Mark 3:31-35 “Are You In Jesus’ Family?”

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Mark 3:31-35 “Are You In Jesus’ Family?”

Sunday 14 November 1999 PM




I. Jesus’ Teaching on the Family

II. The  Family of God

III. Obedience



Introduction: Some of you may have noticed that I skipped over this passage this morning, I do try to preach these sermons in the order that they appear  in the text, but sometimes I will preach the stronger text in the morning. This text would fit in with a group of sayings of Jesus known as the Hard Sayings of Jesus because on the initial reading of it it sounds a little bit on the rude side doesn’t it. But Jesus is not being rude here. Jesus’ own family does not understand him yet, they do not know his mission or his message. Jesus takes this embarrassing occasion to make a valuable Kingdom Point.

            We love our families and we grieve over America‘s huge problem of failing families. The Scriptures do have a lot to say about family life, the church ought to be involved in training and ministering to families. So what is Jesus saying here? Is he talking about family life? Jesus is talking about the relationships of the Kingdom and how much more important it is to be in the family of God than to have a biological family.


I. Jesus’ Teaching On The Family

            Is Jesus anti-family? He was not married. (this gives purpose and meaning to the singles among us however)

            Matt 8:21-22.Matt.10:34-39.  Mark 5:18-19 “Go home to your family” Mk7:9-13 (5th Commandment)  Mk.9:37 (little children),Mk.10:1-12(divorce-Gen,1:27) Mk.10:14ff accepts children, John 19:26ff (one of his sayings on the cross)

            The very fact that God sent Jesus to be born into a real human family is proof of the value of the family. But for the broader context see Gen 2:18;

Eph.5:22-6:4; Col.3:18-21; 1Pet.3:1-7; Prov.18:22; Ex.20:12,14,17


II. The Family of God.

            At this point Jesus’ family thinks he is “out of his mind” they do not understand him or his mission. They are “outsiders” to Christ at this point (though his mother was there at the cross later) James would go on to be a leader in the church, and author of the book of James. Jude also was a brother of the Lord , probably.

            Mk.10:28-30;Gal.3:26-29; Rom8:14-16, 23; 16:13; John 13:34-35; Phil.2:19-22; Philemon 10;

            Our ultimate devotion is to be to God through Christ. In Christ we have a Heavenly Father, we are joint heirs with Christ now, and we have the very Spirit of Christ indwelling us. In the church we are to be as much a team as an Army unit in the battlefield is a team, a family. We are in enemy territory.

            This saying by Jesus would be a huge comfort to those in the early church who were disowned for following Christ (as well as those today to whom this happens).


III. Obedience Is the Distinguishing Characteristic of this Family

            Mk3:35 whoever does God’s will” John 14:21

            Discipleship is the sign of having a familial relationship with Christ. Those who just show up once in a while but do not obey may not be in the family.


These are just the briefest of sermon notes, an expanded outline.



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