War with Pakistan?

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008–Here are some updates on the Mumbai attack. First is a column by Pat Buchanon that absolutely nails it. This is the best analysis yet and confirms some of my own opinions expressed on Sunday:


The hostages were tortured prior to their execution in the Jewish Center:


Why people do not believe this is a religious war eludes me. And the fact that our government was warning the Indian government about the nature of this attack, yet it was not taken seriously…people just do not want to believe ti can happen to them. Not us, not here, no way. See this story at abc:


And it looks like the bad guys may have escaped and could be on the loose ready to E&E back to Pakistan or maybe move into the next phase of the attack.


And here is an excellent analysis from Robert Kagan    that basically states that Pakistan is not able to control their wild western border area with Afghanistan and this is where so much of the terrorist stuff comes from. Kagan believes that the UN ought to get together and tell Pakistan “We are taking over this region because you can’t manage your own country.” I appreciate the sentiment, Dr. Kagan, but the UN can’t manage a donut shop. I have no use for the UN, it is a useless entity. I doubt seriously tha the Pakis would cooperate with the UN moving in on them.

The bottom line is that this is why you should never allow Third World or Muslim countries to have nukes. What can be done to get Pakistan to comply? The US has armed the Pakis for the last 30 years or so. We are going to end up with a war between Pakistan and India, it might go nuclear, and we have an army stuck in Afghanistan. Voof. Good luck with this one Pres elect BO.


Next, we find out a bit about their training and how they used steroids and drugs to enhance the fighting experience for all:


Finally, all you need to know about the professionalism of the Indian SWAT team is shown in this pic:


If Thirdworlders ever figure out how to shoot we might be in trouble.

Sunday,November 30, 2008–In observing this al Qaeda attack in India I am not surprised at the viciousness and professionalism of the attack. The Al Qaeda queers have proven themselves to be quite good at the suicide attack. Apparently this attack had been planned and trained for over the last year but their goals of killing 5,000 fell far short. The death toll today is about 300, but it will likely go up. Though they planned on blowing up the Taj Majal hotel, they only damaged it. Eyewitnesses are saying that the bad guys were not armed with the normal AK-47s, but with MP-6s from H&K. That seems odd to me because the AK has got superior firepower and greater range; the MP-6 is a 9mm. And apparently the haji’s were using Blackberries to communicate.


But was a high body count and a few landmarks in Bombay (Mumbai) really all that the Qaeda Queers wanted?

Hardly! The American tendency is to focus on the dead, the wounded and the grieving. It is my humble opinon that the real goal of the Al Qaeda Queers is to start a war between India and Pakistan. That war will do at least 3 good things for Al Qaeda. 1) It will draw Pakistani troops away from the border of Afghanistan, where a lot of the Qaeda hide out and train. The Pakis are being pressured by the US to do more in that wild tribal region to hunt the Bin Laden boys. 2) If the Pakis are in a for real shoot em up war with India, they won’t take too kindly to American aircraft overflying their land to get troops and supplies to our Army and Marines in Afghanistan. If you look at a map>


you will see that Afghanistan is landlocked and all of its borders are with people not too friendly to us. We aren’t overflying Iran to get to Afghanistan but I think we might have an arrangement with Turkmenistan and Pakistan both. Any country that ends in “stan” is always iffy at best. If the Pakis are at war with India then our only flight path is Turkmenistan… don’t you think the Russkies and the Qaeda Queers might put pressure on Turkmenistan?

The 3rd thing the Al Qaeda bunch would want from a war with India is to disrupt the already shaky government of Pakistan. The Qaeda queers want to “own a country”, especially one with nuclear ballistic missiles, like Pakistan. They may have figured out a way to accomplish that goal!

What wil India do next? Will they attack an al Qaeda base in Pakistan? Or just get right to it and start a major war?

And here is an excellent analysis from Human Events:



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