How To Change Africa & the Middle East

Posted on December 27, 2008. Filed under: Contemporary Religion, Political Issues |

If you don’t read anything else I write here, read this column by Matthew Parris of the TimesOnline:

Saturday, December 27, 2008– The Mark12 ministries’ blog is very diverse and eclectic. I write about current political news, the war with Jihad and Islam, cultural and moral issues, theology, Bible studies, guns, cooking, book reviews of science fiction, etc. I have rather strong opinions and sometimes write with a sharp tongue, so to speak. I do not have a lot of readers and get even fewer comments even though comments are welcome and I will post comments of people disagreeing with me.

But I want something to be very clear. Even though I support our military and believe that sometimes we should respond to world crises with more bombs from our bombers than words from our politicians, I absolutely believe that the best way to change the world, is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am tired of hearing wimpy Christians say, “How can you call for bombing people and spreading the gospel both?” Read your Old Testament people. The same God wrote both Old and New Testaments. There is a time for a Joshua to lead an army to utterly destroy a Jericho and there is a time for a Jonah to go to the capital of his enemies, Ninevah, and preach repentance. There is a time to conquer one’s enemies-David, and there is a time to trade and have diplomatic missions-Solomon.

Again, do not get me wrong on this. I am not calling for a new series of Crusades from the Middle Ages to invade countries in order to convert them. You cannot force conversions (unless you are Muslim). But I am saying that our current government under the Republicrats and Demopublicans absolutely doesn’t get it. We go into these muslim countries, spill American blood to liberate them from the corrupt governments that their religion inevitably produces, and we do not change their society or culture, we only replace one corrupt government with another by propping up their religion and worldview.

In WW2 we fought the Japanese who had a religious fanaticism mixed with their racist political ideology and military aggressiveness. They would attack us with explosive filled airplanes flown by pilots who were not trained how to land. Sound familiar? We had to root these guys out of their spider holes, bunkers and caves with handgrenades, flamethrowers and bayonets one at a time at tremendous cost in US lives. Finally we firebombed their cities and nuked ’em til they glowed, and they surrendered.

After the Japanese surrendered General MacArthur governed Japan and wrote their new constitution. MacArthur, a Christian, made a plea back home for more missionaries. He stated that the Japanese were very open at that time, having been humiliated and watching their divine emperor fail and resign. The missionary call was not answered; instead, businessmen came. Today Japan is a very secular society that works itself to death and, due to their success, wealth and lack of religion, are on the verge of extinction as a people because their birth rate has been so low for so long that they are at the tipping point to being an unsustainable race.

The point is that we did what it took to destroy them and their religion and culture, but we only partially rebuilt them. We had an opportunity to Christianize them and failed. South Korea is an example of another Eastern culture that was destroyed by war, yet brought back up by the West, but was also thoroughly Christianized. Today S. Korea is very prosperous and one of the most Christian nations on earth.

Now what do we do with the various nations we are invovled with militarily? We have squandered our wealth and our soldier’s lives for not much in return. President George HW Bush defended and liberated Kuwait, free of charge. No change in that culture. Pres. Clinton liberated the muslims in the Balkans with a brief little war from the air. Why did he side with the muslims? That action ruined our relations with Russia and left the Balkans with a muslim problem still. George W Bush has liberated Iraq from Saddam Hussein, but it is still a religiously oppressive society that persecutes the Christians and remains a muslim mess. Bush has been fighting the Taliban and al queda quacks for over 7 years and Afghanstan is not much better off.

This great philanthropy mission of waging war so that muslims can continue their oppressive ways is doomed to failure. We failed to learn from our past wars. Ideology matters. Religion matters. Cultures must be changed but can only be changed when people’s hearts and minds are changed, radically.

Here is where Christianity comes in. Read this Article by Matthew Parris of the TimesOnline and see what this atheist says about the value of real, genuine, Christianity.

The bottom line here is that armies, air forces, navies, Marines, government aid programs and education do not change people’s hearts. Only Christ does that. The change is visible, it is lasting, it is deep.

I am opposed to government trying to use religion for its own purposes and you cannot have a joint government-religion program because it always leads to corruption in the religion. I am saying that governments, armies and such can create a situation that is favorable for Christianity to enter an area and spread the Gospel. The Gospel would then take effect in the hearts of the people.

Any military aid or intervention we give must be tied to a change in the religious rules of the country. Religious liberty should be a goal and persecution should be fought viciously. Jerichos happen. And so do Ninevahs.


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