and even fun argument. This friend sent me an e-mail  with a link to a gay newspaper that has an interview with a famous Christian Singer  who has come out of the closet and announced he is gay. Here is the link:

I’ve been debating with myself whether to respond to the  e-mail you sent. I guess I will try
but I sure don’t want to be preachy here; so I guess I will just state my opinion and thoughts in as decent a way as I can.

1)I believe that we start with fundamentally different premises which makes argumentation quite difficult. My premise is that God’s Word is to be the authority over my personal experience and preference and feelings. The Gay interpretations of the Bible that seek to defend homosexual Behaviour that I have read (yes I went to that website you sent me back in Jan-Feb) ultimately make personal experience the rule of faith. Gays are not alone in that by the way. My experience as a pastor in a small, traditional Baptist Church taught me that most of us are prone to that faulty hermeneutic. I mean, c’mon, what is sin but telling God my way is better, I want what I want and I will seek to cover it up or justify it any way I can.

2) So, since we start with a fundamentally different premise, any appeal to my authority, the Bible, would likely fall on deaf ears to anyone who has self as the ultimate authority. However, the standard answer by the Christian gay would be, “But I do believe the Bible”. I would reply that “Yeah, you believe the Bible except for the parts about homosexuality.” And then the argument would begin. Let’s skip all that.

3) Let me also state from the beginning that I do believe that many, maybe even most, gays are born with a genetic predisposition toward homosexuality. I got in BIG trouble for stating that as a question last year when I was teaching. Voof. I think some become gay due to early childhood experiences that would include things like a domineering mother and weak or absent dad; being molested; early adolescent sexual experimentation with same sex; or, now with young women especially- it is a way to have sex without risk of pregnancy; it is now socially cool for girls to do it due to media and entertainment. I think the whole bi-sexual thing which is increasingly popular even in middle school is a direct result of the pornification of America and is much more of a choice.

4) All that being said, I also happen to believe that ALL of us are natural born sinners with different predispositions to sin in a multitude of ways. I am a hetero sexual and have a natural predisposition to lust after any good looking woman I see. I was born that way. God made me that way. So why should there be laws prohibiting me from acting upon my inner self? I have met people who were angry from birth. They have an anger streak in their family and likely have an “anger gene”. To be true to their self should they be allowed to exult in their anger? Should they set up political action committees for a political alliance based upon their genetic predisposition towards anger? I have met some that I absolutely believe were born liars, very young children who could not have been taught to lie so young. The Bottom line is that every one of us is a natural born sinner who inherit some, but not all, sinful tendencies from our parents, some of us grow up in a home where we learn other sins, and some of us make sinful choices later in life that then become a habit and part of our character.

5) Let me ask you this: if, as many Christian gays say, the Bible would allow for gay partners to marry or be in a stable, monogamous relationship based on the principle of love, then can we also make a case for polygamous marriages? The Bible very clearly and unequivocally presents many godly men who have multiple wives. And the NT teachings about marriage being between one man and one woman can be easily interpreted to apply only to the church leaders. This is a far easier task than defending homosexuality from the scriptures. I would love to have several wives and sleep with a different one every night, or with 3-4 at the same time. Is that wrong? If so, by what criteria can you say it would be wrong? Or, we currently have laws that would prevent a man from having sex with girls under age, like 17yrs and younger. Yet in Bible times, and even into the early 20th century, it was common to have a man in his 20’s or even 30’s marry a girl aged 14-16. Should we drop the age of consent laws down to maybe 13-14? Once you cross the threshold of biblical eisigesis, reading into the text what you want to find, then anything is possible.

6) Now, to the point of the Christian Singer– What was your motivation in sending me that news?
I certainly am guilty of gossip about a bagillion times, it is one of my most hard core sins. But sometimes I think that some gays may rejoice when a famous person “comes out”. Is that really a time to rejoice? Oh I suppose if we go along with modern psychology it would be a rejoicing that he is finally honest with himself and being true to who he really is, therefore let us rejoice and be glad. Is that Scriptural? I think impicit in that rejoicing is the deep belief that being gay is OK and that announcing it rather than hiding it is healthy and acting on it is natural and good because God created us that way.
Whatever the sin is that we all have – inherited genetically, learned in childhood, or picked up later in life- Why Should We Rejoice When we see someone else fall victim to it? Should we not instead rejoice in the one who humbly confesses his/her sinful nature and choices and seeks to live obediently to God? And when we fail, we humbly confess our failure to live up to our rule of faith, and then get up and try again to pursue holiness?

Am I wrong here? Is there secret rejoicing amongst gays when famous people are outed? Do Christian gays rejoice when they see another Christian announce they are gay? or do they grieve? I don’t doubt that gays grieve over the pain in the person’s life that will come with the outing; but that would be grieving over the effects of sin rather than the sin itself. But if being gay is not an example of the fallenness of man, and is inherently good instead, then of course rejoicing would be appropriate.

7) It is particularly a time to grieve when a leader in the Church (OK, the CCM Industry is not the Church, but people who perform for a living in the name of Christ impact a lot of people and can loosely be called leaders) falls. People who respond with anger and who do and say all kinds of mean and nasty things (boy have I been guilty of that a bagillion and 1 times) only display their own propensity to sin.

8) I do not view this famous Christian Singer’s decision as courageous. From the interview he had a good marriage, it was working. He just decided he was tired of his temptations and tired of the fight, so he gave up, he gave in to what tempted him and now he is trying to justify it all. That is not being true to who he really is, that is just quitting. My biggest fear is that I too would reach a point of frustration, despair, disillusionment and selfishness and just quit pursuing Christ and live for self, and then try to pretty it up and justify it. It can happen to any of us.

Well I guess that about wears the topic out for me. That is where I am coming from. I know we come from different positions and reach different conclusions, but I still love and respect you and wish for you the best.

Hang in there, never quit, never give up. Seek to Desire Him first and foremost, always and forever.

Definitely your redneck brother in Christ,


And here is an update about the Rick Warren flap that has occurred by Pres Elect Obama inviting  Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration. This is a fascinating piece that outlines the crux of the issue between gays and Christians:


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2 Responses to “Questions for the Christian Homosexual”

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This is the most uneducated post I’ve ever read. Do you really think anyone chooses to be gay? Could you choose to be gay? No, really, could you choose to be gay? Have you ever wanted to have sex with other men?

Thanks for the comment James, but it seems you skipped over the place where I stated :
‘Let me also state from the beginning that I do believe that many, maybe even most, gays are born with a genetic predisposition toward homosexuality. I got in BIG trouble for stating that as a question last year when I was teaching.’

In fact, I basically lost a job for having that position. I do believe that many, probably most gay men are born with a genetic predisposition toward homosexuality.Many women are born that way too. However, as I stated above, I think some turn gay due to some circumstances, and others choose to be gay or, more properly, bi-sexual.

If what James is denying is that some become homosexual by choice or by life circumstance then I think James needs to do a bit more study.

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